Mar. 20th, 2011

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Yesterday: I got off of work, then took the next available Caltrain to San Bruno where I met up with angry_wolfCarl, Dave, and moonwhispersBrian at the latter's house. Brian had made us all dinner (which was very tasty), and we ate it and geeked out about games and shit before watching Black Dynamite (their first time, my third). From there I rode with Carl to his place whereupon I watched some Sliders eps before falling asleep around 3 AM.

Today: Woke up and watched more Sliders eps, then was treated to my second home cooked meal in as many days: breakfast ala C.J. We took turns playing some Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, then went to the Tanforan theater and watched "Paul"... very geeky, so of course I loved it! After that we went back to Carl's, I watched another Sliders ep while he took a nap, then we headed to Peter's Cafe in Millbrae for dinner... I had their delicious Monte Cristo. From there we met up with djinnethGwynne, Eric, Will, Beth & J.C., and eventually Rudy for Gwynnie's birthday karaoke. Most of us then went to Rolling Pin Doughnuts in San Bruno for some late night noms, then even less of us left there and headed to Gwynne & Eric's for a bit before they dropped me off at home. Now, after a nice hot shower to warm up from the rain and cold I am about to get to sleep.

Gwynnie singing karaoke...

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