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Yesterday: I got off of work, then took the next available Caltrain to San Bruno where I met up with angry_wolfCarl, Dave, and moonwhispersBrian at the latter's house. Brian had made us all dinner (which was very tasty), and we ate it and geeked out about games and shit before watching Black Dynamite (their first time, my third). From there I rode with Carl to his place whereupon I watched some Sliders eps before falling asleep around 3 AM.

Today: Woke up and watched more Sliders eps, then was treated to my second home cooked meal in as many days: breakfast ala C.J. We took turns playing some Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, then went to the Tanforan theater and watched "Paul"... very geeky, so of course I loved it! After that we went back to Carl's, I watched another Sliders ep while he took a nap, then we headed to Peter's Cafe in Millbrae for dinner... I had their delicious Monte Cristo. From there we met up with djinnethGwynne, Eric, Will, Beth & J.C., and eventually Rudy for Gwynnie's birthday karaoke. Most of us then went to Rolling Pin Doughnuts in San Bruno for some late night noms, then even less of us left there and headed to Gwynne & Eric's for a bit before they dropped me off at home. Now, after a nice hot shower to warm up from the rain and cold I am about to get to sleep.

Gwynnie singing karaoke...
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Been a couple weeks since I posted. Not much is going on other than working my two jobs (Macy's and Calafia). Between the two I get plenty of hours... in fact I am working the next ten days in a row. I get Eksmas eve, day, and the day after off to recuperate.

For my birthday (on the 7th) I got two t-shirts from my longtime friend Kathryn and an e-giftcard from spdrwnAmy. Thanks ladies! I also had a nice birthday dinner with friends: angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian , davebydesignDave, spideyjKanane, and zackerysperdutoZack. We went to Chili's, and lo there is a picture below...

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It's been a week, so I guess I should update this thing...

Last night after work I got to hang out with angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian, and sausage_boyLloyd. Much laughter was had and beer, pizza, and donuts were consumed. We watched "Hardware Wars" (I can't believe I hadn't seen it before... hilarious!) and most of "A Knight's Tale" before calling it a night. Thanks guys for an awesome evening!

Watched "Mystery Men", The Guild webisodes, Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, The Venture Bros., "How To Lose Friends & Alienate People", and "The Man with The Screaming Brain" this past week. Some of that was online, some from Netflix, and some was cable t.v. (thanks Carl!)

Work (both jobs) continues to go well. That's all I can say about that. I have tomorrow off, and I will most likely do laundry and possibly go see "Watchmen" on IMAX in the city with friends.

The Girl Scouts are selling their cookies at Town & Country Village, where my workplaces are. One asked if I wanted to buy some as I was walking by... I inquired if they were made with real Girl Scouts. No one said I'm original, but that response got some laughs from the girls. For the record I did not buy any...

And finally, a very happy birthday to the very awesome spdrwnAmy!
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djinnethGwynne, angry_wolfCarl, and I ate dinner at Black Angus earlier tonight for my birthday. I stuffed myself, but I couldn't say no when our waitress wanted to bring out a birthday brownie for me. She took a pic of the three of us using my Centro, then I took a pic of the brownie:

Gwynne, Me, and Carl at Black Angus...

The birthday brownie with ice cream...

And yes, for those of you keeping track I did shave off all of my facial hair.

Also: thank you to Carl for the awesome Serenity 'Verse poster, to davebydesignDave for the penguin print, and to Gwynnie for the Sealab seasons 3 & 4 DVDs and Best Buy gift card!
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The following people wished me a happy birthday yesterday... in alphabetical order:

Emily K.

Thanks everyone!

Tonight is dinner with Gwynne and angry_wolfCarl. Mmmm... steak!
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  • Take out all garbage and recycling

  • Start laundry

  • Tidy up living room

  • Do dishes

  • Clean bathroom

  • Vacuum

  • Rinse out broom

Oh yeah... happy birthday to Jonathan Coulton!
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  • I am going to miss djinnethGwynne this weekend... she's going camping. {sigh}

  • It has gotten to the point where when I start coughing and am unable to breathe it is merely a minor annoyance. Should be back to my old self soon. Yay medications!

  • For the second month in a row no one show up for Inked Books. That made me a little sad.

  • Happy birthday to redstreetsAlicia!

  • I think I may have lost every one of my PS2 games when I moved out of the last place. I looked for them last night and couldn't find them.

  • I saw "Hamlet 2" yesterday. Very funny, but not the funniest movie of the summer... that would have to be either "Pineapple Express" or "Tropic Thunder". Still, I say go see it. Check out the songs Rock Me Sexy Jesus and Raped In The Face from the soundtrack under the cut... )
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  • I've been sick for the past week... I have a chest cold that isn't serious enough to stay home from work but is bad enough to be very annoying. At least I have today off of work.

  • Barack Obama's speech was simply awesome. This guy is going to win, I just know it. If so, the future could be something to look forward to for a change

  • Happy birthday mc chris! Go robot, it's your birthday...

  • Google is releasing a new web browser today. Firefox, thou days art numbered...

  • The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is finally available on iTunes. The official lyrics can be found here. Of course the soundtrack is already on my hard drive and my Zen, but I'll still get the CD when it comes out.

  • I have been reading the immensely enjoyable Artemis Fowl series. I am now on book four and I am barely able to stop reading to make time for things like work and sleep.

  • I forgot just how fun "Men In Black" is. I also can't believe I forgot/didn't know it was a Marvel Comic (kinda)!

  • "Tropic Thunder" was hilarious. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect. I now want to see "Hamlet 2" and "Burn After Reading"
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Last night consisted of watching 3 X-Files episodes while eating an awesome pork chops in a tasty gravy dinner that I helped djinnethGwynne prepare for us. I actually helped with the rice. Anyway, the eps were pretty good... I am definately glad I agreed to start watching the series finally. I loved the appearances by actors such as Donal Logue, Seth Green, and Jerry Hardin. Hopefully tonight we can watch some eps from season 2 of Oz, if the disc arrives from Netflix. I need to find out what happens after the riot breaks out! And I need to see Beecher being more of a badass.

Oh yeah... a very happy birthday to my former Books Inc. co-worker trite_clicheLiz! Hope you're enjoying Peru, Miss L!

At some point I need to start packing up my stuff and moving it... somewhere. {sigh}
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Random stuff going on... )

Update 10:57 PM - Speaking of Dr. Horrible, it's back online for free viewing at If you didn't get to see it before, now is your chance! And of course if you have seen it I'm sure you'll wanna see it again!
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A very happy birthday to my good friend angry_wolfCarl!
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A very happy birthday to grendelsmRudy!

Hope it's a good one, my man.
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Today and tomorrow are the birthdays of two of my former Lee's Comics co-workers...

So for today: happy birthday, ghostyureiRich!

And for tomorrow: happy birthday, spider_goldM.P.!

I hope you guys have good ones...
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A very happy birthday to her royal flyness: djinnethGwynne!

Hope you have a great day miss lady!
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In the last week or so I have:
  • Met Joe Montana on Monday and saw Dwight Clark yesterday, both at Sharper Image. Geeked out with Joe and shook his hand.

  • Had a very nice birthday dinner with my friends at Max's Opera Cafe. Thank you to everyone who was there!

  • Watched more 2nd season Buffy episodes. Angel has lost his soul after doing the nasty with Buffy, and now he's like a typical guy who finally "gets some"... only worse.

  • Improved my RSG % at SI, making my boss happy. Also signing up a lot of cards, which makes my wallet happier.

  • Got my comic books from Lee's (as much as I could without spending more than $50. I dunno... I think I need to stop collecting at least some of these titles.
Not a bad week!
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So my birthday started off kinda rocky. I won't go into details, but I could tell it wasn't going to be a good day. However, I did get a ride to work from djinnethGwynne, which was nice. My first two sales were good... sold the RSGs on them. A little later in the day I ended up having to deal with an urinary "accident" made by a little girl on one of our products and getting the area between my pinky and ring fingers sliced into. To top it off I was going to end the day with a GPS sale but the woman who was buying it for her son realized that if he opened it and he didn't want it she'd have to pay a 10% restocking fee if she returned it, so I lost the sale.

I clocked out immediately after that transaction. I only had five minutes left anyway. Besides, the guys kept saying I shouldn't have had to work on my birthday anyway. Unt.

Soon after I clocked out Gwynnie walked around the corner from the rest of the mall. Turned out she'd been shopping at my other job and had bought me The Macmillan Illustrated Almanac For Kids, a book I loved when I was a kid and had ordered in recently. This is the book that taught me about Boonville and it's strange language among many other things. She told me that we had reservations for 8 PM at Fleming's, which had opened recently at the mall and which I had never been to. To pass the time we drove to Fry's where Gwynne got me the 2nd season of Buffy on DVD, thus completing my collection and thereby allowing me to return my co-worker's set tomorrow. BTW, there's a really good deal going on with certain DVDs, including the LOTR and Pan's Labyrinth ones: they're only 10 bucks each and come with movie cash good for up to $10.50 for "The Golden Compass". So if you were planning on seeing that movie anyway it's like you get the DVDs for free! Anyway, we got to Fleming's and I was treated to one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) meals in my life. I had a Brandy Alexander and carpaccio, plus two steaks with blue cheese on one and some kind of crab topping on the other. Also, roasted garlic mashed potatoes. And I have leftovers for my lunch today! Woot!

Well, gotta head into work now.
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Yesterday went pretty well. Went to work at the bookstore, it was of the good as usual. I ran into someone from the Lee's Comics days, a friend of the owner actually. I'm going to try to help get his book at our store on consignment next year. After work djinnethGwynne picked me up and we went to Chili's for dinner. We had the same waiter as last time, and again he wasn't quite as good as he could have been (though I think he was better than last time). We got home and Gwynne checked the mail to discover an early birthday gift for me from our former neighbor. I opened it to discover two DVDs inside... "Superbad" and "POTC 3"! My POTC collection is now complete - woot! Anyway, we settled in and watched the first 2/3rds of Tin Man and had some butterscotch pudding for dessert. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like the show, but the more I watched the more interested I was. I look forward to the final act.

Today I work at Sharper Image (yay... not), and beyond that I don't have any plans. I think I'd like to celebrate my birthday with friends on Sunday evening after I get out of work at 6 PM, but nothing is set yet for that.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 09:55 pm
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I had a good day at work yesterday, which is pretty usual for working at Books Inc. After work I got a ride with two of my co-workers and ended up at Pizza My Heart, where I had a great time talking with many of my co-workers and a few of their significant others. I got home rather later than I thought I would, but I still managed to get in some t.v. before going to bed.

I ended up taking the day off today as I wasn't feeling that well... in fact shortly before I was going to take a shower I threw up. I called in and the manager was very nice about giving me the day off. I spent the day doing a lot of laundry, watching two discs worth of BtVS season 2, ending on episode 8) and taking a nap with Selene. Now I am waiting for djinnethGwynne to get home so we can watch the season finale of Heroes and possibly some Tin Man, of which tonight is the second episode (we haven't seen any of it yet though).

Tomorrow night might possibly be a viewing of "The Mist", then a free screening of "Juno" on the 6th. And of course Friday is special to me for some reason... or 35 of them actually.
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A very happy birthday to Alfred Matthew Yankovic, better known to the world as:

"Weird Al" Yankovic!

"And a pinch to grow an inch!"

Thanks for all the years of great music, Al. Sorry I missed you in concert this year. I'll be watching "UHF" and all of your videos today in honor of your birthday.
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Happy birthday to Harry Potter!

Harry is 27 years old today! ...or would be if he weren't a fictional character...

Also, happy birthday to J.K. Rowling! She turns 42.

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