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Last night I lost my job at Calafia.

Today I lost my job at Books Inc.


Worst. 24 hours. Ever.
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Kirina and I at Books Inc.

I just got home from visiting with my ex-girlfriend Kirina (who I haven't seen in 10+ years!) and her family. What an unexpected pleasure! Here's the story:

Firstly, to give you a little background about Kirina and I, I met her through my sister Lelia when they were in junior high. Kirina showed me she liked me by scratching me (it was her way back then) and eventually we dated for a little while. After many years, just after Corin and I broke up, I moved to Berkeley with her for a few months until she decided to pack up and move to Chicago. I haven't talked to her in years until fairly recently via Facebook.

So tonight I was at work, I looked up to help what I expected to be my next customer, and was pleasantly surprised to find Kirina there. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, since she now lives in Mississippi and hadn't said a word about being in town when I had talked to her via IM just a few hours earlier. Many hugs were exchanged for the rest of the evening as I got through the end of my shift while they had dinner next door at Kirk's Steakburgers, and I then accompanied them first to Tanforan and then to her mom's place in South S.F. (her mom is on vacation and is letting Kirina and her family stay there). Kirina and I agreed on many things, one being that Rolling Pin has the best doughnuts around, including Krispy Kreme. I totally geeked out with Kirina's husband Klaus, and we both agreed on the ride home that he and I would probably hang out a lot if we lived in the same city. Eventually she announced that she was crashing, so Klaus took me home, whereupon he told me that Kirina always spoke highly of me. I got the feeling that she found a great guy for a husband and I wish her and her two children a very happy life.
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So about a year ago I posted a review of the book Tigerheart by Peter David... and last week I did a video review for it (for my store's blog) as seen below:

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So I mentioned recently that author Meg Waite Clayton came into the bookstore I work at, and she and I took pics of each other for her blog. Well, she wrote a piece on Books Inc. and it was posted on another blog first, called She's Too Fond Of Books. Meg wrote lovely things about my store and mentioned me, and there's even the pic of me in it!
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For instance, you may run into Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl! (or three young women in costumes for Bay To Breakers anyway...)
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Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters, took this pic of me with my Centro a few minutes ago for her blog, and I figured I might as well post it to mine too:

random me at work pic...

When I have rotated the pic of her later tonight I shall post it. Here's a pic of Meg holding her book )
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I just realized that the last few posts were about stuff other than what is going on with me personally, so here we go...

First of all, my back has seriously been killing me the last 3 or 4 days. No matter how many pain pills I take it still hurts. I must have tweaked it pretty bad recently.

Still could be getting more hours at workplaces, but I am trying to not spend as much money as I'd like to. I'm getting better at closing the Calafia market IMHO, which is helping with co-worker relationships. The only real difficult thing is not constantly eating all the desserts we carry.

Yesterday was spent partly at Tanforan, where I read some graphic novels that had come out recently. After that I did a little bit of shopping at Target, but when I got home I realized that though I had just got some bread, I didn't have peanut butter. {Sigh} I waited for angry_wolfCarl to show up, and we watched some more episodes of Venture Bros., which is quickly turning into one of my new favorite shows. When that was over we were hungry and decided to eat at Melaka, a place up San Bruno Avenue (where Lyon's used to be) which was pretty good for being buffet. On my way home I stopped at three different mini-marts trying to get a tube of Werther's, to no avail, but I did purchase a Pepsi-Cola Throwback... which contains natural sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I had to try it, and it was good, but the caffeine kept me awake long enough to enjoy "Special" and "Timecrimes" (see my last post). The problem with Throwback is it's only out for a limited time, so I'm really looking forward to trying Pepsi Natural. Anyway, finally I went to sleep.

Woke up and tried for awhile in vain to watch the latest ep of Lost, cleverly entitled Some Like It Hoth, and which I finally saw and enjoyed quite alot. Now I'm just relaxing for a bit before I get ready to go to work at the bookstore later tonight.

Oh, and the new Harry Potter 6 trailer is full of win! Also, tickets are now available for the midnight showings of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on Thursday night/Friday morning 30 April/1 May. I'll be seeing it at Tanforan (of course)... who's with me?
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Got my first paycheck from Calafia yesterday. Work schedules have been synchronized nicely... I get about 21 hours from Calafia and 17 from Books Inc. Right now I have Mondays and Wednesdays off. I've been enjoying working at the market, and have even been eating healthier because of it. Money has been tight, but I anticipate I'll actually be able to get some real groceries (beyond milk, cereal, and bread) and maybe even spend a little frivolously again when I get my check from Books Inc. on the 15th. Speaking of money, I gave the landlord the rent check finally, and he didn't seem too upset. I assured him that next month there shouldn't be any problems as I have three checks coming between now and the first.

Absolutely loved "Watchmen". I must see it again, at least on a regular screen, if not IMAX. The opening title sequence over the credits is amazing. I will be owning this the day it comes out on DVD when it is the director's cut with the animated parts and other deleted scenes edited back in.

More to come later...
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The bad: So I am still a bit sick, the rain isn't helping (water inside shoes is bad), had to take the bus since the train would have made me late to work, and I am working two shifts back to back... Books Inc. then my last day of training at Calafia.

The good: I got myself a Coldbuster Jamba Juice, and found out that their oatmeal is just a dollar today, plus double shifts means double the money. Oh, and "Choke" was awesome.

That's all for now.

Update 4:30 PM - Training at Calafia was canceled. So I get to go home and recuperate tonight and all day tomorrow, then I work the next three days, and then have the following three days off for Wondercon! I also found out that they are willing to give me 40 hours at Calafia, so I am thinking of giving my two weeks at Books Inc. I don't really want to, since I like working at the bookstore and all, but I just don't see how I can work both jobs and keep my sanity. Oh, and for the record, I highly recommend the Queen Calafia burger... so tasty!
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  • Working a double shift today (like I did on Wednesday)... Calafia and Books Inc. back to back. That's fine with me... I could use the hours. Then tonight is BSG with the usual suspects. Woot!

  • I have watched "Towelhead", "Cashback", and "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" in the past week via Netflix. All three were good, but "Towelhead" really stands out as just a fantastic film.

  • I used my day off yesterday to clean my room (including vacuuming), do two loads of laundry, and take out the trash. Go domestic me! I realised just now that I have lived at my new place for just over a month now... and I am feeling pretty good about that.

  • Finally, I have learned that the Jonathan Coulton 22 February 2008 concert DVD/CD set is coming very soon!
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How do you brighten up my workday? By playing the following songs on the Broadway XM station:

  • I'll Cover You - Rent

  • Who Am I? & Bring Him Home - Les Miserables

  • Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Spamalot

  • Puttin' On The Ritz - Young Frankenstein

  • Bare Necessities - Jungle Book

  • A Spoonful Of Sugar - Mary Poppins
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Five things this old lady did just a few minutes ago that got me more than a little annoyed. Had to post them while they're still fresh in my mind:

  • One thing at a time... I don't need to know which books you want gift wrapped together or individually while I am still ringing them up. Let's save that bit of info for AFTER the sale, shall we?

  • Can you hear me now? Do you really need to be talking on the phone while I am ringing you up? It can't wait? So rude.

  • Now you tell me... Letting me know AFTER the sale that you want the senior discount makes me have to void out the sale and start over. Yes, I ruined your precious pile of books to be wrapped together... see why that needed to wait?

  • I know how to do my job... You really don't have to tell me to cover up the prices of the books you want wrapped. I was going to do that. I promise.

  • Tipping is not a city in China So after wrapping everything, you don't even think of tipping me and the other guy who saved you the trouble of doing it yourself (I still don't quite get the whole gift wrapping thing folks... I know, customer service... for lazy people apparently).
I really need to get out of retail... except usually customers aren't such asshats.
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I have some time while I ride the bus so I figured I may as well post.

My boss is interviewing again for the supervisor position. This will be the third time he's passed me over despite knowing I am interested and need the extra hours. It took a lot to remain cordial with him tonight. Gah!

In other news I started a project yesterday... moving my DVDs to binders so I can keep the cases in the garage. This is something I have been meaning to do for awhile. Gwynne got me the binders for Eksmas last year and yesterday she helped me get them ready by taking the little bits of plastic out of each sleeve. It was all done with Queen playing live (on DVD) in the background... thanks Carl! Earlier in the day Gwynnie and I watched Justice League, Oz and "National Treasure 2". It was a good day.

Tonight sounds like it will be party time as many of the usual suspects will be over and apparently alcohol will be served. I however will most likely be drinking ice water as I have been doing lately.
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So that little trip to the emergency room is going to cost me $1131.00... this is exactly why I don't go to the doctor. I'm still a bit sick, and now I owe a fuckton of money as well. I don't know how much will be covered if I qualify for a financial assistance program I have to jump through hoops for, but I really can't afford this. Next time I'll just not go... what's the point? Speaking of owing money, I found out yesterday that I only owe another $176.12 to the county and then I'm done and they'll stop garnishing my wages. Finally!

Tomorrow is djinnethGwynne's surgery, and of course I'm worried for her. I really want everything to go smoothly and when all is said and done she'll be able to walk like she should. If I was a praying kind of man I would do so. I'm going to do what I can to help her in the coming months... it's the least I can do.

I've been watching Justice League on DVD thanks to nerveagntEric. Damn good cartoon. Still watching Oz and X-Files. Also watched the season premiers of Heroes (sorry for not waiting Gwynnie...) and Smallville yesterday online. I've been reading the fourth City of Ember book and I started reading the Dexter series.

I'm trying not to think about the 2 disc Iron Man exclusive deal that Target will be selling, because I have to wait for six more days and I am impatient as hell. Needless to say I will be getting up early that day... I'm also trying not to think about the Zune 120 that just came out. I have to wait until next year's tax return for that.

And finally, though I've already said what I needed to say in my last post about the subject, I am including an excerpt from a February 2008 post by a former employee who shall remain anonymous:

To the Creepy Company Owner: Are saturday nights at the ****** household really so boring you watch the live store security cameras to see if the employees are standing around and then phone the store to tell them to look busy? You’re like a second rate perv in some bad Sharon Stone movie from the mid 90’s but without the wit or charm of Alec Baldwin. I know running your own company is Serious Business but bookstores are not brothels and even tho’ you pay us like dime store whores, most customers don’t want us following them around like Hebronite Slaves. I hope you’re disemboweled by a mob of angry moms at an after school Sandra Boynton booksigning.

Couldn't have said it better myself...
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So the owner of the bookstore chain I work for has a habit of watching us randomly through a webcam/site setup. This is extremely creepy IMHO and pisses of the booksellers when our boss calls and admonishes us. Most of the time (tonight included) it's regarding being behind the cashwrap counter... yes that is not allowed. The thing is we're usually looking up something on the computer for a customer! I have more to post about this later once I get home...
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  • I am going to miss djinnethGwynne this weekend... she's going camping. {sigh}

  • It has gotten to the point where when I start coughing and am unable to breathe it is merely a minor annoyance. Should be back to my old self soon. Yay medications!

  • For the second month in a row no one show up for Inked Books. That made me a little sad.

  • Happy birthday to redstreetsAlicia!

  • I think I may have lost every one of my PS2 games when I moved out of the last place. I looked for them last night and couldn't find them.

  • I saw "Hamlet 2" yesterday. Very funny, but not the funniest movie of the summer... that would have to be either "Pineapple Express" or "Tropic Thunder". Still, I say go see it. Check out the songs Rock Me Sexy Jesus and Raped In The Face from the soundtrack under the cut... )
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inked_booksInked Books, the graphic novel book club, will be at 6:30 PM on Wednesday 10 September 2008 (today!) at the usual place: Books Inc. Palo Alto.

We will be discussing Kingdom Come and Ronin, plus whatever else that happens to come up...

Hope to see you there!
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So I took a nap after posting yesterday, as I had woken up and gone straight to the hospital without eating and I was a little drained, and woke up around 6:30... when I remembered that the pharmacy closed at 7. I threw on some clothes and got there in time to get my medications: two bottle of pills (less than 20 total) and two inhalers. I will be taking the pills at dinnertime and one inhaler when I wake up and go to sleep, the other as needed. So far I'm feeling a lot better. I've barely coughed since last night, and when I do I'm able to breathe fine afterward. I have hope that I'll be all better by next week.

I watched "Rent" (the day after the last showing of the musical!) and had dinner with djinnethGwynne last night, then read the entire first book of the City of Ember series. Looking forward to the movie in October.

Today I'm going to take it easy and just concentrate on getting better... maybe do some housework. Tomorrow is [ profile] inked_books at the new time of 6:30 PM. I hope someone actually shows up this time...
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one week later... )
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  • I turned in an app to a toy store that is opening in the same mall where i work now. It looks very promising... fingers crossed.

  • Yesterday was Inked Books. We were going to talk about Kingdom Come, which I had re-read the day before. Not a single person showed up. {sigh}

  • I had a really good talk with Gwynne last night... well, she did most of the talking, but I needed to listen anyway.

  • I will be getting off of work at 3 tomorrow (managed to trade shifts) and heading straight down to the San Mateo County Fair to wait for "Weird Al" in concert. Can't wait!

  • On 30 September I will get up early and head to Target and pay what they ask for the 2 disc Iron Man DVD with much happiness in my heart.

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