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I had an absolutely fantastic time at the play "Lusty Booty" last night, where I finally got to see thwaxdjMax act, which he did an awesome job of in his portrayal of Caricature Bill.  It had already been cool enough, before the intermission, but then I won a Lusty Booty t-shirt before the second act started!  The funny thing is, I had put in my entry for the contest just before I sat down to wait for the drawing... so chances are I was the last person to add an entry, and they didn't bother to mix up the papers. Anyway... others in attendance were: gwynnethsmithGwynne, chalice_lisaLisa, redstreetsAlicia, karlhtKarl, and karlhtTed.

Before the play, Gwynne and I had sushi. I am now offically addicted, as I was craving it before and after dinner. Sushi and miso soup... mmmm... Today, before lunch, I was craving it again, and when I was talking to Gwynne on IM she mentioned that she was as well. I'm beginning to wonder if they put some kind of mind altering drug in that stuff. Oh well, it's still tasty...

Speaking of tasty, Wednesday night became a Dinner Club night as the usual suspects were at the play on Thursday night. We ended up going to Sweet India, and the others involved were: Gwynne, Alicia, Lloyd, and Manny.

Anyway, if anyone needs me, I'll be on my bed... sans clothing... with the fan blowing full blast at me. (did I forget to mention that it's hotter than Hades in my room?)
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Work wasn't too bad today, but I couldn't wait for it to be over as I was looking forward to spending time with the Dinner Club people.  Tonight those people were: gwynnethsmithGwynne, moonwhispersBrian, redstreetsAlicia, karlhtKarl, spideyjKanane, & grendelsmRudy.  We ate at Mivan in Burlingame, which is a Mediterranean restaurant.  It was all very tasty, but the baklava was the best.  Afterward we all came back to Lilith House for a bit of talking, and now I am looking forward to settling in with Gwynnie for sleep.
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Friday: So gwynnethsmithGwynne and redstreetsAlicia came to get me and take me to Peter's Cafe in Millbrae. I had pancakes, they were tasty, life was good.

here's the rest... )
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The Dinner Club BBQ was fantastic.  When I got there with fellow driving mates moonwhispersBrian, spideyjKanane, and redstreetsAlicia we almost immediately went straight to the pool.  I swam naked (which I love to do when I can), had a very tasty dinner complete with humorous conversation, and a fine dessert before everyone (including merovingianTed whom I hadn't mentioned) took off leaving me with gwynnethsmithGwynne.  At that point things got bad between us, and we ended up sleeping in separate beds due to my unwillingness to communicate what I was feeling.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night.

The next morning Gwynne and I got dressed and were most of the way back to San Mateo before we spoke to each other.  When she dropped me off at work I almost let the badness keep me from going back out to the car where she was waiting and talk things over, but we did and we went our seperate ways (me to work, her to Lilith House) happier and anxiously awaiting lunch together.  For lunch we ate at Taco Bell (yes, two days in a row) and had a very good talk about what had happened and how we might avoid it in the future, then she brought me back to work.  I got through the rest of my shift, them came home to talk a bit with Gwynnie, do laundry, and clean my room before watching "Star Trek 4" and "Free Enterprise".  Damn, I love those movies! Around 1 AM I decided to go to sleep.

Today I woke up about an hour ago, and I have plans to meet Gwynne at Lemon House and await Brian's party.  I hope to see all of his friends there!
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Worked.  After that, I had a great time with the housemates, moonwhispersBrian, spideyjKanane, and the lovely gwynnethsmithGwynne at Dinner Club last night.  We went to a Japanese restaraunt in Burlingame, and by the time we left I was stuffed.  Afterward, we all came back to Lilith House for the usual post dinner conversation, and after that Gwynne and I spent the rest of the night in each other's company.  A very good ending to a fairly good day.

Today I am working, and am almost finished with my lunch break as I type this.  Gwynne just got back from being out and about, so I will spend the little time I have with her.  More later!
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... I can return to journaling my so-called life.

First of all, I have procurred 4 tickets to see Spider-Man 2 at the Century Downtown 12 theatre in San Mateo for the 12:01 AM showing Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  So far, it'll be gwynnethsmithGwynne, moonwhispersBrian, spideyjKanane, and myself with the strong possibilities of sausage_boyLloyd and Manny.  Anyone else who wants to go should Fandango themselves tickets before they're sold out.

Now, on with the update...

Thursday: Worked.  Later, we had Dinner Club at Fatima Seafood Restaurant in San Mateo.  I almost didn't go, because of some lack of communication on my part with Gwynne, but I snapped out of it in time and am glad I did.  The food and conversation were great!

Friday: Worked.  Gwynne and I were driving to Chili's in San Bruno and saw this totally amazing cloud formation... we agreed it looked like some kind of alien starship.  Whatever it was, Gwynne wanted to pull over at one point and just look at it.  I didn't blame her, but we were both seriously hungry so we continued on our way to Chili's.  We ended up waiting too long to get seated, but the food was worth the wait.

Saturday: Worked.  Played around on the computer a bit, then fell asleep fairly early.

Today: Caught up on sleep, cleaned my room, played around on the computer some more (finally got my scanner to work!), now I'm waiting to hear from Gwynne regarding our plans for tonight/tomorrow.  I'm also getting that hunger-headache, so I think I will go get something to eat after posting this.
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It's been over a week since my last update... I shall try to list just the highlights so as not to bore anyone too much:
  • I ended up spending literally hours trying to hook up with Ray, and eventually did so. For details see the comments in my last entry... He gave me a ride to meet up with Gwynne, and after also meeting up with Kelly, Gwynnie and I had a long talk that I believe helped us put our relationship into a new perspective. After that, Ray and I met up again and got some ice cream at Coldstone before heading back to Lilith House for talk and T.V.

  • Dinner Club was spent at Sweet India, and I'm not even going to try to list everyone that was there... there were at least 12 of us!

  • On Friday morning Gwynne drove me to the Bank of America in San Carlos so I could cash my check. It would be the last I saw of her until Monday evening, so we said our goodbyes there. I went in, cashed my check, and since I had some time to kill I ended up being persuaded to open a checking/savings account. I now feel a little closer to being a "real person". Afterward, I took CalTrain and BART into Berkley to spend the day with Sarah. We shopped all day, and with all the walking around we did I am sure I burned off the fantastic lemon pepper chicken sandwich I ate at Fuddruckers in Emeryville. I had a chance to talk with my good friend Jennifer in Michigan as well (yay for having a cell phone), and later on we met up with Josh in S.F. to eat a chinese food dinner even furthur south. The three of us then came back to Lilith House, talked for awhile, then they left.

  • The rest of the weekend was spent working, reading my new books, playing Soul Calibur 2, and sleeping. Oh yes... and waiting patiently for Gwynne to return...

  • Last night Kelly picked me up, then we drove to SFO to get Gwynne. I was quite happy to see her! The three of us ate dinner at Chili's, then Kelly dropped off my girl and I at Lilith House, where we talked a bit with Alicia before spending some very nice "quality time" together. I relunctantly watched her leave, then welcomed Brian and Kanane up to my room for a long and interesting chat. It was great to spend some time with them.

  • Today I called into work that my back and neck were hurting (which they are), and got back to sleep for awhile. When I woke I still hurt, but was hungry, so I had leftovers from Chili's and then did some dishes and put my sheets and pillowcases into the laundry. I am now waiting until Gwynne gets off of work, whereupon the plan is to spend the night together... I can't wait! She apparently has something to show me...
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Last night was a special birthday edition of Dinner Club. In honor of thwaxdjMax's birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as my housemate karlhtKarl, we ate at the fantastic Buca Di Beppo. Very delicious Italian food and eybrow-raising conversation was on the menu, and if it wasn't for the fact that I had been awake since 2 AM that morning I could have stayed there all night. I met some of Max's friends, and those who I either talked to or listened to were really cool people that I wouldn't mind talking with again. I ended up being the one to bring home the plentiful leftovers, as I'm sure the four people of Lilith House wouldn't let them go to waste, and in fact I just had some linguini and clam sauce for lunch... Mmmm!

Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful evening Max!
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  • I don't think I'll be going to Wondercon after all... I don't really have any extra money to spend, so there's no point. I will not be missing Baycon, however. I am so anxious to go!

  • Wednesday night's shows seriously rocked. I'm glad I taped Smallville and Angel, since moonwhispersBrian and kananejKanane came over. Not that T.V. is more important than friends, but if I can have both, hey! I will!

  • Dinner Club was at Gia Nan... and it was quite delicious. No one went hungry, as we got enough food to feed a third world country.

  • 4.5 more hours until a two day weekend! Woot!
That's all for now...


Apr. 23rd, 2004 02:36 am
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I ended up not going to sleep as planned, but instead went to North Beach Pizza with Dinner Club. Afterward, the few of us who were lucky enough got to eat some of the delicious creme brulee that kananejKanane had made. As soon as I finished mine, I headed upstairs to sleep...

For less than three hours.

I want to call in dead, thank you very much... but I am dressed and am going to go in to work anyway. I really hope the boss meant what he said about playing "Weird Al" over the loudspeakers.

I'll be home after noon... no offense, but please do not call me or try to visit, or I shall be a very unhappy Brand.
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... er... that is, I am a certified photo lab technician. The trainer combined the 2nd and 3rd day into today. I took the test, passed it, and I'll be getting a certificate and everything. Go me!

Meanwhile, Dinner Club was at Windy City Pizza tonight, and included gwynnethsmithGwynne, the housemates, and myself. Afterward moonwhispersBrian and kananejKanane came over and we all talked about some strange topics before calling it a night just a few minutes ago. Now I get to cuddle up to Gwynnie...
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On my lunch break, just had Celia's leftovers... here's more:

I had a lovely night with the Dinner Club crowd, this time consisting of the housemates plus gwynnethsmithGwynne and john_whorfinSteven. We went to Celia's, then back to Lilith House to relax for a bit before everyone decided to go their separate ways. It was good to spend the night next to Gwynne, and having her here this morning must have done wonders for me as my mood today at work has been really good (despite one co-worker being a bit of a bitch... I just smiled it off though). The only real problem was another co-worker just returned from vacation with 4 rolls of film... and one of them was back and white. Well, I've developed that kind of film before, so I didn't think nothing of it. It turns out that we can only process C-41 B&W, not "Professional" as her roll was... so the film was ruined. I felt horrible, even though no one told me about this stipulation... the poor girl looked at me like I was going to say "belated April fools!" Anyway, I have 3 hours left of work when I get back, then I work noon to 9 tomorrow, then I have Saturday off. Oh yeah - I found out yesterday that there is no photo lab supervisor position after all! I'm just another lab tech lucky enough to get 40 hours a week... but the boss also just hired a new photo lab girl from another store (part time), so now I'm worried that my hours could get cut again. I've already started applying at other places...

I want to see "Hellboy" ASAP & "Walking Tall" fairly soon...
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I haven't really been posting in awhile, so for those who are keeping up to date with the trivial goings on in my life, and for the sake of posterity, I'll piece together the last week or so to the best of my recollection:

Thursday: Worked. Dinner Club was at Sweet India (and delicious as always). We had three new people joining us this time... moonwhispersBrian, kananejKanane, and sausage_boyLloyd. Of course the usual Lilith House crew were present (chalice_lisaLisa, redstreetsAlicia, Karl, and myself). And of course the lovely gwynnethsmithGwynne!

Friday: Worked. I was supposed to have a "secret date" with Gwynne, but we couldn't find the place we were supposed to go to, and after my not being able to decide on a place to eat the night pretty much fell apart. I fell asleep with her next to me, but she had to go, and she did.

Saturday: I took a samTrans to Palo Alto to meet up with Gwynne, then we went to Chili's for lunch. After that we saw "Dawn of the Dead", which was pretty good despite the running zombies. Later we went to Target and got some stuff, then went back to Lemon House for some Soul Calibur 2 fun and cuddling.

Sunday: We woke up hungry, so we went to Bennigan's (which I really liked) and I had their Monte Cristo, which was quite different than Stack's version. After lunch I tried to get a cell phone from Verizon, but they gave me the brush off... then we saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which I really enjoyed and highly recommend. Gwynne was going to take me back to the Palo Alto bus stop, but before she did we had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. When I got home I played on my computer a bit, making it look cooler and stuff, then Brian and Kanane came over, at which point Brian fixed the problem I was having with the old drive - which means that I have access to all of my data (making me a very happy Brand).

Monday: Worked. I got home and played with my computer the rest of the night. That's about it.

Today: I start work at noon, which is kind of nice in the fact that I woke up early enough to not have to rush and was able to get some stuff done. I'm hoping tonight to see and spend the night with Gwynne.

Whew! I really need to post daily again...
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  • Dinner Club was at Sweet India, and included: gwynnethsmithGwynne, chalice_lisaLisa, redstreetsAlicia, Karl, john_whorfinSteven, and myself. So, of course, today's lunch is leftover garlic chicken and nan.

  • Last night's post Dinner Club chat was brought to you by the words smegma, Vegemite, & toejam. Don't ask.

  • So, you know how I complained a bit about having lunch at 11 AM (3 hours after I start my shift)? Today I got it at 1 PM (in other words 5 hours after I started). {sigh} Oh well... at least there's only 3 hours left when I get back.

  • I forgot to mention yesterday that I interviewed for a new position at Longs: File Maintenance Coordinator. That basically translates to "guy who makes sure the prices are right in the computer". If I get this position I will be getting the 40 hours I want, plus I won't have to deal with customers as much. And I get my own office! There were two other people who interviewed, but the assistant manager says that of the three of us I am the most qualified. I find out next week... wish me luck!

  • Oh yeah... and if you haven't done so already, be sure to wish Miss Lisa a very happy birthday!
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It's amazing what Mountain Dew AMP can do for me... one minute I'm tired as hell, the next (after chugging a can of AMP) I'm so fucking happy that if I were any moreso it'd be illegal. Yeah, I was in a great mood all day - especially when this one lady won almost $500 and gave me $15 for the hell of it! I know I probably shouldn't have taken it (I know some of you might be thinking this) but who am I to stand in the way of someone wanting to be genorous, especially when I get paid diddly squat where I work...

Anyway, now that I've eaten some leftover pizza from last night's Dinner Club excursion to Rainbow Pizza with the housemates, I think I'm going to take a nap. The AMP has worn off, and according to plans I'm supposed to go to Berkeley tonight with gwynnethsmithGwynne & redstreetsAlicia, and I want to be rested for that.
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Worked. Then, the housemates and I went to Rainbow Pizza here in San Mateo. Their specialty is Greek and Italian food, so I ordered... a steak. I got ridiculed for it, but it was what I wanted and it was delicious. Afterward, gwynnethsmithGwynne, redstreetsAlicia, and I shopped a bit at Safeway, then came back to Lilith House and waited for chalice_lisaLisa and Karl to get back. moonwhispersBrian called and came by, whereupon we all had a fairly entertaining conversation. Eventually Brian left, and now I am upstairs with Gwynne listening to her talk to merovingianTed. I need to get to sleep as I have to be at work at 10 AM, so... goodnight for now.
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Wednesday - Worked. I've said it before, but I'm saying it again: Angel and Smallville keep getting better! The last half hour (all I was able to watch because of my work hours) of Jake 2.0 was pretty good, too.

Thursday - Worked again. Dinner Club was at Sweet India, and included: gwynnethsmithGwynne, chalice_lisaLisa, redstreetsAlicia, Karl, thwaxdjMax, and the welcome late arrival of john_whorfinSteven. Food was great as usual (I had garlic chicken), conversation was too. Gwynne and I went into the city to drop off Max, came back to Lilith House and... aw, fuck it - had some pretty wonderful sex! I mean, really fantastic. Then we fell asleep around 2:30 AM...

Friday - ... and woke up to my alarm at 8:50 AM. I dragged myself to work, succeeded in not killing customers or employees for one more day, then got home and fell onto the mattress. That's when Gwynne came into my room and asked me if I wanted to accompany her and Lisa for dinner. After some serious self-arguing (I'm tired! I'm hungry and want to spend time with Gwynnie! Aaarrgghh!!!) I ended up going with them, and we went to Jeffrey's, a hamburger joint in downtown San Mateo. I had a teriyaki chicken sandwich and garlic fries - very good. Afterward, Gwynne brought us all back to Lilith House, then when Lisa left, Gwynne and I went upstairs and had even more terrific sex. I didn't want her to go, but she did so, and now I'm contemplating if I want to start a movie on the ol' PS2 or not... still tired, ya know.
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Dinner Club was at Windy City Pizza tonight, and it included the housemates, john_whorfinSteven, and I. gwynnethsmithGwynne was missed, but I hope to see her on Sunday. redstreetsAlicia and I had the Bar-B-Q chicken pizza (oh so good) and the Wyder's pear cider washed it all down quite nicely, thank you. When we got back to Lilith House the infamous moonwhispersBrian was there, and many laughs were had (as is usual with the addition of Mr. Sperduto to the conversation). Steven then had me talk to a friend of his (and apparently everyone else's) named Lorelei, whom I had decided after talking to and seeing a pic of on S's phone was "cute". Eventually Steven left and Brian and I swung by Safeway, where I picked up a six pack of Hornsby's hard apple cider (with little encouragement by way of Brian), and I am drinking one as I type this. Soon I shall sleep, once I have put the clothes into the dryer. In the meantime, LJ calls to me and I can't resist it's call...
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I had a good time last night with the Dinner Club crew, this time consisting of: gwynnethsmithGwynne, chalice_lisaLisa, redstreetsAlicia, john_whorfinSteven and myself. We went out to Mimi's, and I gotta tell you: we had the best waiter ev-ar! To show him our appreciation we left a hefty tip. When we all got back to Lilith House Steven introduced us to the wonders of "Flash Mountain" - click the link if you'd like, but be warned it's not safe for work. Soon after Gwynne and I retreated to my room, and eventually we succumbed to sleep.

Today we woke up, and after some fun of the more interactive kind, I watched her play SSX 3 for a bit until I had to go to work. Once again I was on the photo register, but it was so busy I didn't learn a damn thing more than ringing up the photos... this is because said register also acts as a regular register and customer service. On the plus side I got to use my dark sense of humor alot today, and got quite a few laughs for it. I also got to see a few people I hadn't seen in awhile: an acquantance from my CSM days and a friend's mom who I am fond of. Fond. We'll leave it at that, OK people? Anyway, I've been home for almost two hours and I have forgotten I was going to eat something (damn LJ sucks me in everytime!), so I'm signing off for now.

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