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one week later... )
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I had a wonderful weekend with djinnethGwynne. Sleeping way in, lazing around, generally enjoying each other's company. We didn't get anything done, but it was nice to relax with my sweetie. This week we'll be cleaning the house for the festivities on Sunday.

We went to figbashDarcy's party on Saturday night, which was fun. They guy who was supposed to run dealer's room (see this post) was there, and it was his birthday. Almost got tazed (well, not really tazed I guess) but the battery had died just before I got my chance. The cake was quite tasty, Gwynne's cookies were a hit, and we had to leave all too soon.

Yesterday I got a chance to talk to my sister Lelia. She called me, and the first thing she asked was regarding whether or not Beastie Boys sang My Posse's On Broadway. I assured her it was Sir Mix-A-Lot. Considering the lyric that's being used for my LJ title I guess I can understand her confusion. Anyway, she said she was doing well and didn't give me any grief about being unemployed again, which was cool. I really want to go see her and my other sister Sarah soon.

Tonight is Heroes and possibly dinner at Chili's (or maybe sloppy Joes). Looking forward to another nice night with Gwynnie.

Oh yeah... made a new icon today - a pirate penguin. Arrr!
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So it's been a week since I last posted. Sue me. I've been Twittering pretty much daily, so I guess I haven't felt the need to post here. I suppose I'll use bullets to bring ya'll the highlights:

  • My sister Lelia's husband died of a heroin overdose within this last week. That's all I know so far. I was able to talk to my sister Sarah and she told me the news, but when I called Lelia she was fairly incoherent. I don't blame her... between the shock and probable lack of sleep (and maybe painkillers) it's understandable that she'd be that way. Poor Lelia.

  • I accidentally cut the skin between my right pinky and the finger next to it. It's finally healed. Wolverine is so lucky.

  • After getting paid I got "300" and "Hot Fuzz". I haven't watched them on DVD yet, but that should happen soon.

  • Work's going okay. It looks like we're hiring someone to replace the two people who left, so that's a good thing. Meanwhile I've been doing little things around the store to improve it.

  • Started laundry because clean clothes are nicer than dirty ones for the wearing. Did the cleaning software thing on the computer because it helps with the whole computer being faster and stuff.

  • Not feeling that good, so I may not go to something I was supposed to go to tonight.
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Wow. I just had a wonderful conversation with my adoptive mother, Nancy. We hadn't spoken in years, mostly because we parted ways on very negative terms. I've recently thought about contacting her as I had done a Google search and found her contact info, but everytime I picked up the phone my heart would beat faster and I'd chicken out. Tonight I realized I had a fairly good reason to just go ahead and call, and so I did. There were a few things that she said that weren't what I wanted to hear, and she didn't confirm nor deny the thing I'd called about, but she was warm and very understanding and nice otherwise... there was even laughter on more than one occasion. When we said our goodbyes I was fairly certain that we might not speak again, at least anytime soon, as she had told me that a mother/son relationship was not what she wanted at this time. That was okay. I let her know where she could find me if she felt the need to, so at least she has the option.

I feel good about the call overall. More at peace.
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I got to see "Shrek The Third" with djinnethGwynne on Friday after watching the first two movies and the short film that bridges them. I really enjoyed the third film... I laughed many times, and joined the audience in clapping when it was over. Even though the new "Transformers" trailer wasn't playing with that particular print, I've seen it online and I am really excited about it, even moreso than before.

I had a pretty good day at work yesterday. Got to see Grant from SiliCon, which was cool. Spent the day geeking out with customers and my co-worker, who as of today is no longer my co-worker. Found out something really bad about my niece Cheyenne, but until I've confirmed it I won't state it for the record. Had sushi for dinner and saw "28 Weeks Later" with Gwynne and angry_wolfCarl. That's another movie where the sequel is better than the original.

Yesterday morning my lower back started hurting. It's still hurting today, but I have no choice but to go into work like I did yesterday since we're understaffed. Let's just hope I don't have any heavy lifting to do.

Oooh! Season finale of Heroes tonight! Oh, and I'm hoping to catch Pirates 3 on Thursday night one way or another.
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After, like, a gazillion seasons the Simpsons is still the funniest shizzle on televizzle. Also... very topical. Such a fantastic show.

So, in other news I called two of the most important mothers in my life... my sisters, Lelia and Sarah, mothers of my nephews and nieces. It was really great to talk to them. I'm planning on calling Lelia back on her birthday when I have more time to talk. She is doing really well, at least in comparison to how she was a year ago.

The banter between djinnethGwynne and I could be the basis for a sitcom... but it would have to be on cable television. With disclaimers. In related news, it seems that the better I get (from my sickness) the worse she gets. Badness. I hope she gets better a lot quicker than I have. Anyway, we're about to watch "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", a movie which neither of us have seen. And you know, "Scary Movie 3" was dumb, but still quite funny... I was actually surprised given how bad those movies usually are.
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Okay... it's been a little while since a post with actual content about my daily life. I've been working, watching DVDs with djinnethGwynne (lots of Kevin Smith and some Brak Show), going out to dinner with her, and giving Jake loves while we have him... such a sweet kitty. And of course playing with my new toy (Treo). What I should be doing is unpacking, but it's so damned much to do... {sigh}

For those who know my sister Lelia, they know how when she moved up to Eureka she kind of... lost her way. From what my sister Sarah tells me, and the following picture, it looks like she's doing better:

Her face is fuller, and she just looks much healthier than she has in a long time. She doesn't have her kids right now, which I imagine means she's not so stressed and prone to negative junk. I'm proud of her for rejecting the bad stuff that was getting her into so much trouble before. Go Lelia!

I got in trouble recently at work for letting evilgrinsRay use my discount. Turns out the boss scours the internet for anything about the store and he found a post that explicitly said how I helped Ray out. The post was from six or seven months ago, and bossman has been holding onto it for this long. Fortunately he understood (telling the truth about it helped) and now I'm being watched, but I'm still there. So... no more discounts people!
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Yesterday I worked my penultimate 2006 shift at work, which was brightened with the whole chatting with eliteLouise and lexigeekAdam of the Browncoats. They are very cool people, and it is good to know that I'll be seeing them more often in 2007. After work I ended up having dinner with djinnethGwynne and figbashDarcy at Harry's Hof Brau, then the three of us picked up angry_wolfCarl and grendelsmRudy to go into the city and see "Pan's Labyrinth". As good of a movie as it was, it was also depressing and surprisingly violent/spooky. From there we all went to Lyon's and had a blast chatting over dessert etc. Finally we all went our seperate ways, with Gwynnie and I going to the Nuthouse for sleep.

I worked my last shift of 2006 today. It wasn't too bad... only 5 hours. I got to talk to my sister Sarah, who sent me an email recently. It was great talking with her. I realized today how nice it is to have family in one's life. I gotta call Lelia and my mom soon. Anyway, after work Gwynnie picked me up and we stopped by the store so I could get a samTrans pass for January as I'll be bussing it to work now.

I am now going to attempt a quick nap so that I can be wide awake for the midnight festivities. I don't plan to drink too much, but you never know...

Have an awesome 2007 everyone!
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Saturday: As I mentioned previously, the car was stolen. Seriously... car thieves can DIAF. On a good note though, at work we had this one lady drop one grand plus on graphic novels for herself and her son... obviously I called the boss, who was very thrilled. Got off of work and soon after got to spend a bit of time with alotheriaSarah J., Simon, and figbashDarcy (always good times). After that, djinnethGwynne and I drove down to Menlo Park with the couple so we could borrow Simon's Jeep as he won't be needing it for the week. From there Gwynne and I went to Chili's for dinner, then home.

Sunday: Worked all day, then came home and snuggled with Gwynnie for a bit. She and I then drove to San Bruno and picked up angry_wolfCarl to have dinner at Red Robin. Once again we had the cheeseburger nachos of doom... so tasty. Gwynne took off, leaving us to walk over to the Century 10 where we saw the new Bond film "Casino Royale", which lived up to it's hype as far as I'm concerned. I'm like "Pierce who?" After that, C Diddy and I has a nice talk as we walked up the hill to his place and watched the first episode and a half of Heroes. Needless to say, I'm hooked... and yes, my favorite character is Hiro. I can't wait to see more of the show. Gwynnie picked me up when her concert was over, and after a quick stop at Rolling Pin Donuts (my treat) we drove home.

On a somewhat amusing (yet not) note, I was talking with my friend Eric the other night. He told me how his brother, Brian, who used to date my sister Lelia, was still in touch with (and occasionally helps out) my adoptive estranged mom Nancy. So, one night recently she calls Brian and tells him how her house was robbed, apparently of just her computer and a jar full of change. She then asks him... wait for it... "do you think Jason did it"?


Yeah, we don't talk for a reason...

To Brian's credit, his response was "no, Jason wouldn't do that". Which is why he and I are still cool.

In other news I am working tomorrow on what would have been my day off due to a co-worker feeling unwell. Tonight I am having dinner and watching a movie with Gwynne... so it should be a good night.
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Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my dad, Raymond Allen Brand, Jr.

Rest in peace, dad. I miss you.
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I guess I have been a little busy the past five days. Let's see what I can remember... )
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  • Today would have been my dad's birthday if he hadn't passed away last November. I've been thinking a lot about him and really miss him very much.

  • I have been mega tired lately... I just can't seem to get enough sleep.

  • Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, but with this heat it feels like an early Indian Summer. I look forward to it cooling down soon.

  • I had an okay day today, although my trip to Tower put me in a somewhat bitter mood. My stop into Captain Video on the way home brightened me up at least.

  • I need to stay off any boards where trolls lurk. Either that, or I just gotta not let them get to me. Stupid trolls.

  • There is an energy drink (haven't tried it yet) called... ready for it?... Cocaine. It appears to be legit. I am intrigued and afeared at the same time. Perhaps it would help my being tired problem.

  • I hunger!
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A very happy birthday to my niece, Cheyenne! She is my sister Lelia's daughter...

Cheyenne is nine years old today! Woot!

In related news, Trogdor the Burninator is three years old today!
"and the Trogdor comes in the niiiiight!"
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1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days... a review of my 2005:

525,600 minutes... )
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On Sunday djinnethGwynne and I woke up and waited for alotheriaSarah J. and figbashDarcy to arrive. Once they did Gwynne and I left to go pick up angry_wolfCarl, then we drove to the Cow Palace for the Dickens Fair. We met up with Sarah J. and Darcy and went inside, instantly treated to the wonderful (but decidedly not accurate) smells of the era we had been suddenly transported to. We were all there awhile, and after eating and drinking and watching the various players play their parts it was time for Gwynne, Carl and I to leave. We dropped Carl off, went to get my haircut, then got back to the Burrow so I could get all cleaned up for the big event.

Saying goodbye... )

We then parted ways from Rudy and drove to San Carlos for a few minutes, then to Tower so we could all get some music. I ended up getting the Rent soundtrack as an early birthday present, which coupled with the Ultimate Spider-Man game I got from Brian E. earlier helped me feel a little better. We dropped Carl off, then got home and went pretty much directly to the bedroom to collapse and listen to Gwynnie's new CD. A little later Sarah J. came over so she and Gwynne could work on a project they had devised, and I kept them company while we listened to the Rent soundtrack. Eventually Sarah J. left, Gwynne and I retreated to the bedroom, and I played my new game while Gwynnie slept. Finally I did too.

The obituary and my announcement.
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BRAND, "Al" Raymond Allen, Jr. - Al was born September 22, 1938 in Jackson, MI. His parents, Raymond and Ruth preceded him in death. At 6 years of age, Al moved to San Francisco, where he graduated from O'Connell Vocational School and then went on to work as a diesel mechanic. From 1957-59, Al served his country in the Navy where he was aboard the U.S.S. John A. Bole. For 25 years, Al worked at SBC. Al and Juanita both affirmed their Christian faith and became Lutherans in 1986, and on February 14, 1987, were married at St. John's Lutheran Church in the Mission district. They both joined the Lutheran Church of Our Savior in 1998 and have faithfully served in various ministries since then. Al and Juanita were also active in ministry with the San Francisco Night Ministry and Al served several years in ministry with Lutheran Brotherhood, and Thrivent for Lutherans. Al is survived by his loving wife Juanita; his two step daughters Theresa and Zina (his 3rd step daughter Patula, preceded in him death); Lelia and Jason, his two adopted children by a previous marriage and several cousins. Family and friends are invited to visit Sunday, from 4 to 9pm, with a prayer service starting at 7pm both to be held at DUGGANS SERRA MORTUARY, 500 Westlake Avenue, Daly City. Funeral Services to be held Monday, December 5th at 11:00 am to be held at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Junipero Serra & Gar, S. F. Committal will be held at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma. Memorial donations can be sent to the Lutheran Church of Our Savior or the Janet Pomeroy Center.
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Today (well, technically yesterday) I called Juanita (my dad's wife) and talked with her for awhile, and she talked with me about my dad's last hours. Then I got a call from my sister, who had come down for the week. I cleaned the house a bit and waited for her, Brian E., and my nieces to come over. My sister would periodically start crying throughout the visit, and I started to wonder if my not crying meant something was wrong with me. Then again, Lelia isn't exactly the most emotionally stable person in the world. She has also aged not quite as gracefully as I have (just an observation) ... but I have my theories on why. It was great to see my nieces... they have gotten so big, and smart, and are very well behaved for 7 & 8 year olds! Cheyenne seems to be a SSX 3 fan, while Sierra likes playing Bounce Out on my Clie. Eventually angry_wolfCarl got here, then djinnethGwynne soon after, and after introductions and such my sister left with Brian E. and my nieces. The rest of us had a Thanksgiving leftovers dinner, then Carl and I did dishes (partially left from the previous night's Lost gathering) while Gwynnie made brownies. Carl decided to cut out early to get some writing done, so Gwynne and I watched "Old School" and an episode of Firefly ("I'll be in my bunk") while enjoying our brownies and some milk. She went to bed, I stayed up this late reading old entries and talking with Carl. Now it's past my bedtime.
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Today I want you all to call a family member or friend you haven't talked to in awhile. Even if, and in fact especially if you're estranged. Call them and tell them that you love them and you miss them.

It's Sunday, the rates are cheaper...

Just... call, okay?
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Raymond Allen Brand, Jr.
22 September 1938 - 26 November 2005

My dad, known as 'Al' to everyone, died this morning of a heart attack. He was 67 years old. My friend Eric called me about 20 minutes ago and told me that his brother heard it from my sister Lelia. I called Lelia, no response... then my dad's home phone, and finally his cell phone. My stepsister Zina answered and confirmed it was true. She and I cried a lot. The memorial service is on 4 December, Sunday after next, with the funeral the next day.

I have never cried so much in my life than I did after that conversation.

I stopped calling him and answering when he would call over a year ago because I was ashamed of not having a job at that time, and didn't want to listen to him nag me as he usually would. Recently I have called him twice, but he didn't answer, and I left messages asking him to call me. He didn't though. Talk about regrets.

He was my adopted dad, but he was more of a father to me than my biological father ever was. I lived with him in Shelter Creek after he left my adoptive mother, and eventually Lelia and then Patula came to live there too. He was warm, caring, funny, and taught me many of the qualities that are good in me.

And now he's gone. Damnit...
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Worked. When I got home, I checked the mail, and lo and behold I had received a postcard (in an envelope with some pictures) from my dad! He had sent a picture of my sister, Lelia and my neices, Sierra & Cheyenne, plus two pics of my nephew Andrew. This is very cool as I don't have any updated pics of my sister and neices, and Andrew was born last year, and I haven't been up to Eureka for 2 years - so this is the first time I have seen him. I have, of course, scanned two of the pics for archival needs, and anyway, I just have to share )

Hooray for having a scanner and a place to upload photos (and link to them)! And a big "thank you" to my dad for sending these pics...

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