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Haven't posted in awhile, mostly because not much has been happening, but lately there have been a few things...

On Monday I went to the San Mateo County Fair and had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and consuming various foodstuffs. One thing I decided to splurge on was a tall, red, plastic cup of lemonade that I was able to refill as many times as I wanted for the day... which ended up being 4 or 5 (I lost count). Below is a pic of me with said lemonade.

Me in my Duff beer shirt drinking cool, refreshing lemonade...

Today (Wednesday) I took BART with angry_wolfCarl to the Oakland Coliseum to see the A's play the Yankees. The A's lost 3-2, but I had a blast anyway. Highlights included a home run by one A's player (Cust) and another player (Ellis) actually breaking his bat (the top half of which flew and landed almost vertically, piercing the dirt), not to mention a spectacular catch by Davis. Oh, and did I mention we had great seats? Check out where I took the below pic from:

The view from section 124, row 30, seat 6...
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The bad: So I am still a bit sick, the rain isn't helping (water inside shoes is bad), had to take the bus since the train would have made me late to work, and I am working two shifts back to back... Books Inc. then my last day of training at Calafia.

The good: I got myself a Coldbuster Jamba Juice, and found out that their oatmeal is just a dollar today, plus double shifts means double the money. Oh, and "Choke" was awesome.

That's all for now.

Update 4:30 PM - Training at Calafia was canceled. So I get to go home and recuperate tonight and all day tomorrow, then I work the next three days, and then have the following three days off for Wondercon! I also found out that they are willing to give me 40 hours at Calafia, so I am thinking of giving my two weeks at Books Inc. I don't really want to, since I like working at the bookstore and all, but I just don't see how I can work both jobs and keep my sanity. Oh, and for the record, I highly recommend the Queen Calafia burger... so tasty!
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  • I am all ready to vote for "that one".

  • Heroes is getting better and better this season.

  • I have eaten way too many cookies in the last 24 hours. There were quite a few to choose from at our Mother's Cookies going away party last night:
  • COOKIES! )
Halloween party meme... )
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Wil Wheaton's rap from A Skit About Vocations... )
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So today I really started in on moving out procedures. Made a few calls and emailed some people regarding their ads on Craigslist, which felt good. I got a hold of one guy who had a place literally within walking distance of here, but it turned out their roommate is staying after all. Anyway, I also started packing CDs and some books, plus threw some stuff away and did some laundry. I just need to keep doing this until I'm ready to move out, which is going to be happening sooner and sooner.

Before all of that I watched "SubUrbia", which was pretty good. It actually was responsible for getting me to get my ass in gear regarding the move... and it had Giovanni Ribisi (whose naked ass I could have done without seeing) and whom I was just talking about last night while at dinner with djinnethGwynne, angry_wolfCarl, and grendelsmRudy. The guys and I ended up watching South Park episodes ("Beefcaaake!"), which was fun, then Gwynne and I watched "Super Troopers" because we wanted to see the opening scene and decided to just keep watching because it's always so damned funny. According to IMDb there's going to be a sequel, but it's not due out until 2010. {sigh}

I woke up with my lower back really hurting. It was hurting a bit last night too, but today it was worse. It's seemed to have gotten better as the day has gone by though.

In work news I'm trying to mentally get ready for my first Inked Books meeting which is in just a little over a week from now. I haven't actually finished Watchmen, so I really need to do that this week. I also have never been to a book club meeting before, so I'll be winging it, but I'm sure it will all work out. At least for the next 4 meetings I'll have co-moderators to help me. Woot!

Also, OREOs with strawberry milkshake creme are frakkin' tasty, yo. So are Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos . Fufu Berry Jones soda is just okay.
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I worked yesterday, and it was good. The day went by fairly quickly and then it was time for djinnethGwynne to pick me up for dinner.

We decided to try a Thai place called Ka Ra Kade that was very near where we live... though we were apprehensive. We'd gone to that location before, and the experience wasn't a good one, but the restaurant looked like it was under new ownership now. We were pleasantly surprised at the redesign, but even moreso when we got our food. For instance we ordered satay as an appetizer, and whereas the last time it was bland and the peanut sauce wasn't good at all, this time both were super tasty. I liked their garlic pepper chicken, but Gwynne's pad see-ew was just scrumptious. The waiter was attentive (but it was just us and two other people in the place) and the owner (I believe) was very friendly, chatting us up while we ate. It was a very nice dining experience and we'll surely be going there again. Check out the third paragraph in Gwynnie's LJ entry here for her take on the place.

Anyway, when we got home (all nice and full) I checked the mail and discovered a check from Sharper Image. I excitedly opened it to discover it was for the amount of...

... thirty-four cents.

Yes, they spent forty-one cents to sent me a check I'd actually feel embarrassed to cash if I walked into WaMu with it. Anyway, after calling the assistant manager of SI and having a good laugh with him about it I settled in and watched Smallville and Lost (which I reviewed here) while also using the electric kettle to heat up her royal flyness' bathwater because I am a loving boyfriend type person. Then, when she went to bed I stayed up until 2 AM reading up on Lost and getting into the online experience.

I woke up this morning (well, just a little bit ago actually) to Selene pawing at the blanket right near my face in an effort to burrow under there right next me. It was very cute. That last about five minutes before I got up and did my usual morning routine, which resulted in this post. I have the day off, and I may go to Lee's to pick up some comics... I dunno.
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I am hoping that tomorrow, after work, djinnethGwynne will take us to Baker's Square so we can celebrate National Pie Day with a free slice of pie.


(note: this isn't to be confused with Pi Day which is on 14 March, though that is also a good day for pie)
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You know what's really perfect after eating a tasty Mexican meal made by djinnethGwynne on Cinco De Mayo?

Eating flan made by Gwynne: )
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Saturday: As I mentioned previously, the car was stolen. Seriously... car thieves can DIAF. On a good note though, at work we had this one lady drop one grand plus on graphic novels for herself and her son... obviously I called the boss, who was very thrilled. Got off of work and soon after got to spend a bit of time with alotheriaSarah J., Simon, and figbashDarcy (always good times). After that, djinnethGwynne and I drove down to Menlo Park with the couple so we could borrow Simon's Jeep as he won't be needing it for the week. From there Gwynne and I went to Chili's for dinner, then home.

Sunday: Worked all day, then came home and snuggled with Gwynnie for a bit. She and I then drove to San Bruno and picked up angry_wolfCarl to have dinner at Red Robin. Once again we had the cheeseburger nachos of doom... so tasty. Gwynne took off, leaving us to walk over to the Century 10 where we saw the new Bond film "Casino Royale", which lived up to it's hype as far as I'm concerned. I'm like "Pierce who?" After that, C Diddy and I has a nice talk as we walked up the hill to his place and watched the first episode and a half of Heroes. Needless to say, I'm hooked... and yes, my favorite character is Hiro. I can't wait to see more of the show. Gwynnie picked me up when her concert was over, and after a quick stop at Rolling Pin Donuts (my treat) we drove home.

On a somewhat amusing (yet not) note, I was talking with my friend Eric the other night. He told me how his brother, Brian, who used to date my sister Lelia, was still in touch with (and occasionally helps out) my adoptive estranged mom Nancy. So, one night recently she calls Brian and tells him how her house was robbed, apparently of just her computer and a jar full of change. She then asks him... wait for it... "do you think Jason did it"?


Yeah, we don't talk for a reason...

To Brian's credit, his response was "no, Jason wouldn't do that". Which is why he and I are still cool.

In other news I am working tomorrow on what would have been my day off due to a co-worker feeling unwell. Tonight I am having dinner and watching a movie with Gwynne... so it should be a good night.
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I spent all day today with djinnethGwynne, much to my delight. We slept in a bit, then finally leaving the house after noon, we went to Stacks' for brunch. I love their Monte Cristo sandwiches... and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Woot! Our tummies full, we then swung by 7-11 for some chocos before going to the new Redwood City theater to see "Stranger Than Fiction", which we both enjoyed. I think people who don't even usually like Will Ferrell would like this movie. After that we went shopping at Safeway, then came home to put away the groceries, eat dinner, and watch "Click" and a few Mr. Show bonus features on DVD.
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  • Did the work thing today yesterday... and it is going fairly well. We've been getting ready for the Black October sale this Saturday, and in my case that means taking a bunch of comics and either bagging them and marking them for a dollar or putting them in the 50 cent boxes. We just got in a bunch of new stuff, so come on down! We have two locations to serve you! Just leave one of the Star Trek phasers for me, wouldja?.

  • After work I had a tasty dinner with the tastier duo of djinnethGwynne and redstreetsAlicia, then watched "Team America" with Gwynnie after playing Soulcalibur III and having some butterscotch pudding. All in all a good night.

  • Finances, on the other hand, are sucking the dwarf like a two dollar ho. My account balance is negative until the 5th. Ten fucking days, kids. Good thing we're all stocked up on Ramen.

  • We're still not sure what to do about the kitties. On one hand it would be great if someone could maybe... borrow them... until we could figure out something more permanent, but on the other hand we might just move. If we do move it couldn't be until after the holidays as we just don't have the money right now. Hopefully another appeal to the landlord may result more positively. I am praying to the Lords of Kobol on that one.

  • Speaking of the Lords of Kobol, I was a very bad boy and watched the first four episodes of BSG online a few nights/days ago. I know I should have waited and watched them with Gwynne as I had done with the first two seasons, but I'm an impatient fucker with no willpower and low grade insomnia. As cool as it was to see them as I did (in a little window with jerky pictures), I really can't wait to see them on a television screen soon. And by soon I mean as fucking possible.

  • If you haven't already done so, now's a good time to upgrade to Firefox 2.0! It's better, stronger, and faster. (Thanks to johnoJohnO for pointing out the update)

  • Oh yeah... "The Prestige" was great, "Nightmare" in 3-D was very cool, and I have a new favorite appetizer at a restaurant that is fortunately within walking distance. CPK, you have until the 5th to make sure you are all stocked up on Avocado Club Egg Rolls. You have been warned...

  • Time to get to bed and cuddle up to the lady I love... the Excedrin PM finally kicked in.
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  • I'm drinking Snapple Pie with my dinner. The best liquid apple pie on earth. 'Nuff said.

  • Entertainment Weekly is pissing me off. No articles on the new WAY CD in any issues printed either before or since it's release. I even wrote about it in the [ profile] weird_al community here. Diddy AKA Sean "I can't stick with one name to save my life" Combs gets two entries in this weeks issue, but nothing on Al. Diddy! What kind of a fucking name is that anyway?! Bah.

  • I took a longer nap that I had intended to today. So I missed out on reading tomorrow's new comics. On the bright side, disc 3 of BSG season 2.5 came today, which djinnethGwynne and I will be watching at least some of tonight, so frak it.

  • As of today I am using Media Monkey instead of Windows Media Player. Generally, I like it. It even has a sleep timer... hence my napping from the last bullet.

  • If you're a Browncoat you owe it to yourself to check out Black Market, run by a cool guy I know named lexigeekAdam. I thnk I may get the YoSaffBridge Husbands Club t-shirt. His other site,, is pretty shiny too.

Okay - that's all I got for now...
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Friday: Worked. After work djinnethGwynne and I went to Chili's for dinner, then to the housesitting gig to watch television. We happened to catch the next episode after the last Battlestar Galactica episode that we'd seen, which was fortunate and also very good, although we now are anxiously awaiting part 2. After that we quickly got to sleep.

Saturday: Went with Gwynne to her work for their cleanup day. Had a shopping trip at the dollar store. Came home for a bit, then went to dinner at La Cumbre with her and angry_wolfCarl, and finally watched "Snakes on a Plane" at the Century 12 in San Mateo with them as well. Ran into jasonwarlockWarlock and his friends in line. I loved SoaP as I knew I would... such a great movie (as long as you know what you're in for), although it didn't help my ophidiaphobia at all. The three of us then decided to sneak into "Talladega Nights" which was fucking hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire movie. Afterward we dropped Carl off and then drove to the housesitting gig for sleep.

Sunday: Woke up late, went to Jack in the Box for brunch. Came home, took a nap (believe it or not), walked over to the county fair with Gwynnie, Carl, alotheriaSarah J. , and Simon. Thanks to Gwynne's contact four of us got in for free. I really had a great time there. Of course I had the requisite fair food, including deep fried Twunkies and Oreos, funnel cake, mini donuts, and a Polish sausage corn dog. We pretty much closed the park after walking around it for about 4 hours. Gwynnie won a stuffed dog to the tune of my current music for this post (what, you thought it would be Cobra Starship's Snakes on a Plane (Bring It), right?). Tonight I sleep alone as I decided to sleep here while Gwynne has one of her last few nights at the housesitting gig and I work tomorrow.

I shall leave you with three SoaP videos from YouTube.

First, a clip of the famous line... you see, Samuel L. Jackson has had it... well, you know... )

some SoaP early auditions )

the Cobra Starship video... )
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I got into work yesterday at 6:50 AM, and already the boss and a co-worker were doing inventory. There ended up being six of us total once everybody got in, so inventory only took a little over two hours. I got a call from mortefinaSarah P. a little later in the day, and we made plans for Josh, her, and I to hang out after work. djinnethGwynne called after that and we had a brief talk.


Around 3 PM Sarah and Josh showed up, then patiently waited for me to get off of work a half hour later. After an errand that allowed Josh and I to have a talk (which, among other things, included the string possibility of him letting me use/have a better computer and monitor than the ones I have) the three of us went to a hobby store that I'd never been to before that was pretty darn impressive. We hung out at a Barnes & Noble for a bit, then went to Sushi Expo in San Jose... where I got pretty full on tasty sushi for just $11. From there we came back to my house where Sarah and I watched Josh play some PS2 games before they they left for the night. Over the counter drug-induced sleep came soon after.

Today I got into work and worked 6 hours straight before my relief came in. While there I added some stuff to my to do list on my Clie. Got home and made a microwave dinner, fed the kitties, started laundry, and websurfed a bit. Now I plan to be a bit more domestic then possibly watch "Dead Alive" which I got from Netflix today.

Update 7:36 PM - Alright... an hour later I have done the following: a second load of laundry started, bathroom and kitchen floors cleaned, most of the dishes put away (not sure where the rest go), garbage and recycling taken out, living room straightened up a bit... so is it time to relax and watch zombies killing people yet?
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Dear construction workers next door: Fuck you. Fuck you in your stupid asses. 7:30 AM is way too early to start hammering while people might be sleeping. I don't give a shit if it's legal or not... you need to wait until 10 am, asshats.

Dear Woody Allen: I loved watching your film "Scoop" last night with Gwynne, especially for free. I would pay to see it though. It was very funny. I actually agree with Mick LaSalle on this one. Thanks for a good time!

Dear maker of the chicken pot pie at Mimi's: You are my god. I had to force myself to stop eating since I was full, but I can't wait until lunchtime whereupon I get to finish your tasty meal.

Dear Lucy the dog: Thank you for finally realizing I'm not going to hurt you and allowing me to pet you, you good girl you.

Dear multi holiday party the other night: You rocked. I had a great time hanging out with friends and acquaitances. The Thanksgiving dinner was yummy. Which reminds me... easter eggs and Halloween candy for the next week!

On a more serious note... dear Brian: I am sorry to hear about your dad, and even moreso that you are unable to attend the funeral. You were there for me when my father passed, and I thank you again for that. {hugs}
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Gwynne and I had a fairly nice date night last night. We ended up going to the Round Table in Laurelwood (we've been getting our pizzas from other Round Tables near us and hadn't realized there was one this close to us). The pizza was seriously better than usual... at first I thought maybe it was because I was so hungry, but after talking to the manager we found out that the oven there just makes better pizza. So, from now on that's where we're ordering from. The manager and I even agreed to swap discounts, which was cool. After dinner we headed to 7-11 for a few things... I wanted to try that Vanilla Payday bar that Stephen talked about but they didn't have it, so I settled for a marshmallow Take 5, which I saved for breakfast this morning. We eventually got to the housesitting gig (yes, I agreed to stay there this time) and soon Gwynnie and I were asleep.

I woke to find Gwynne gone (for a morning at the beach) and so I watched a bit of Saturday Night Live that had been recorded and did my usual netsurfing. I also ended up making a new mix CD (Randomness 2006 Vol. 2) that includes the song that is my current music for this post. I just got off the phone with Gwynne, who will be here shortly so that we can start our date day together.
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djinnethGwynne picked me up and we drove to Tenka, where we met up with angry_wolfCarl, alotheriaSarah J. , and _shahara_Renee for sushi etc. I haven't had sushi in awhile so of course I was in heaven. After saying goodbye to Sarah J. the rest of us walked over to the candy store next to the parking garage and stocked up on sweets, then we went to Coldstone. Despite being full as hell from dinner, I managed to get a cup of ice cream down (apple pie mix). Gwynne and I said our goodbyes to Carl and Renee, then we drove to her catsitting gig... and I tell you, that house is gonna be so much fun to party in later this year! After that we made a few quick stops to see if we could get Gwynne a memory card for the PS2, then headed home and went to sleep soon after.

It's been a nice lazy morning so far hanging out with Gwynnie and enjoying spending time with her. She's off to have lunch with friends, which gives me time to do my thing until later tonight. In an hour I have my review at work. I'm worried that it'll be bad despite knowing that I do what my job requires (and even more in certain areas sometimes). I always feel nervous in these situaltions... it's kinda like being called into the principal's office. Well, I guess I'll know soon enough how things are.
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Had the day off today, and I spent it mostly relaxing. The last few days my right shoulder and neck area have been hurting like hell, and even pain meds aren't helping. Waited for djinnethGwynne to get home, then we had a yummy dinner of pulled pork sandwiches at Windy City Pizza. After that we had a quick shopping trip at Albertsons, and saved a bunch of money since they're going out of business. I got a copy of the "Superman Returns" novelization and some Coke Blak, so I am happy. Once we got home we cleaned out the car and the fridge, which was of the good. Finally we watched the last two episodes of season one of Battlestar Galactica... OMGods of Kobol WTFrack BBQ! I seriously can't wait to watch more... I have the first disc of season 2 in the DVD player, all ready for the next time. This is by far one of the best shows ever. Every time I see mortefinaSarah P. I feel like i have to thank her for lending me the DVDs.

Anyway... bedtime!
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I just had leftover carne asada between two slices of bread and three taquitos for lunch, then some Rosencrunch and Guildenpop for dessert. Also, it looks like I get to see "Superman Returns" at 10 PM the day before it opens with some cool people.

To borrow a phrase from a friend: I totally win at life.
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  • Had a nice afternoon/evening with djinnethGwynne yesterday. She picked me up, we went to Oakland (couldn't make it to Berkeley after all), and I waited in the car for her as she did her thing. I listened to music and read a story from Stephen King called Autopsy Room 4... damn, that guy can still write. After that we drove down to San Mateo to swing by alotheriaSarah J.'s work thing, then to Best Buy so Gwynne could pick up a DVD of Oklahoma, and finally to Harry's Hof Brau. I took the leftovers home, but unintentionally left them out overnight (I'll get to that in the next bullet). While we watched parts of Oklahoma (yes, I now have to see the whole thing) Gwynnie made some crumb cake for work (although we had some ourselves), then it was off to bed for yet more dessert.

  • I decided to brave eating the left out leftovers, after nuking them of course, and so we'll see if I get sick or not. If I do, hey... everyone else is, why not me?

  • Breaking comic book world news report 1: Spider-Man 3 has 4 villains apparently. Sandman, Venom, Green Goblin, and a fourth as yet unnamed one. Why not just add a few more and have ol' web-head go up against the fucking Sinister Six?! I'm not sure how to feel about this... I'm worried this franchise is going the way the Batman one did.

  • Breaking comic book world news report 2: So they're bringing Batwoman back, only now she's a "lipstick lesbian". OMGWTFBBQ! I say: awesome! Why not have an openly gay hero in the DC universe?

  • My neck hurts... news at 11.

  • To see some pics of me and others from BayCon 2006, please direct yourselves to this page (with thanks to moonwhispersBrian). I may post even more pics, or at least links to them, in the near future.

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