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Kirina and I at Books Inc.

I just got home from visiting with my ex-girlfriend Kirina (who I haven't seen in 10+ years!) and her family. What an unexpected pleasure! Here's the story:

Firstly, to give you a little background about Kirina and I, I met her through my sister Lelia when they were in junior high. Kirina showed me she liked me by scratching me (it was her way back then) and eventually we dated for a little while. After many years, just after Corin and I broke up, I moved to Berkeley with her for a few months until she decided to pack up and move to Chicago. I haven't talked to her in years until fairly recently via Facebook.

So tonight I was at work, I looked up to help what I expected to be my next customer, and was pleasantly surprised to find Kirina there. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, since she now lives in Mississippi and hadn't said a word about being in town when I had talked to her via IM just a few hours earlier. Many hugs were exchanged for the rest of the evening as I got through the end of my shift while they had dinner next door at Kirk's Steakburgers, and I then accompanied them first to Tanforan and then to her mom's place in South S.F. (her mom is on vacation and is letting Kirina and her family stay there). Kirina and I agreed on many things, one being that Rolling Pin has the best doughnuts around, including Krispy Kreme. I totally geeked out with Kirina's husband Klaus, and we both agreed on the ride home that he and I would probably hang out a lot if we lived in the same city. Eventually she announced that she was crashing, so Klaus took me home, whereupon he told me that Kirina always spoke highly of me. I got the feeling that she found a great guy for a husband and I wish her and her two children a very happy life.
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It's been a week, so I guess I should update this thing...

Last night after work I got to hang out with angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian, and sausage_boyLloyd. Much laughter was had and beer, pizza, and donuts were consumed. We watched "Hardware Wars" (I can't believe I hadn't seen it before... hilarious!) and most of "A Knight's Tale" before calling it a night. Thanks guys for an awesome evening!

Watched "Mystery Men", The Guild webisodes, Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, The Venture Bros., "How To Lose Friends & Alienate People", and "The Man with The Screaming Brain" this past week. Some of that was online, some from Netflix, and some was cable t.v. (thanks Carl!)

Work (both jobs) continues to go well. That's all I can say about that. I have tomorrow off, and I will most likely do laundry and possibly go see "Watchmen" on IMAX in the city with friends.

The Girl Scouts are selling their cookies at Town & Country Village, where my workplaces are. One asked if I wanted to buy some as I was walking by... I inquired if they were made with real Girl Scouts. No one said I'm original, but that response got some laughs from the girls. For the record I did not buy any...

And finally, a very happy birthday to the very awesome spdrwnAmy!
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The answer: San Bruno, CA.

Yes, I found a room. When I got off of work on Friday evening I was met by Carl, who had most of my worldly possessions in his car. We drove to his house, watched Battlestar Galactica twice (oh my gods!) and I slept restlessly. In the morning (having woken early) I perused Craigslist (Carl got me started), made a few appointments before having to start work, and the first place I saw I wrote a check to the guy and moved my stuff from Carl's car to my new room. I slept there last night and froze my ass off. I need a bed or at least a mattress, internet, and a towel or two plus my pillows, but I have a place to live and now I can concentrate on getting a second job (hopefully at Calafia, owned by former Google chef Charlie Ayers).

I just wanted to say thanks to Carl (for everything you did), Lloyd (for the offer), and everyone who packed my stuff. And major thanks and love to Gwynne for letting me stay with her these past months and putting up with me. I should have done much more with the time that I had there, but now I'm ready to go ahead with my goals.
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The following people wished me a happy birthday yesterday... in alphabetical order:

Emily K.

Thanks everyone!

Tonight is dinner with Gwynne and angry_wolfCarl. Mmmm... steak!
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This is Eksmas bitches!

o Eksmas tree...

This tree is gorgeous... and in the same room are 11 or so of my friends. Fire in the fireplace. And I'm wearing my new Spider-Man thermal shirt...

It feels really good to be alive.
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Chillin' at BJ's in Foster City with the usual suspects. Nit Wit beer is fucking tasty.

guys night out...

grendelsmRudy, davebydesignDave, angry_wolfCarl, and moonwhispersBrian: four good guys enjoying some beer, yo...
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I had a great time last night at my co-worker flowermistressColleen's party. There was drinking, eating, and much laughter and singing: )

There was also some silliness with Emily's whistle: )

The whistle thing seemed a lot less innocent when it was all happening... {shrug} Perhaps this video will show what I mean: )

At one point I discovered that some of the the others also knew about Old Gregg, and using my Centro I showed the clip from The Mighty Boosh. Liz showed us a clip called Pete Sweet, which was pretty funny. Everyone ended up singing songs from their school years, which was fun.
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The very happiest of birthdays to one of my oldest and ... well, older friends, angry_wolfCarl! He is truly one of the great ones.

Hope you have a good day, man. Congratulations on surviving another year. May this next one be better than those that came before.
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Saturday: As I mentioned previously, the car was stolen. Seriously... car thieves can DIAF. On a good note though, at work we had this one lady drop one grand plus on graphic novels for herself and her son... obviously I called the boss, who was very thrilled. Got off of work and soon after got to spend a bit of time with alotheriaSarah J., Simon, and figbashDarcy (always good times). After that, djinnethGwynne and I drove down to Menlo Park with the couple so we could borrow Simon's Jeep as he won't be needing it for the week. From there Gwynne and I went to Chili's for dinner, then home.

Sunday: Worked all day, then came home and snuggled with Gwynnie for a bit. She and I then drove to San Bruno and picked up angry_wolfCarl to have dinner at Red Robin. Once again we had the cheeseburger nachos of doom... so tasty. Gwynne took off, leaving us to walk over to the Century 10 where we saw the new Bond film "Casino Royale", which lived up to it's hype as far as I'm concerned. I'm like "Pierce who?" After that, C Diddy and I has a nice talk as we walked up the hill to his place and watched the first episode and a half of Heroes. Needless to say, I'm hooked... and yes, my favorite character is Hiro. I can't wait to see more of the show. Gwynnie picked me up when her concert was over, and after a quick stop at Rolling Pin Donuts (my treat) we drove home.

On a somewhat amusing (yet not) note, I was talking with my friend Eric the other night. He told me how his brother, Brian, who used to date my sister Lelia, was still in touch with (and occasionally helps out) my adoptive estranged mom Nancy. So, one night recently she calls Brian and tells him how her house was robbed, apparently of just her computer and a jar full of change. She then asks him... wait for it... "do you think Jason did it"?


Yeah, we don't talk for a reason...

To Brian's credit, his response was "no, Jason wouldn't do that". Which is why he and I are still cool.

In other news I am working tomorrow on what would have been my day off due to a co-worker feeling unwell. Tonight I am having dinner and watching a movie with Gwynne... so it should be a good night.
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Apparently many people seem to think that MySpace is nothing more than a breeding ground to introduce pedophiles to preteen age boys and girls. Well, recently it's been more than that to me.

Hmmm... hope nobody takes that the wrong way...

Anyway, lately I have found (and been found by) friends and acquaintances from my recent and distant past (including high school). It's been kinda cool to just see what people I have completely lost touch with are doing, as well as keep up with what my friends are up to and possibly get to know them better. Also, the music pages are a great way to listen to songs from my favorite artists before they're released anywhere else. So the hatin' needs to stop.

My MySpace page... if you're interested. It's "all totally pimped out".
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Well, I'm home alone with nothing much to do except be cold and miss djinnethGwynne, so I may as well be somewhat productive. With that in mnd...

I recently posted here about the Howl and that I had taken pics... well, here they are. The pics with people are poorly lit as I was taking them at night without a flash. The rest are of the fire, and there's a lot... but it was just so darned pretty I kept taking pictures. Sue me.

19 pics in this gallery...

I also posted here about Thanksgiving at alotheriaSarah J. and Simon's place a few days ago and that I had taken pics... and here they are. I'm not sure of who a few people are exactly, but when I find out I'll edit the descriptions.

13 pics in this gallery...

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I guess I have been a little busy the past five days. Let's see what I can remember... )
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My weekend consisted of: )
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I just got finished visiting with spdrwnAmy and her brother. They were down here for the Aerosmith/Motley Crue concert, but decided to skip it and come hang out with me instead. She brought me a Spider-Man wall decoration she'd just gotten that is very cool indeed. I had a good time talking with them and showing them Lee's... she even bought a Spider-Woman graphic novel for herself (apropos considering her username). All too soon they decided to go eat and get home. I am looking forward to a full day visit with her sometime in the near future though.
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djinnethGwynne and I spent some time with angry_wolfCarl and figbashDarcy this weekend. On Saturday, after I got home from work, we all had dinner at La Cumbre, then watched "Man of the Year" at the San Mateo theatre. I really liked it. Robin Williams and Christopher Walken were great. There were definately laughs, but it was more like they were trying for a kind of political thriller. On Sunday, again after work, Gwynne made us all a very tasty dinner and dessert, and we watched "The Wicker Man" on DVD. I am never going to Scotland. Ever. I had a good time... lots of laughs. Thank you both for your company!
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I came home from work for my lunch break and checked the mail as I always do.

I found a postcard from _shahara_Renee waiting for me! It's a Rocky Horror Show postcard, and she said she had thought of me when she saw it and sent it to me. Isn't that cool? Thanks Renee! I miss you!
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Long entry ahead... )
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Pictures from the gingerbread house making party can be found here (or just click the pic).

Pictures from the camping trip that happened this past summer can be found here (or just click the pic).

That is all.
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The coolest thing that has happened since my last post(s) has been the gingerbread house making that occurred last night. There was much fun, mocha nog, wine, candy, and giggling during the evening. Everyone brought great stuff to make their tasty looking houses (Hershey has come out with cinnamon chips and candy covered mini-Kisses!)... pictures will be forthcoming, now that the digital camera and card reader have been found. Also, pictures from the camping trip during the summer will be posted soon... good thing LJ upped my pic storage space for free recently! We got the tree up and looking beautiful... it even has a name: Charlie Grand. Don't ask... On the downside I woke up a few days ago with a seriously hurt neck... it hurt even when I was completely still. Add to that the cold that won't go away and pain in my lower back, and a bout of holiday depression and it's no wonder I stayed in the bedroom all day Saturday, re-reading Harry Potter 5 and barely eating. Re-reading book 6 now (well, started last night, going to continue as I can). The neck is almost back to normal, the back is okay for now, the cold is mostly gone, and last night got me feeling in great spirits. I am also having lots of fun with djinnethGwynnie lately... I won't go into it, but things are really wonderful with us right now. It has been a rough year, but I think 2006 should be better than this last year was. My new year's resolutions (to be posted officially on New Year's day) are geared towards making me a better Brand. I know I'll have a job, which will be nice as I want to get a few things (Serenity, the Aeon Flux collection, Sin City recut, etc.) and start saving up while helping Gwynne out with rent. Things are also looking good in the finding a new place department, but we're still looking. "King Kong" was absolutely awesome... I asked angry_wolfCarl if he'd do a review (as his writing is much better than mine) but I think he's still reeling from the goodness of that movie. We ended up getting kick-ass seats despite being further back in line than I'd have liked. Anyway, everyone was silent during the entire 3 hours, which nowadays is a testament to how good it was. Go see it!

Gah! Only 6 more days until Eksmas... I really need to get those cards into the mail.

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