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So I get off of work and catch the 9PM Caltrain heading north. No problem until we get to the Belmont station... whereupon the train won't start after letting off passengers. We all wait for an announcement. Finally we're told to wait a few more minutes. Then another few. Eventually we are told that the train is dead and another will be along in 20 minutes. A bunch of us decide to disembark but the doors won't open. I finally use the emergency door open. I go and start to wait for a bus but I don't have bus fare. I think about asking the driver of the bus that will eventually show up to help me out but decide to instead to go back and wait for the train that will be coming at 10:16PM. It is about to show up.

Update - The time is 10:31 PM... the train just arrived.
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From the Facebook page...

The CEO of Cinemark, Alan Stock,
donated $9999 to the Yes on 8 Campaign, but
now expects to profit from showing MILK in his theaters.

If 1,000 of us commit to see MILK at a competitor's theater
instead of Cinemark, at an average cost of $10 per ticket,
that's $10,000 of lost revenue.

Boycotts work. A boycott of a Sacramento theatre company
resulted not only in the resignation of a Yes on 8 contributor,
but a public apology and donation to Human Rights
Campaign! We can do this again.

Why *another* boycott against Cinemark?
While we support a complete boycott of Cinemark's properties,
not everyone agrees. But what we can ALL agree on is that Cinemark
profiting off of Harvey Milk's legacy is an insult to our community,
and we cannot support it with our dollars.

It makes me ill to think that I've been watching movies at theatres with this guy as CEO of the company. From now on I will be taking my business elsewhere... I don't care if they have a virtual monopoly here in the Bay Area. AMC, Landmark, and Lowes will be getting my ticket money.

...also, happy birthday to the godfather of nerdcore: MC Frontalot!
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Five things this old lady did just a few minutes ago that got me more than a little annoyed. Had to post them while they're still fresh in my mind:

  • One thing at a time... I don't need to know which books you want gift wrapped together or individually while I am still ringing them up. Let's save that bit of info for AFTER the sale, shall we?

  • Can you hear me now? Do you really need to be talking on the phone while I am ringing you up? It can't wait? So rude.

  • Now you tell me... Letting me know AFTER the sale that you want the senior discount makes me have to void out the sale and start over. Yes, I ruined your precious pile of books to be wrapped together... see why that needed to wait?

  • I know how to do my job... You really don't have to tell me to cover up the prices of the books you want wrapped. I was going to do that. I promise.

  • Tipping is not a city in China So after wrapping everything, you don't even think of tipping me and the other guy who saved you the trouble of doing it yourself (I still don't quite get the whole gift wrapping thing folks... I know, customer service... for lazy people apparently).
I really need to get out of retail... except usually customers aren't such asshats.
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So the owner of the bookstore chain I work for has a habit of watching us randomly through a webcam/site setup. This is extremely creepy IMHO and pisses of the booksellers when our boss calls and admonishes us. Most of the time (tonight included) it's regarding being behind the cashwrap counter... yes that is not allowed. The thing is we're usually looking up something on the computer for a customer! I have more to post about this later once I get home...
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  • 00:46 looking forward to Indy 4 with the gang tomorrow night in San Mateo... #
  • 09:26 @jonathancoulton That is awesome news! I can't wait... I've been creating/editing the sho's page on the JoCo Wiki for the past half hour. #
  • 11:08 royally pissed off... #
  • 12:13 things are looking up! #
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Moving woes... )

Well, today is just beautiful weather-wise, and tonight there is more packing to do and episodes of Eli Stone and BSG to (hopefully) watch. I know I have a few options in case I can't find a place by Sunday. And hey, at least I can always get myself another caffeine infused candy bar if I wanted to. At least there's some light in this darkness.
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Here's what two fucktards that just don't get what nerdcore is all about have to say about the guys djinnethGwynne and I saw Sunday night:

Fucktard #1 - Jennifer Maerz of SF Weekly )

Fucktard #2 - Graham Barey of the Portland Mercury )

Hey critics? DIAF. I have more to say, but I want to hear everyone else's thoughts... especially Gwynne's and merovingianTed's.
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Ah yes... nothing like going into the den you just cleaned yesterday and finding cat spray all over your fucking DVDs. Again. Yay... now even more of my collection is ruined with cat pee.

What a great start to the day. Can I go back to bed? No... gotta get to work now.
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Woke up early and before too long djinnethGwynne and I were on our way. She dropped me off at the San Carlos Caltrain station, I caught the next train to the Millbrae BART, then rode that to S.F. Walked to the Moscone center, and got into line. I quickly made "friends" with some fen. Grant from SiliCon got me a temp staff badge, so I was able to get a sneak peek at the con before it opened. Soon I had my own badge and eventually they let us in. I showed remarkable restraint as there was much I wanted to buy but decided to wait until Saturday before doing so. I met many fairly well known people... got Sergio Aragones to sign my copy of Fanboy as well as a copy of Groo for angry_wolfCarl, met Terry Moore of SIP fame, Richard Hatch from BSG, etc. At one point moterfinaSarah P. graciously gave me her pass to see "300" on IMAX (which I am about to watch as I type this). At one point I got hungry and went to the Metreon for my first meal of the day. Came back to the con whereupon Lee took my pic, and when he sends it to me I'll post it. I had enough walking aimlessly around the dealer's room, so I walked back to the Metreon and waited in line for 300 and met more fen who geeked out with me. They let us in a little over an hour before the movie is supposed to start, and so I started writing this post.

Update 11:45 AM - So "300" was completely fucking awesome. More violent than "Sin City", for those keeping track, and just so very good. I'm seeing it again with Gwynnie on Tuesday night and I'm sure I'd even see it again on opening night. Anyway, got out of the theatre, caught BART to samTrans, took the last bus of the night home, and helped Gwynne fall asleep with my tales of the day spent at the con.

Today I got an unpleasant surprise when I took everything out of my bag and found that a Geek Pride sticker had attached itself to a page of my Fanboy book (I'm sure there's a joke in there) thereby ruining it. Needless to say I was pissed. but I am trying to let it go... perhaps Aragones will sign a copy of Groo for me to help my state of mind. My sweetie and I will be leaving soon to go to the con, then we'll split up for a bit before hopefully meeting up for a screening of "Hot Fuzz".
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Good: I found out today that my work, which will be one of the very few retailers carrying shirts like these, will be comping me this shirt! They want all the employees to have one so they can wear it at least one day a week while at work to demo them. There were other ones available, but of course I chose the coolest Spidey one. I still might get the Venom one in the future.

Last night, despite having watched "Comic Book The Movie" and "Shaun of the Dead", I was feeling pretty down. However, after an energizing breakfast and good co-worker time at work I am back to my jovial self. Except for...

Bad: I also found out today that our asshole of a landlord is making djinnethGwynne and I get rid of the kitties, else we must move out. Needless to say I am very upset about this. This house is perfect for us, but I can't imagine not having the kitties around. We're trying to find a friend who might take them in so that we could still have visiting privileges. She has a few other ideas, but that one is the most likely. {sigh} Damnit. After almost a year of it not being an issue we have to deal with this shit now?! Grrr...

Ugly: Well, ugly just describes a majority of the characters in what I am hoping to be seeing tomorrow... "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D! We'll probably be seeing it in San Jose with friends. As cool as it was in 2-D, I imagine the third dimension will make it that much cooler.
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Sunday: Got up early to get my ass down to Mountain View for work. But I am getting ahead of myself... First I walked to the San Mateo store and had a quick chat with a co-worker. I then got a ride from said co-worker (the store wasn't open yet) to the Hillsdale Caltrain station. I got to ride on one of the newer trains down to the San Antonio stop, then I walked (yes, no bus this time) down San Antonio road to Leghorn, walked further, and eventually got to work. Blah blah blah, workity shmerkity. I left work, then waited an hour (and turned down an offer of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from a fellow bus waiter) for the next bus (hey, I was tired) to take me to the stop near the Caltrain station. Walked to the station, waited another half hour, got on yet another of the newer trains, and got off at Hillsdale. Went into Borders to do a bit of reading, stopped into Captain Video and resisted the temptation of cheap DVDs on sale, and finally arrived home. I made myself some dinner and watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", then got to sleep.

Monday: Got up not quite as early as yesterday and got into work. I had a few projects to keep me occupied, then I went home for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find my $5 rebate from Coke Blak waiting for me in the mail, but not as pleasantly surprised by an LJ comment (grrr). Add to that that I choked on and almost died from (more or less) my tuna fish sandwich and, yeah, lunch hour sucked a bit. Got back to work and quickly rang up evilgrinsRay (who had come in again - grrr) and sent him on his way (I don't want to hear it, genuine_snarkGeo). Read the first two Liberty Meadows trades after making sure my chores were finished, then dealt with little miss "can I keep looking for five minutes despite the fact that you want to close the store since it's 8, and you want to go home?" which was an added bonus. At least she bought a few things. I dunno... maybe I should lighten up, but at least I was cordial to her despite being slightly annoyed. Oh yeah, and then yet one more LJ comment (grrr) when I got home. At least djinnethGwynne will be home soon, and it looks like we'll be having drinks with redstreetsAlicia possibly. I could use a drink or three.

I work tomorrow (yes, on the 4th of July) from noon to 6:30ish, then I have the next three days off, which will be punctuated by POTC 2 with any luck. Also, I get paid in a few days. Woot!
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I had a pretty nice day at work today. It helped that I started my shift with a Blak and that my boss was in a good mood. Also, I looked for work to do (like a good employee) and I think that helped my first post-review (which wasn't too bad after all) work day. I went home for a nice lunch, went back to work, and soon it was just me for a few hours... which is always good. Got to see djinnethGwynne for a bit which was cool. I ended up splitting a pizza with one of my co-workers, then got off out of there at 7:30 PM.

At some point in the day a co-worker told me over the phone that evilgrinsRay had come into Lee's the other day and asked him if he could get a 20% discount. Seeing as I had asked Ray not to come into Lee's at all (we've had a falling out you see), and even then he should know that the discount is something that only I would do for friends (as opposed to, say, somebody who barely knows him), I am a bit perturbed. In point of fact this could have ended up very badly, as I have been letting a few friends use my discount against company policy. Yes, I know that's risky, but until now it hasn't been a problem. As it turns out Ray had told my co-worker that I hadn't extended my discount to him, and even though I am sure the co-worker doesn't believe him, apparently he's not going to make an issue of it. I talked with Ray on the phone today and I think he gets the message, and I am even a bit appreciative that he didn't tell the truth when it came down to it. I'm still upset about other things though, so I hope he doesn't come in the store (at least while I am there).

As Gwynneth isn't here tonight I decided to watch a DVD, and it turned out to be "Monty Python & the Meaning of Life". Some of the extras are hilarious. I'm glad I decided to watch it again.

Well, I should get to sleep soon. I work at the Mountain View store tomorrow (thie first time in over a month I think) at noon. I may see "Superman Returns" with Gwynnie and the Satan-spawn she's kidsitiing, so that should be a hoot.
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So, as I have mentioned previously, I owe Humboldt County some money to pay back the general relief they loaned me awhile back. When I didn't get my state tax return this year, I found out what was going on and gave them my current address with the good faith that I'd send them some money when I could. Things haven't been financially all that great since then with hours at work getting cut and all, so I haven't been sending any money up to them, though I intend to once things are going better. However, they have been constantly sending out bills like every other week. Seriously, it's been getting on my nerves, so today I wrote on the bill, then stuffed it into the return envelope and put it out for the postman to take. I wrote:

"I know I owe you money. I called you guys and set up arrangements. When I have some to send, I will. For now, lay off with the bills - Jason

I think that was pretty nice considering that I am annoyed. Other people, when annoyed, may not have sent anything, others might be nastier. For instance, as I told angry_wolfCarl a few minutes ago, if they keep it up they'll get this:


I just want to make sure they understand me fully...
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I just checked my WaMu account, and I am negative a shitload of money today. BayCon went ahead and cashed the check I wrote on Friday for $70 for my weekend badge, despite my having worked the required hours off by Monday as I was supposed to in order to get the badge for free. It's my own damn fault for writing a check for funds knowing they weren't there, but fuck! I was sure the gofer head would have told the reg head (especially since I enquired about it) that I had done my hours and to rip up the check. So I guess I'll receive a check in the mail for having done my hours, but that will be after I get paid (in a few days). So ultimately I'm out $50 at the end of the day (two overdraft charges).

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I just sent this email to the SFBC. Needless to say am a bit peeved right now:

To whom it may concern:

I am extremely upset with how you ("you" being "SFBC") have treated my order recently. Let's review:

3/7/06 - You accepted payment for my order. I was told that I would receive my order within 15 working days. That should have been the 30th of March. I never received that order.

4/5/06 - After emailing just before the 30th, I called to find out why I still hadn't received my order, and in fact asked for a tracking number (which was ignored both in my previous email to you and on the phone). I was told that you'd resend the order out to me.

4/12/06 - Tonight I find out that you just sent the reshipment yesterday! A week later! And it will still take another 15 days to get here, which I am seriously starting to doubt right now.

I gave you $24 of my money in exchange for some books that I should have gotten weeks ago. When I get them I am going to decide if I want to continue being a member. If I decide not to, be prepared to part ways without my fulfilling the rest of my required ordering.

Thank you for your time,

Jason C. Brand
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... then people should shut their fucking pie holes.

Comments are disabled because I really don't need anyone's shit right now.
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I vent, lest I asplode... )

I realize that all of these things are minor, and I should really just relax... but... GRRR...

Update 11:13 PM - I want to say that I was not really looking for advice on any of the things I mentioned (though thank you J9 for yours, I will see what djinnethGwynne wants to do in that regard)... I just wanted to get it all off of my chest because it was all starting to stress me out. I would not have any problem whatsoever with supportive comments or related stories.
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After a restless night of sleep, I woke early, feeling very tired. I had been asked yesterday to come in today at 10 AM for just a few minutes to talk about something with the GM, which I agreed to do. I lay in bed, my mind racing about the possiblity of doing a website revamp, possibly a LJ community as well for Lee's. By 9 AM I couldn't stay in bed any longer, and I walked over to the store. The GM was suprised to see me there an hour early, but went ahead and told me what he wanted to talk to me about. I'm not supposed to talk about it with anyone, but... well, let's just say some people are sore losers. Emphasis on loser. The result was that everything is okay, but now there's this thing about me that the staff knows that would have been bad if it wasn't for the source and my being given the opportunity to explain it all. Anyway... after that was done with I mentioned the website thing, and he said that it was a good idea, but to wait for awhile and then talk with Lee about it, so that's my plan. Anyway, at 9:30 AM I was going to go, but the GM asked if I wouldn't mind staying until 1 PM on the clock... and I agreed. Today is new comics day, so it was fairly busy, and I got to have a bit extra training. So at 1 I left, got home, called Gwynne, and had some lunch. Now I'm just waiting for her to come home and pick me up... it's time for the car radio part 2!

Also, to those of you who are going to Wondercon, I'll be working there all day on Saturday! Come by the Lee's table and say hi!
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Alright... which one of you bastards are fucking up my friendslist?!

Update 12:56 PM - I should have known... after going through it, I realize it is doppleRay who's doing it with another one of his memes. Bad enough you flood my f-list with your damn community adverts and you think you're a werewolf, sparky, now you're screwing up the whole f-flist page too! Thanks ever so much.


And while I am in a grumpy mood anyway now, is anyone else getting their Yahoo mailbox flooded with these "failed delivery" messages, despite not sending any mail from that account?

Update 2 / 3:42 PM - The world as we know it is about to end... Ray actually changed something after I asked him to do so!

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