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Yesterday: I got off of work, then took the next available Caltrain to San Bruno where I met up with angry_wolfCarl, Dave, and moonwhispersBrian at the latter's house. Brian had made us all dinner (which was very tasty), and we ate it and geeked out about games and shit before watching Black Dynamite (their first time, my third). From there I rode with Carl to his place whereupon I watched some Sliders eps before falling asleep around 3 AM.

Today: Woke up and watched more Sliders eps, then was treated to my second home cooked meal in as many days: breakfast ala C.J. We took turns playing some Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, then went to the Tanforan theater and watched "Paul"... very geeky, so of course I loved it! After that we went back to Carl's, I watched another Sliders ep while he took a nap, then we headed to Peter's Cafe in Millbrae for dinner... I had their delicious Monte Cristo. From there we met up with djinnethGwynne, Eric, Will, Beth & J.C., and eventually Rudy for Gwynnie's birthday karaoke. Most of us then went to Rolling Pin Doughnuts in San Bruno for some late night noms, then even less of us left there and headed to Gwynne & Eric's for a bit before they dropped me off at home. Now, after a nice hot shower to warm up from the rain and cold I am about to get to sleep.

Gwynnie singing karaoke...
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I just read through every entry I posted during 2003 and realized that I missed writing in this damned thing. Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I posted (which was in October 2010), but let's see...

I am no longer working in the front of the store ringing up customers. This has been a nice change, though it hasn't completely erased my job stress, but I prefer the new stress to the old. Anyway, what I'm doing now is packing the orders for drive-thru and sometimes ringing up, but for some reason ringing up in drive-thru isn't nearly as bad as the front was. And of course I'm frying fish etc. on Sundays.

I've been keeping up on my t.v. shows using a combination of live broadcast, DVR, Hulu, and Netflix streaming (which is a lot easier to use with my PS3 working again!) and I am therefore never without entertainment, however I find that hanging out with friends such as angry_wolfCarl and moonwhispersBrian is just as, if not more, fun. As for movies, there are too many to name all the ones I want to see in the coming months, but most of them are from Marvel Studios, and include mutants, a Norse God, and a super-soldier from the 1940's.

Speaking of the PS3, I currently own Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Tron: Evolution, and Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue, and I'm borrowing Transformers War For Cybertron. I plan to purchase Batman Arkham Asylum (and Batman Arkham City for that matter), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and SSX Deadly Descents at some point in the future, though I will most likely make myself wait until I finish the games I already have first.

In a few weeks I am very much looking forward to attending WonderCon... I already have my ticket. Not much is known about programming (have to wait until Monday for more info) but WonderCon is always a blast for me. I will try to post to Facebook from the con as I get pics with celebrities or whatever.

Okay... I have to be up fairly early for work so I'll end this here and really try to post more often in the future.
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So first of all, I finally got myself a PS3! The guy I am renting from (Bobby) is selling me his, which was supposed to be backwards compatible (and isn't), and I will be paying him $50 a month for the next 4 months. I am excited because now I can stream Netflix to my T.V., plus I'll be able to play Transformers War for Cybertron, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, and Batman Arkham Asylum. I'm not much of a gamer (compared to my friends) but those three games I would play.

I had a fairly relaxing day off yesterday. I cleaned up my room a bit, did laundry, and ripped a bunch of CDs to my new computer's hard drive (I had transferred all the data from my old computer to the new one earlier this week). I got to meet Bobby's mom, who I will be paying rent to once he moves away. Unfortunately I hadn't showered or shaved yet so I hope I didn't make too bad of a first impression.

Eventually, angry_wolfCarl came over and we ordered a pizza (which took an hour to arrive), then settled in to watch the Caprica episodes we hadn't seen yet. Later moonwhispersBrian came over and the three of us talked for awhile. It was nice having friends over, and I realized that I need to try and get away from Mountain View every once in awhile and be social. Anyway, while we were talking a strange thing happened with my vision. It started out small but it got worse... these floating lines of shimmering color in my left field of vision. They went away after awhile, but it was disconcerting. I tried showing the guys a couple of videos (which I'll embed below) and for some reason they weren't buffering correctly... in fact, even as I type this I've had internet issues, mostly trying to download & install the new release of Skype. Eventually Carl & Brian left and I watched Smallville and a few eps of Attack of the Show before heading to bed.

Below are the two videos I was trying to show the guys. )
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Not much has happened since my last post...

  • I have been working six days a week. Getting close to 40 hours, which is nice, but I also miss having two days off a week.

  • Got my room pretty much the way I want it (although I could use a mini-fridge in here).

  • Finally got my hair cut... long overdue, I gotta say.

  • Not willing to wait until I transfer the data from my old computer to this one, I have taken to ripping my CDs a few at a time and I usually fall asleep to one playlist or another.

  • I've been going back and forth from enjoying being alone when I'm not working to wanting to be social.

  • Watched the following DVDs recently: "Greenberg", "Rashomon", "A Few Dollars More", "Batman - Under The Red Hood", and "The Experiment".

  • The DVR is now set to record the following shows: The Big Bang Theory, Shit My Dad Says, The Venture Bros., Caprica, Attack of the Show, No Ordinary Family, and Smallville.
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Yesterday I got off of work, got to the new place, and then (after a quick visit from eliteLouise) angry_wolfCarl and I proceeded to move a few items from the room's previous owner (Bobby) out to the garage and move my things into the room. After awhile we ordered a pizza and watched "A Fistful of Dollars". Bobby came home and helped set up the computer and removed the rest of his stuff, then after Carl left I did a bit more work on the room before websurfing for a long time and finally calling it a night.

Today I finished up the room... put posters up on walls, set up all electronic devices, and generally put things where they belonged. Now I have a few hours to kill before work so I will probably do some more websurfing and then head out. I am so happy to have a home again! Huge thanks to moonwhispersBrian for letting me stay with him and zackerysperdutoZack... I really appreciate it man.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention... the people I was staying with prior to this place managed to destroy a few of my things in their haste to stuff my things into bags and get them outside of their house. I keep repeating to myself that they're just things, but damn... not cool.
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Wow. The last time I posted in this damned thing was the end of March. I had just found a place in San Mateo, was still working at Calafia, there were still new eps of Lost to be seen, and MC Frontalot had yet to tour.

Five months later...

I lost my job at Calafia, but I found a new one at a KFC in Mountain View. I have been kicked out of the place in San Mateo because the person who owns the house found out that the guy I was renting from (who in turn was renting from the owner) had a total of six people in the house as opposed to the contractual five. The guy I was renting from had (eventually) given me a week to find a new place to live, then locked me out the next day and tossed my stuff outside the house. I started asking around and soon a coworker let me know about a guy he knew that owns a house in Mountain View that is walking distance from work (no more paying for monthly transit passes!) and a variety of places it's nice to be near such as Target and Rasputin. The rent is less expensive, I'll have cable with DVR, and a new working computer with internet access (Amy's laptop had died in the last five months)... all vast improvements over where I was a even few weeks ago. With help from friends and a coworker I moved my stuff from the old place to the new one's garage today after work. In one week I get to move in. I can't wait!
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Yesterday, despite the guy in San Bruno not answering my call, I went down there with the hope that I could get a hold of him and see the room he had for rent. After stopping by moonwhispersBrian's place for a bit I headed over to the corner of Montgomery and Scott... but the guy never answered his phone. Ok... waste of my time. In any case I had plans to meet up with angry_wolfCarl to see "Shutter Island". This we did... except before the movie ended the projector's light and sound cut out and when they came back on we realized we'd missed some of the movie and decided to get our money back and leave. From there we headed to San Mateo, near where I used to live with O.J. Simpson's brother and saw a room there... whereupon I gave the guy a check and got the key! Now all I have to do is pack my stuff and get it over to the new place... Anyway, CJ and I got back to my current home and watched Caprica and Lost, both of which were probably the best eps of their respective seasons, and then we parted ways. Oh, and MC Frontalot emailed me asking that I be his Street Team Coordinator for his upcoming tour, to which I agreed. Today I am not feeling well, and I have called in sick
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Damn, it's been awhile...

Let's see... I have to move again due to my letting my temper get the best of me in regards to dealing with my impatient roommate. I had the room all situated, too... posters up, books on shelves etc. Still working at Calafia... getting about 30 hours a week, so that's good (though I'd still like more). I had a blast at djinnethGwynne's birthday party the other night (there's a pic below of angry_wolfCarl, davebydesignDave, and I). Looking very forward to Wondercon 2010 in a few weeks. Love MC Frontalot's new album Zero Day. Been enjoying my usual shows thanks to having cable. Oh, and there's this...

Here you are at last
To bring my cold lonely soul sweet release
From my weary past
Always searching, the one missing piece was you
And I beg you, come away with me
And together we will find a place to call our own
I can’t wait to see what I can do
With a laptop like you

So after not having a computer since before I had to move from San Bruno I finally have a laptop, courtesy of spdrwnAmy... thanks Amy! It's a shiny black and silver HP Pavilion dv2000 and it's already covered with my geekiest stickers. I heart it!

And here's the pic I mentioned above: )
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Not a whole lot to say... well...

Still working at Calafia, getting more hours there than before but not enough to live on. Keeping my eyes out for an additional job. I've saved a ton of money over Eksmas and since, but I need more income on a monthly basis before I move into my own place again.

I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum on moonwhispersBrian's PS3 and I've been loving it. Have watched some movies with angry_wolfCarl recently that include "Book of Eli" (liked it) and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (loved it). Looking forward to the MC Frontalot concert on 15 February and Wondercon 2010 at the beginning of April, not to mention the returns of Lost, V, and the premier of Caprica. Also, I've decided that I need to get out more with friends and DO stuff. I need more of a life than what I've got going on now. For instance, I really liked a recent dinner at spideyjKanane's house, where I met some funny and cool people plus learned of the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed my Wednesday night comic book store geekout sessions with a friend/former coworker and the regular customers I know from having worked there. I have not, however, been enjoying the rain and cold as walking in or waiting for the bus in said elements are of teh suck. I did like what I saw yesterday after the rain:

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This is my last post of 2009. This past year has been full of ups and downs, as usual, but mostly downs. Losing two jobs and becoming homeless in the same year was quite the humbling experience. I really hope 2010 is better. By this time next year I hope to be employed full time, have my own apartment again, and be thinner/healthier. A new girlfriend might be nice, too...
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Been a couple weeks since I posted. Not much is going on other than working my two jobs (Macy's and Calafia). Between the two I get plenty of hours... in fact I am working the next ten days in a row. I get Eksmas eve, day, and the day after off to recuperate.

For my birthday (on the 7th) I got two t-shirts from my longtime friend Kathryn and an e-giftcard from spdrwnAmy. Thanks ladies! I also had a nice birthday dinner with friends: angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian , davebydesignDave, spideyjKanane, and zackerysperdutoZack. We went to Chili's, and lo there is a picture below...

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I've been working at Calafia and Macy's, and that's going well. I've been managing to get a few hours extra here and there. Should be getting my first paychecks from both places at the end of this week. I am so very glad to be working again!

Looking forward to seeing "The Road" later today. If it's anywhere as good as "No Country For Old Men" I'll be happy. Last night I saw my first Buster Keaton movie, "The General". Even though it was made in the 1920's it looked like it was made yesterday which is no real surprise as Carl and I watched it on Blu-Ray. And he was right as usual... I loved it.

I don't have anything planned for Thanksgiving, which is fine. I don't really see the point of making a big deal of a holiday where the primary focus is eating until your stomach explodes and you fall into a deep food coma. Yay tryptophan! I know the real focus is family, but I don't have any living close enough. Wake me when it's Eksmas!
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So I talked to Charlie Ayers on Friday, and have become re-employed at Calafia. I will be doing odds and ends, helping out where needed, at my last rate of pay. I did indeed have my interview at Macy's also on Friday, and apparently the young woman who interviewed me liked me enough that she had me interview with someone else today, and... I fill out paperwork tomorrow afternoon! Yes, I got two jobs within a few days of each other. I am quite happy with this. As far as a place to sleep, I talked with some InnVision staff on Friday at Charlie's behest, but then after staying a few days at Brian's I am (at least for now) staying with Carl and his family. I am going to keep looking for something more permanent, but at least I am off the streets.

Oh, and last night it was great to hang out with friends, eat a super tasty dinner and dessert, and play probably my favorite game Apples to Apples. Today I got to watch Stargate Universe and later tonight I will watch Heroes. I will try hard not to think about the fact that "Star Trek" is being released on DVD tomorrow and that the Target version has a model of the Enterprise that comes with it.
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In the last seven weeks I have become homeless... )

Things begin to look up a bit... )
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Having lost my jobs I wasn't able to pay rent this month. Since the first I have been evading my landlord, assuming that if he knew I had no job and no money for rent that he'd kick me out immediately. Recently, when in my room in the dark, he knocked on my door... and I pretended I wasn't in my room. He left a note saying I should call, but I didn't. I felt badly about all this, but like I said I was afraid of what would happen once I told him what was up. Of course I knew I'd have to talk to him eventually... )
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  • Applying for a job with a security company (with angry_wolfCarl's help). The pay is great, and it gets me out of retail.

  • Wasn't feeling well the past two days... allergies acted up real badly, was sneezing up a storm earlier today.

  • Checked out the Lords of the Samurai exhibit at the Asian Art Museum with Carl and davebydesignDave. Very cool to see what they had to show... I really liked the katanas. Later that night I watched a William Shatner double feature that consisted of his Comedy Central roast (which I laughed my ass off at) and "Incubus", a movie with all of the dialog in Esperanto (and which I am still not sure about).

  • Watched "Extract" and "9". Both were good, but not as awesome as some of the earlier summer movies I saw this year. Still worth a viewing IMHO

  • Finished every episode of True Blood except the one that ends the season this coming Sunday. Also got caught up on Dexter, so I'm ready for season 4. Gotta love HBO and Showtime!

Here is a video (taken with my Centro) of djinnethGwynne's cat Biko drinking from the garden hose:

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with djinnethGwynne, angry_wolfCarl, and wgh23Will. The four of us went into the city to check out the Tutankhamun and The Golden Age of The Pharaohs exhibit at The de Young Museum in San Francisco. We took BART from Tanforan, then took a very slow shuttle ride which made us a half hour late. Fortunately they didn't start until after we got there, so it was fine. The exhibit was amazing... if you get a chance you should check it out. Afterward we went to the ghost town that is Metreon and had sushi for dinner, then took BART back to Tanforan for a showing of Miyazaki's "Ponyo". I would have to agree with the consensus that although it isn't his best film, it's certainly worth seeing. The only bad thing about the movie is that I had the damn theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the night and now today as I write this.

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Still waiting to hear back from certain employers. Getting more and more nervous... it's almost the end of the month and I have virtually no money... at least not enough for rent. The anxiety is tearing me up inside. Every day my stomach is in knots. There are times when I just want to break down and give up completely, but I come back from it. It's been nice hanging out with djinnethGwynne and angry_wolfCarl recently... they've been very helpful in helping me not feel so lonely and depressed as I otherwise might feel. Thank you both! The only other thing of note is that yesterday my back seized up while i was walking and I felt a jolt of pain. It's better now, but damn that hurt.

I watched The Mighty Boosh, which the (fairly) infamous Old Gregg/Love Games episode is from. Pretty funny, but it seemed like it got better with each episode. Or at least more bizarre. Stargate Atlantis continues to be totally awesome, and with the 4th season comes many changes... looks to be like an interesting season. Movies I have recently seen include "District 9", which rocked, and "Inglourious Basterds" which I have to say is Quentin Tarantino's best film in many ways. I loved "Pulp Fiction" and the rest, but this one really felt epic and just plain brilliant. I think it could win an Oscar or three. Go see it! As for the rest of the year, I'm looking forward to "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus", "Avatar", "Zombieland", and "9". Oh, and Carl introduced me to the comedy of the funny and fluffy Gabriel Iglesias. A couple of music videos I'd like to share... first, the new song by "Weird Al" Yankovic called Ringtone. Second is Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? by the cast of The Guild, which includes the lovely Felicia Day (whom I met at Wondercon earlier this year). If you're a World of Warcraft player (and I know there are a few of you out there) you should check this out.

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