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  • 13:55 I have room view appointments for today and tomorrow, plus I've made calls to other people... wish me luck! #
  • 13:57 I really need to post to LJ... Soon! I promise! #
  • 15:35 about to check out a room for rent in San Mateo... #
  • 19:51 just finished ISBN 9780375424861... fun book! #
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I've recently made some new icons:

- For when I feel injustice has been done.

- For when I discuss nerdcore in all it's glory.

- For job hunting, like I've been doing lately.

I've already used the last two to update a bunch of journal entries.


Oct. 22nd, 2007 12:45 pm
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From this point on all journal entries are friends only.
This means all previous entries as well.
Nothing happened recently that made me want to do this... it's just something I have wanted to do for awhile and am just now getting to it.
If you want to read my journal and aren't yet friended, feel free to email me:

brandeks at livejournal dot com.
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[from medancerKaerla, with love]

Attention all paid members of LJ during last week's outage:

Click here to receive a week's paid status for free!
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As it is now 21 April 2006, today marks the 3rd anniversary of my first post on Livejournal. Here's my posts from a year later. I didn't post on this day the next year.

So yeah... three years. Woot.

Back to what you were doing...
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So I am thinking about finally creating the community that a few people have said I should create: brand_news. This community would be a place one could post about the newest products (foodstuffs, drinks, electronics etc.) instead of posting that kind of info in my/their journals.

What do ya'll think? Who would join/watch this community?
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I just made a new icon for when I have been/am feeling domestic.

What do you think?
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I vent, lest I asplode... )

I realize that all of these things are minor, and I should really just relax... but... GRRR...

Update 11:13 PM - I want to say that I was not really looking for advice on any of the things I mentioned (though thank you J9 for yours, I will see what djinnethGwynne wants to do in that regard)... I just wanted to get it all off of my chest because it was all starting to stress me out. I would not have any problem whatsoever with supportive comments or related stories.
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Extra extra... read all about it!

The good news for paid accounts is that we're doubling your userpics to 30! If 30 is still not enough, paid account holders can purchase the userpic add-on to increase their limit to 100.

We're also excited to announce the Loyalty Userpics program for paid account holders. For every three months that you have a paid account, we will award you one bonus userpic. The bonus userpics will continue to add up for as long as you have paid time, but if your paid account expires, your limit will fall back to the free level. Whenever you renew your paid account, your bonus userpics will be restored.

To reward you for the paid account time you've had in the past, we are going to increase your limits retroactively. If you want to earn your retroactive Loyalty Userpics, make sure you are a current paid account member or that you renew your paid account within the next 30 days (our retroactive offer expires at midnight GMT on April 14, 2006). Permanent account holders will always have the maximum amount of Loyalty Userpics possible, which as of today is 32 (bringing their total to 132), and will accrue Loyalty Userpics at the same rate going forward. Please see the FAQ for additional details. It might take a little while for your retroactive userpics to kick in, but you should see them shortly.

Sweet! I now have 112 slots available, and apparently more are on their way! Here are some of my newest icons:

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As Gwynnie mentioned here, I am now officially working for Lee's Comics. In fact, I go in today at 2 PM to start training. Hmmm... a half hour to get to work...

{yawn} perhaps I'll take a short nap.

In other news, thank you to Gwynne and Amy for the paid user status gifts! So very sweet of you both! {hugs}
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New from LJ:

Are you disappointed that one of your mutual friends hasn't updated their journal lately? Send them a nudge to let them know that you really want to hear from them!

This feature can also be found on any user info page (except your own), at the top middle bar of six icons, between the "search this journal" and "give gift" buttons. Only mutual friends can nudge each other.

What do ya'll think?
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LJ Archive - Livejournal archiving program... very useful.

LJ Seek - Web based Livejournal search engine... search by journals or tags. Here is a searchbar plugin for Firefox!

Speaking of Firefox, here are a few LJ extensions that may also prove useful:

Livejournal Hook - "Integration of LiveJournal specific tags and text formatting into the right click context menu. Other features include: Automatic random selection of user icon. Automatic selection of privacy setting. LiveJournal poll creation wizard. Smilies."

LJ Friends Checker - "a Firefox plugin for monitoring when your LJ friends update. (paid users only)"
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I was going to make this post solely to show off my new icon (mc chris in da hizzy!) but I may as well let ya'll know who don't already:

To: Free Account Holders
From: LiveJournal
We're doubling your userpics! You can now upload up to 6 userpics.

angry_wolfCarl! That means you can upload those icons I made for you awhile back!

To: Paid Account Holders
From: LiveJournal
We've increased your storage space from 100MB to 1GB! That's ten times the storage space you had before. Use it to upload your holiday photos to ScrapBook.

To: Permanent Account Holders
From: LiveJournal
We've increased your storage space to 10GB!

These gifts are permanent -- they're not just for the holiday!
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Here are a few of my newer user icons:

Just thought I'd share... I've already used some for older entries. Wow... using 53 of 100!

Actually... please comment with your favorite icon!

Update 2 December 2005 / 11:40 AM - What I meant is comment here using an icon of your own that is your favorite. Thank you for saying which ones of mine you liked, but that wasn't what I was asking ;)
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brandeks's LiveJournal Slut Stats
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oral sex


What are your LiveJournal Slut Stats?
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The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I got together with my friends. I also religiously checked the LiveJournal status page.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

From time to time when we feel it necessary we offer free paid time extensions to our paid users who were affected by long periods of site slowness/downtime.

click if you are a paid user...

Isn't that cool of them?
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Too much to catch up on (damn LJ outage!) so I'll just start with yesterday...

I had a wonderful day yesterday, which is usually the case when I spend time with djinnethGwynne.  We woke up at Lilith House, got dressed, and went straight to Stacks for some yummy breakfast and application filling out.  After that Gwynne took me to get my haircut so I will look better while searching for employment.  After the haircut Gwynne dropped me off at Lilith House while she went to the Burrow, and I took a shower and got dressed up a little in preparation for the rest of the day.  I went downstairs to find chalice_lisaLisa and an old friend from CSM, Howard, talking on the couch.  After packing a few things I walked to the Burrow to meet up with Gwynne, and then she and I went to downtown San Mateo to pick up a few apps before heading to Hillsdale and dropping off the ones I had already filled out.  There's a few good leads, so we'll see where that goes.  Anyway, after Hillsdale we drove to Target to get a few things for the Burrow, then had dinner at Mimi's.  Afterward, we went to the downtown Century theatre in San Mateo to see "Elektra" (which was good moonwhispersBrian, so to hell with the critics!) then went back to the Burrow for some cuddling time and finally sleep in the electricity deprived house...

... but not for long, as I was woken this morning to knocking on the front door.  I looked out to see the PG&E guy there, so I hurriedly put on my clothes and opened the door to see him already back at the sidewalk, but he called over his shoulder that he was sorry to have woken me, but the electricity was on.  After having breakfast (leftovers from Mimi's) I left the Burrow and am now back home, with plans to fill out the new apps and then go turn them in.
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I just came from the Livejournal BOF with moonwhispersBrian & spideyjKanane, where I introduced myself and got a badge made for me by [ profile] johno. There were at least 35 people there, and it was cool to put a few names to faces.

Before that I had lunch with gwynnethsmithGwynne and others, and the patty melt I ate was too greasy... but still tasty. Now I plan to check out the dealer's room again, go swimming, and otherwise keep myself entertained. More to come later!
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Well, I didn't get to watch the first "X-Men" movie, but I did see "The HUlk" and "X2 - X-Men United" with [ profile] dopple as planned. I ended up enjoying "Hulk" more than I had the first time I saw it, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I had remembered it as being really bad, but for some reason it was pretty enjoyable this time around. Afterward, we headed back to Ray's place for some Unreal Tournament (he kicked my ass... but then he owns the game). I didn't get to sleep until somewhere around 3:30 AM.

When I got back home this morning I checked my email, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that [ profile] gwynnethsmith had made a gift of six months of LJ paiduser status to me! Thank you so much, Gwynne! I am really looking forward to spending the day with her at the San Mateo county fair today. I am also really looking forward tomorrow to the usual Thursday night dinner with the group and the not-so-usual (but anxiously awaited) karaoke that will follow.

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