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It is almost 6 AM as I type this on a bus stop bench in San Bruno. I am awake this early so I can get to Palo Alto by 9, though I may be able to start at 8 instead. I worked yesterday at Calafia (at 7 AM believe it or not) and then had training at Macy's. I have orientation at the latter tomorrow evening, then I start truly working on Monday. I love that I can access my shifts online, even able to trade shifts if necessary.

Meh... that's it for now.
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Gwynne and I will be heading to Sarah & Simon's housewarming barbecue party soon. Gwynne has been making and decorating the cake (seen in the pic above) all morning while I have helped her in a domestic way. The cake is yellow with vanilla frosting and lemon flavor, and the fondant makes it look like a barbecue complete with cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and corn. Can't wait to taste it!
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oh say can you see...

Update 10:50 PM - Had a great 4th of July hanging out with Gwynne, Sarah K., and Will first at Gwynne's house where I had dinner, then at Irene and Jory's place where a bunch of us kids and kids at heart watched fireworks in numerous cities from a balcony with a hell of a view.

More to come later when I have time...
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For instance, you may run into Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl! (or three young women in costumes for Bay To Breakers anyway...)
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Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters, took this pic of me with my Centro a few minutes ago for her blog, and I figured I might as well post it to mine too:

random me at work pic...

When I have rotated the pic of her later tonight I shall post it. Here's a pic of Meg holding her book )

hat Trek...

May. 7th, 2009 02:11 pm
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OMG! One of the employees just gave me a Star Trek hat that is only sent to managers of theaters! Check it out:

hat Trek...

They have already set up the stanchions. I moved a bench near the theater so I can be comfortable for the next 4+ hours. I re-read the prequel graphic novel and bought a Spock glass from Burger King...

Now I must wait.
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A little over an hour to go!

in line for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"...

In the theater... a fellow geek lent me their Wolverine hand which they had obtained from Lee's Comics:


Goddamnit, these pics are a lot darker than they looked on my Centro... oh well.
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"Role Models": A very funny story of two co-workers, played by Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott, in the energy drink business who must do their community service by being big brothers to a couple of troubled kids.

"Special": Michael Rapaport plays a man who takes a prescription drug that may or may not be giving him superpowers.

"Los Cronocrímenes/Timecrimes": A man who just moved into a house with his wife accidentally travels through time. Suspenseful as hell, and even more intricate than the Back to the Future trilogy. It was apparently in Spanish but the voices are dubbed in English.

I also re-watched "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (which I had to pause and take a nap to get through) and both of the Grindhouse movies ("Planet Terror" and "Death Proof"), which I found are just as awesome as they were when I saw them in the theater.

Also, I can't want to destroy thank Carl enough for introducing me to The Venture Bros.
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For those of you who were wondering what the market looks like:


We have a variety of pastries:

pastry case

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Gods, I am such a geek.

the top of my t.v.

Iron Man head slurpee cup with two Slurpee straws
Incredible Hulk DVD stand
Optimus Prime DVD stand
The Dark Knight Batman head DVD stand
Spider-Man head mug with straw
5 shot glasses: Spider-Man logo, Autobot logo, Decepticon logo, Blue Sun logo, and Thunderbird Theatre logo
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So here I am at the Tanforan cinemas an hour and a half before the movie starts... bored out of my gourd. I have a ticket to see the midnight showing of the remake of "Friday the 13th". It was either see it or spend the evening at home bored, and since I like horror movies anyway (even remakes) I figured what the hell. If I can see "Freddy vs. Jason" I can see this.

Speaking of movies I saw "Fanboys" the other night with angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian, his SO duskwalker666Rainah, and grendelsmRudy. Hands down my kind of movie... total geekery. Loved it obviously. Would see it again soon!

Oh, and regarding Rainah: she is made of awesomesauce. I am glad to have met her.
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As of right now I am without internet access. However, I figured out a way to post to LJ without having to create the post on my Centro... I write it in Semagic, copy the text to Palm desktop. HotSync, and then copy and post to the mobile LJ app on my phone! So this will be the first of those type of entries.

Today I talked to one of the head guys at Calafia, who said a week ago I should get back to him about now. He told me that he wants me in the market side of the restaurant and that I should come in on 9 February. I'm not sure, but I think I may have skipped the interview process and went straight to getting the job! So I will actually be able to afford to keep living where I am. Also, I eFiled my taxes tonight, so the refund will help as well.

So since the 16th I have gotten a new place to live, acquired a futon so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore, watched two eps of BSG, got a new job, and did my taxes. Oh, and three words: President Barack Obama. Life is of teh good.
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my geekcase and moving stuff...

I used to use the bookcase in this pic for DVDs, but since they are all in binders now I decided to showcase my geektastic interests. Everything from Spidey to BSG to The Matrix in one place. Yes, that's my Jayne hat on top of the lightning ball. On the bottom are my mass markets... many are novelizations of movies.

Anyway, the room is really coming together thanks to the awesome efforts last night of Carl and Rudy. I can't thank them enough, nor Darcy for providing me with a futon. Today my back is hurting badly from the moving... I shudder to think what it would feel like if I was still sleeping on the floor. I also should thank Gwynne for packing some more of my stuff and having it ready to pick up. Thanks again you four!
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I am on the bus heading to work. I keep thinking about how self-destructive I am. It seems like any time things are going well enough I just have to sabotage my life. Why can't I just leave well enough alone? Why can't I make the right decisions for myself?
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This is Eksmas bitches!

o Eksmas tree...

This tree is gorgeous... and in the same room are 11 or so of my friends. Fire in the fireplace. And I'm wearing my new Spider-Man thermal shirt...

It feels really good to be alive.
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So I get off of work and catch the 9PM Caltrain heading north. No problem until we get to the Belmont station... whereupon the train won't start after letting off passengers. We all wait for an announcement. Finally we're told to wait a few more minutes. Then another few. Eventually we are told that the train is dead and another will be along in 20 minutes. A bunch of us decide to disembark but the doors won't open. I finally use the emergency door open. I go and start to wait for a bus but I don't have bus fare. I think about asking the driver of the bus that will eventually show up to help me out but decide to instead to go back and wait for the train that will be coming at 10:16PM. It is about to show up.

Update - The time is 10:31 PM... the train just arrived.


Dec. 4th, 2008 09:39 pm
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So I figured out how to update my Twitter with a URL to a pic I take on my phone... I email the pic to twitpic, which then sends the URL to Twitter almost instantly. Expect more mobile pic tweets! Here is my first one:

As I commented on the page for the pic I am on my day off, so I don't look my best. I'm thinking of shaving off the facial hair, but then I want to keep it as my "winter look". I dunno...
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I have some time while I ride the bus so I figured I may as well post.

My boss is interviewing again for the supervisor position. This will be the third time he's passed me over despite knowing I am interested and need the extra hours. It took a lot to remain cordial with him tonight. Gah!

In other news I started a project yesterday... moving my DVDs to binders so I can keep the cases in the garage. This is something I have been meaning to do for awhile. Gwynne got me the binders for Eksmas last year and yesterday she helped me get them ready by taking the little bits of plastic out of each sleeve. It was all done with Queen playing live (on DVD) in the background... thanks Carl! Earlier in the day Gwynnie and I watched Justice League, Oz and "National Treasure 2". It was a good day.

Tonight sounds like it will be party time as many of the usual suspects will be over and apparently alcohol will be served. I however will most likely be drinking ice water as I have been doing lately.

got it...

Sep. 30th, 2008 11:47 am
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Riding samTrans home from Target. The pic says it all!
got it...

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So the owner of the bookstore chain I work for has a habit of watching us randomly through a webcam/site setup. This is extremely creepy IMHO and pisses of the booksellers when our boss calls and admonishes us. Most of the time (tonight included) it's regarding being behind the cashwrap counter... yes that is not allowed. The thing is we're usually looking up something on the computer for a customer! I have more to post about this later once I get home...

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