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Who: MC Frontalot (with Dr. Awkward and Corn Mo)

What: a nerdcore hip-hop concert which will most likely include songs from his forthcoming album Question Bedtime

Where: Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA

When: 4 September 2014 @ 8PM

Why: because MC Frontalot is "the world's 579th greatest rapper"

Tickets are only $12! You can get them here or at the door for $15.
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Who: MC Frontalot
What: nerdcore hip-hop concert
Where: Cafe du Nord - 2170 Market Street - San Francisco, CA
When: Tuesday 4 May 2010 @ 8PM
Why: to showcase his latest album Zero Day

RSVP at the Facebook event page here!
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Yesterday, despite the guy in San Bruno not answering my call, I went down there with the hope that I could get a hold of him and see the room he had for rent. After stopping by moonwhispersBrian's place for a bit I headed over to the corner of Montgomery and Scott... but the guy never answered his phone. Ok... waste of my time. In any case I had plans to meet up with angry_wolfCarl to see "Shutter Island". This we did... except before the movie ended the projector's light and sound cut out and when they came back on we realized we'd missed some of the movie and decided to get our money back and leave. From there we headed to San Mateo, near where I used to live with O.J. Simpson's brother and saw a room there... whereupon I gave the guy a check and got the key! Now all I have to do is pack my stuff and get it over to the new place... Anyway, CJ and I got back to my current home and watched Caprica and Lost, both of which were probably the best eps of their respective seasons, and then we parted ways. Oh, and MC Frontalot emailed me asking that I be his Street Team Coordinator for his upcoming tour, to which I agreed. Today I am not feeling well, and I have called in sick
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Damn, it's been awhile...

Let's see... I have to move again due to my letting my temper get the best of me in regards to dealing with my impatient roommate. I had the room all situated, too... posters up, books on shelves etc. Still working at Calafia... getting about 30 hours a week, so that's good (though I'd still like more). I had a blast at djinnethGwynne's birthday party the other night (there's a pic below of angry_wolfCarl, davebydesignDave, and I). Looking very forward to Wondercon 2010 in a few weeks. Love MC Frontalot's new album Zero Day. Been enjoying my usual shows thanks to having cable. Oh, and there's this...

Here you are at last
To bring my cold lonely soul sweet release
From my weary past
Always searching, the one missing piece was you
And I beg you, come away with me
And together we will find a place to call our own
I can’t wait to see what I can do
With a laptop like you

So after not having a computer since before I had to move from San Bruno I finally have a laptop, courtesy of spdrwnAmy... thanks Amy! It's a shiny black and silver HP Pavilion dv2000 and it's already covered with my geekiest stickers. I heart it!

And here's the pic I mentioned above: )
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I have been emailing people via Craigslist ads regarding rooms for rent. I've looked at a few but I am apparently not getting one in Palo Alto that would have been perfect, however I am still looking. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow in Burlingame to look at a room. I am working five days a week at Calafia, which is nice... I could use the extra hours. Meanwhile, I have been watching the following either live, streaming, or on DVD: Caprica, Lost (awesome start to this last season!), Spartacus: Blood & Sand, The Big Bang Theory (halfway through season 3), & Heroes (season finale next Monday). I am very much looking forward to a free screening of "Serenity" at Google on the 11th and the MC Frontalot concert on the 15th.
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Who: MC Frontalot (with Brandon Patton)

What: a nerdcore hip-hop concert which will most likely include songs from his forthcoming album Zero Day

Where: Cafe du Nord in San Francisco, CA

When: 15 February 2010 @ 8PM

Why: because MC Frontalot is "the world's 579th greatest rapper"

Tickets are only $10! You can get them here or at the door.
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Killing Time with STD Episode 3: The Bender

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Schaffer The Darklord played this song at the concert the other night... it's supposed to be on the album coming out this summer. Can't wait!

Episode 1 of Killing Time is here (where he writes Fuck This Song), and episode 2 is here (where he gets a package).


Apr. 11th, 2009 02:44 am
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As I had previously mentioned, djinnethGwynne and I saw Schaffer The Darklord, Coolzey, and The Rhombus at the Hemlock Tavern in S.F. tonight. The highlight of the evening is when he announced to the audience that I had requested he play The Rappist, which he did, and I was brought up to the stage by the president of the local STD fan club. Also, if the tracks I heard tonight from the new album is any indication of how awesome it is going to be, then I will preorder the hell out of it. I have more to say, but for now here are two pics that were taken after the show: )
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Ladies, gentlemen, etc...

I'm about to make a long overdue return trip to San Francisco to perform a show at one of my very favorite rock holes in America, the Hemlock Tavern. Joining me on this bill are my soulmate in rhymes Coolzey and SF-based song wizard The Rhombus. I plan to play an evenly balanced collection of old songs as well as a number of future hits from the new album dropping this summer. The sickness of this show is going to be epic, I promise you.

Friday, April 10th
Schaffer the Darklord (NYC, headlining)
Coolzey (Iowa, in da middle)
The Rhombus (SF, opening)
@ The Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk St. @ Post St.
San Francisco, CA
9:30pm, $10, 21+

I saw Schaffer the Darklord in concert when he was touring with MC Frontalot a year and a half ago. He was so good that I bought his album that night and listen to it all the time. I can't wait for this concert!
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I have some time before I start work, so I figure I might as well post what's been happening lately:

I have been fairy lonely at my new place. Been watching a lot of DVDs and spending time at Tanforan, but that's already getting kind of old. I really need to get internet access and cable.

Still waiting to begin work at Calafia. I am looking forward to it, but I'm also nervous since it's a new job and I don't want to screw up my chance of staying employed there. I really need this job, and I was lucky to get it.

Finances are better now than the last few weeks. I actually ended up going negative in my bank account due to a combination of bad decisions and not keeping very good track of how much I spent. Now, however, I have two Books Inc. paychecks coming in February, plus whatever I get from Calafia, and my tax refund is on it's way to being directly deposited in the next few weeks (it took awhile to get them to accept it), so I can breathe a little... not to say I'm going to be spending wildly, but at least I'm not stressing so much anymore.

BSG just frakking rules. Last night's episode was so good! I'm only sad there's just 7 or so more episodes before it's over. At least there will be the t.v. movie The Plan and the new series Caprica to whet my appetite.

I have a few things I am really looking forward to in the next few months or so, such as the long awaited Jonathan Coulton concert DVD, Wondercon (Felicia Day will be there!), Watchmen, and Schaffer the Darklord & Stephen Lynch concerts in April and May respectively.
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From the Facebook page...

The CEO of Cinemark, Alan Stock,
donated $9999 to the Yes on 8 Campaign, but
now expects to profit from showing MILK in his theaters.

If 1,000 of us commit to see MILK at a competitor's theater
instead of Cinemark, at an average cost of $10 per ticket,
that's $10,000 of lost revenue.

Boycotts work. A boycott of a Sacramento theatre company
resulted not only in the resignation of a Yes on 8 contributor,
but a public apology and donation to Human Rights
Campaign! We can do this again.

Why *another* boycott against Cinemark?
While we support a complete boycott of Cinemark's properties,
not everyone agrees. But what we can ALL agree on is that Cinemark
profiting off of Harvey Milk's legacy is an insult to our community,
and we cannot support it with our dollars.

It makes me ill to think that I've been watching movies at theatres with this guy as CEO of the company. From now on I will be taking my business elsewhere... I don't care if they have a virtual monopoly here in the Bay Area. AMC, Landmark, and Lowes will be getting my ticket money.

...also, happy birthday to the godfather of nerdcore: MC Frontalot!
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I am about to head out in a bit to catch Nerdcore Rising, a documentary about MC Frontalot and nerdcore hip-hop. I already have it on DVD, but it'll be cool to meet the director in person (and get my DVD case signed!), plus I want to lend my support, not to mention get myself in the right mindset for the concert tomorrow night in M.V.. The movie starts at 2PM at the Red Vic in S.F., and you can read an article about it here.

Okay... time to finish my BAWLS G33K B33R and leave for Caltrain...

Update 10:10 PM - Caught the Caltrain to BART, then took a Muni to Haight. Waited for an hour and was finally able to go in and get my ticket. That is when I met the very cool Negin Farsad, who chatted with me for a bit before the movie started and posed with me for this phonecam pic:

She also camcorded me for something she's working on and even signed my DVD case. Anyway, soon the movie started. There were about 5 or 6 of us (apparently the matinée doesn't compare to the evening showings, which were packed from what I was told) but that didn't matter... the movie was just as enjoyable. About halfway through the DVD skipped and stopped, but soon it was underway again, and we all applauded at the end. I was the last to go, but before I did I bought a t-shirt which I plan to wear the the concert tomorrow night.
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First of all, the new "Star Trek" trailer is online here, and it's not the bootleg... looks awesome! Next up, Robot Chicken aired a second Star Wars special, and it's online here. It's at least as funny as the first one.

Ok... now that that's out of the way, on to the update. I've been coughing non-stop for the past 2.5 months, and needless to say it is of the suck. In addition I've been feeling generally unwell the last week, although today I'm feeling much better. I did some housework but mostly relaxed, watched "Hellboy II" (took a nap between halves of it though). Looking forward to seeing MC Frontalot in concert on Thursday... he's playing at the Zen Lounge in Mountain View. I was going to go to the show in Oakland, but this one was just added, and I'd much rather go to the M.V. show as I can get off of work and take Caltrain one stop, have dinner, then see the concert. I am still going to go watch Nerdcore Rising in the city on Wednesday at 2 PM at the Red Vic. Oh, and last but certainly not least, what happened the evening of 4 November was so very awesome.

Alright, time to watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 special with djinnethGwynne.
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Wil Wheaton's rap from A Skit About Vocations... )
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This is a video taken at PAX '08 (which I wish I could have been at) of MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton performing a single from Front's new album Final Boss (which drops 4 November 2008).

Diseases Of Yore lyrics )

I may have had to go home sick today, but at least I don't have any of these diseases!
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  • I've been sick for the past week... I have a chest cold that isn't serious enough to stay home from work but is bad enough to be very annoying. At least I have today off of work.

  • Barack Obama's speech was simply awesome. This guy is going to win, I just know it. If so, the future could be something to look forward to for a change

  • Happy birthday mc chris! Go robot, it's your birthday...

  • Google is releasing a new web browser today. Firefox, thou days art numbered...

  • The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is finally available on iTunes. The official lyrics can be found here. Of course the soundtrack is already on my hard drive and my Zen, but I'll still get the CD when it comes out.

  • I have been reading the immensely enjoyable Artemis Fowl series. I am now on book four and I am barely able to stop reading to make time for things like work and sleep.

  • I forgot just how fun "Men In Black" is. I also can't believe I forgot/didn't know it was a Marvel Comic (kinda)!

  • "Tropic Thunder" was hilarious. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect. I now want to see "Hamlet 2" and "Burn After Reading"

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