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  • Applying for a job with a security company (with angry_wolfCarl's help). The pay is great, and it gets me out of retail.

  • Wasn't feeling well the past two days... allergies acted up real badly, was sneezing up a storm earlier today.

  • Checked out the Lords of the Samurai exhibit at the Asian Art Museum with Carl and davebydesignDave. Very cool to see what they had to show... I really liked the katanas. Later that night I watched a William Shatner double feature that consisted of his Comedy Central roast (which I laughed my ass off at) and "Incubus", a movie with all of the dialog in Esperanto (and which I am still not sure about).

  • Watched "Extract" and "9". Both were good, but not as awesome as some of the earlier summer movies I saw this year. Still worth a viewing IMHO

  • Finished every episode of True Blood except the one that ends the season this coming Sunday. Also got caught up on Dexter, so I'm ready for season 4. Gotta love HBO and Showtime!

Here is a video (taken with my Centro) of djinnethGwynne's cat Biko drinking from the garden hose:


Jul. 16th, 2009 04:34 pm
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I am feeling really depressed lately, especially today. I am pretty sure I know why, but I also think there are many factors contributing to this feeling. Some of those factors I need to work on changing, but it's difficult when I feel this way... a vicious cycle, as they say. In addition, I am having tummy issues today, most likely due to not eating very well lately. {sigh}

In general, I could be better. :(

However, last night's viewing of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was great fun, worth waiting in line all day to get the good seats for myself and the five people who were with me. Nice to see friends as always, and the movie was wonderful (even with all the changes and omissions). I also saw "Bruno" the other night, which was seriously funnier than Sacha Baron Cohen's previous movie "Borat" (which I also really liked).
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I just realized that the last few posts were about stuff other than what is going on with me personally, so here we go...

First of all, my back has seriously been killing me the last 3 or 4 days. No matter how many pain pills I take it still hurts. I must have tweaked it pretty bad recently.

Still could be getting more hours at workplaces, but I am trying to not spend as much money as I'd like to. I'm getting better at closing the Calafia market IMHO, which is helping with co-worker relationships. The only real difficult thing is not constantly eating all the desserts we carry.

Yesterday was spent partly at Tanforan, where I read some graphic novels that had come out recently. After that I did a little bit of shopping at Target, but when I got home I realized that though I had just got some bread, I didn't have peanut butter. {Sigh} I waited for angry_wolfCarl to show up, and we watched some more episodes of Venture Bros., which is quickly turning into one of my new favorite shows. When that was over we were hungry and decided to eat at Melaka, a place up San Bruno Avenue (where Lyon's used to be) which was pretty good for being buffet. On my way home I stopped at three different mini-marts trying to get a tube of Werther's, to no avail, but I did purchase a Pepsi-Cola Throwback... which contains natural sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I had to try it, and it was good, but the caffeine kept me awake long enough to enjoy "Special" and "Timecrimes" (see my last post). The problem with Throwback is it's only out for a limited time, so I'm really looking forward to trying Pepsi Natural. Anyway, finally I went to sleep.

Woke up and tried for awhile in vain to watch the latest ep of Lost, cleverly entitled Some Like It Hoth, and which I finally saw and enjoyed quite alot. Now I'm just relaxing for a bit before I get ready to go to work at the bookstore later tonight.

Oh, and the new Harry Potter 6 trailer is full of win! Also, tickets are now available for the midnight showings of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on Thursday night/Friday morning 30 April/1 May. I'll be seeing it at Tanforan (of course)... who's with me?
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The bad: So I am still a bit sick, the rain isn't helping (water inside shoes is bad), had to take the bus since the train would have made me late to work, and I am working two shifts back to back... Books Inc. then my last day of training at Calafia.

The good: I got myself a Coldbuster Jamba Juice, and found out that their oatmeal is just a dollar today, plus double shifts means double the money. Oh, and "Choke" was awesome.

That's all for now.

Update 4:30 PM - Training at Calafia was canceled. So I get to go home and recuperate tonight and all day tomorrow, then I work the next three days, and then have the following three days off for Wondercon! I also found out that they are willing to give me 40 hours at Calafia, so I am thinking of giving my two weeks at Books Inc. I don't really want to, since I like working at the bookstore and all, but I just don't see how I can work both jobs and keep my sanity. Oh, and for the record, I highly recommend the Queen Calafia burger... so tasty!
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After watching the first two episodes of Dollhouse on Hulu, I feel like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were just warmups for the real thing: this.

At least if I had to stay home sick from work today I had something good to watch... and I also have "Choke" from Netflix waiting on top of my t.v. And speaking of t.v., another good ep of BSG last night. "How many dead chicks are out there?" Heh heh.

Got my work schedule from Calafia last night... let's just say my worries about not having enough hours are over. In fact, I may have to ask for less. I am really hoping they will do something about the fact that I'm scheduled next weekend, since I plan on attending Wondercon then.

Update 4:08 PM - "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Just finished watching six episodes of Lost in a row... now I am all caught up! I even wore my numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) t-shirt during part of the mini-marathon. This season is so good... I like that it isn't really flashbacks anymore... instead it's mostly taking place in the present (more or less) with time traveling instead. Very interesting twists and stuff. Old questions answered, new ones asked. Loving it!
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First of all, the new "Star Trek" trailer is online here, and it's not the bootleg... looks awesome! Next up, Robot Chicken aired a second Star Wars special, and it's online here. It's at least as funny as the first one.

Ok... now that that's out of the way, on to the update. I've been coughing non-stop for the past 2.5 months, and needless to say it is of the suck. In addition I've been feeling generally unwell the last week, although today I'm feeling much better. I did some housework but mostly relaxed, watched "Hellboy II" (took a nap between halves of it though). Looking forward to seeing MC Frontalot in concert on Thursday... he's playing at the Zen Lounge in Mountain View. I was going to go to the show in Oakland, but this one was just added, and I'd much rather go to the M.V. show as I can get off of work and take Caltrain one stop, have dinner, then see the concert. I am still going to go watch Nerdcore Rising in the city on Wednesday at 2 PM at the Red Vic. Oh, and last but certainly not least, what happened the evening of 4 November was so very awesome.

Alright, time to watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 special with djinnethGwynne.
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So that little trip to the emergency room is going to cost me $1131.00... this is exactly why I don't go to the doctor. I'm still a bit sick, and now I owe a fuckton of money as well. I don't know how much will be covered if I qualify for a financial assistance program I have to jump through hoops for, but I really can't afford this. Next time I'll just not go... what's the point? Speaking of owing money, I found out yesterday that I only owe another $176.12 to the county and then I'm done and they'll stop garnishing my wages. Finally!

Tomorrow is djinnethGwynne's surgery, and of course I'm worried for her. I really want everything to go smoothly and when all is said and done she'll be able to walk like she should. If I was a praying kind of man I would do so. I'm going to do what I can to help her in the coming months... it's the least I can do.

I've been watching Justice League on DVD thanks to nerveagntEric. Damn good cartoon. Still watching Oz and X-Files. Also watched the season premiers of Heroes (sorry for not waiting Gwynnie...) and Smallville yesterday online. I've been reading the fourth City of Ember book and I started reading the Dexter series.

I'm trying not to think about the 2 disc Iron Man exclusive deal that Target will be selling, because I have to wait for six more days and I am impatient as hell. Needless to say I will be getting up early that day... I'm also trying not to think about the Zune 120 that just came out. I have to wait until next year's tax return for that.

And finally, though I've already said what I needed to say in my last post about the subject, I am including an excerpt from a February 2008 post by a former employee who shall remain anonymous:

To the Creepy Company Owner: Are saturday nights at the ****** household really so boring you watch the live store security cameras to see if the employees are standing around and then phone the store to tell them to look busy? You’re like a second rate perv in some bad Sharon Stone movie from the mid 90’s but without the wit or charm of Alec Baldwin. I know running your own company is Serious Business but bookstores are not brothels and even tho’ you pay us like dime store whores, most customers don’t want us following them around like Hebronite Slaves. I hope you’re disemboweled by a mob of angry moms at an after school Sandra Boynton booksigning.

Couldn't have said it better myself...
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Wil Wheaton's rap from A Skit About Vocations... )
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  • I am going to miss djinnethGwynne this weekend... she's going camping. {sigh}

  • It has gotten to the point where when I start coughing and am unable to breathe it is merely a minor annoyance. Should be back to my old self soon. Yay medications!

  • For the second month in a row no one show up for Inked Books. That made me a little sad.

  • Happy birthday to redstreetsAlicia!

  • I think I may have lost every one of my PS2 games when I moved out of the last place. I looked for them last night and couldn't find them.

  • I saw "Hamlet 2" yesterday. Very funny, but not the funniest movie of the summer... that would have to be either "Pineapple Express" or "Tropic Thunder". Still, I say go see it. Check out the songs Rock Me Sexy Jesus and Raped In The Face from the soundtrack under the cut... )
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So I took a nap after posting yesterday, as I had woken up and gone straight to the hospital without eating and I was a little drained, and woke up around 6:30... when I remembered that the pharmacy closed at 7. I threw on some clothes and got there in time to get my medications: two bottle of pills (less than 20 total) and two inhalers. I will be taking the pills at dinnertime and one inhaler when I wake up and go to sleep, the other as needed. So far I'm feeling a lot better. I've barely coughed since last night, and when I do I'm able to breathe fine afterward. I have hope that I'll be all better by next week.

I watched "Rent" (the day after the last showing of the musical!) and had dinner with djinnethGwynne last night, then read the entire first book of the City of Ember series. Looking forward to the movie in October.

Today I'm going to take it easy and just concentrate on getting better... maybe do some housework. Tomorrow is [ profile] inked_books at the new time of 6:30 PM. I hope someone actually shows up this time...
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I just came home from visiting the emergency room at San Mateo Medical Center up the street. Same thing as before, only a little worse...

Woke up coughing around 9:30 AM, and of course wasn't able to breathe. I ended up coughing so violently that blood appeared in my saliva. I called djinnethGwynne just in case something were to happen (plus I needed to hear her voice) and while I was in the kitchen I coughed up some very yellow stuff. That helped convince me to go see the doctor right away. Walked there, went through a few pre-admit people, then was escorted to a bed in the emergency ward. The friendly Dr. Snyder (who reminded me slightly of Jack's father from Lost) had me take chest x-rays and such, then I waited forever until finally given four prescriptions and sent on my way with a diagnosis of bronchitis. Went to the pharmacy, who sent me back with an orange paper to be dealt with, then went back to the pharmacy and dropped off everything. I'll go back in a few hours to pick it all up. I'm supposed to bring back some stuff to get the medication possibly covered.

My prescriptions are for:
While typing all of this out I had another attack, but I got through it quickly. Still scared me a bit.
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So... I almost died earlier this morning.

It was about 5:30 AM or so. I woke up coughing violently, and suddenly I couldn't breathe. I was literally gasping for air. I was very loud... if anyone passing by on the street had heard me they would have been worried for sure. I thought to myself that this was it... I was going to die with two kitties wondering why their daddy wasn't giving them loves no matter how much they meowed at him.

Okay, I didn't really think about the kitties...

I knew I wasn't able to breathe partly because I was panicking. I forced myself to calm down, which was difficult, and before long I was able to suck in some air. I went back to bed after Twittering, but stayed awake propped up for a bit, scared out of my wits. Eventually I was able to relax enough to get back to sleep.

This might just be what it took to make me go see a doctor...
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This is a video taken at PAX '08 (which I wish I could have been at) of MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton performing a single from Front's new album Final Boss (which drops 4 November 2008).

Diseases Of Yore lyrics )

I may have had to go home sick today, but at least I don't have any of these diseases!
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  • I've been sick for the past week... I have a chest cold that isn't serious enough to stay home from work but is bad enough to be very annoying. At least I have today off of work.

  • Barack Obama's speech was simply awesome. This guy is going to win, I just know it. If so, the future could be something to look forward to for a change

  • Happy birthday mc chris! Go robot, it's your birthday...

  • Google is releasing a new web browser today. Firefox, thou days art numbered...

  • The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is finally available on iTunes. The official lyrics can be found here. Of course the soundtrack is already on my hard drive and my Zen, but I'll still get the CD when it comes out.

  • I have been reading the immensely enjoyable Artemis Fowl series. I am now on book four and I am barely able to stop reading to make time for things like work and sleep.

  • I forgot just how fun "Men In Black" is. I also can't believe I forgot/didn't know it was a Marvel Comic (kinda)!

  • "Tropic Thunder" was hilarious. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect. I now want to see "Hamlet 2" and "Burn After Reading"
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So last night after work I met up with Gwynne, Lloyd, and Darcy to watch "Pineapple Express". Damn that movie was hilarious. I mean a lot more than I had expected it to be. If you enjoy laughing go see it. There were trailers for a lot of movies that I want to see... "Eagle Eye", "Lakeview Terrace", "Hamlet 2", Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist , and "Yes Man" to name a few.

In other news I think I am coming down with a cold or something... ugh.

In other other news I am really hoping I can get Friday off so that I can see "Weird Al" Yankovic at the San Mateo County Fair.
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  • 00:24 time for bed... #
  • 12:50 my neck hurts like hell... #
  • 17:03 neck is still killing me... #
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  • 15:45 feeling quite unwell... #

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  • 01:18 sleeping... #
  • 07:32 feeking very unwell... #
  • 16:46 hey hey... it's moving day! #
  • 22:55 is a bit upset that the previous room inhabitants left it a mess... #
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  • 10:13 is feeling bleah... #
  • 10:13 is feeling bleah... #
  • 17:57 heading to San Jose for the night... #
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  • 12:26 back hurts like hell... heading into work anyway... #
  • 19:17 about to have a nice night with Gwynnie... #
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