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Sports Song by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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Handy by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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Word Crimes by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Foil by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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Tacky by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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So first of all, I finally got myself a PS3! The guy I am renting from (Bobby) is selling me his, which was supposed to be backwards compatible (and isn't), and I will be paying him $50 a month for the next 4 months. I am excited because now I can stream Netflix to my T.V., plus I'll be able to play Transformers War for Cybertron, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, and Batman Arkham Asylum. I'm not much of a gamer (compared to my friends) but those three games I would play.

I had a fairly relaxing day off yesterday. I cleaned up my room a bit, did laundry, and ripped a bunch of CDs to my new computer's hard drive (I had transferred all the data from my old computer to the new one earlier this week). I got to meet Bobby's mom, who I will be paying rent to once he moves away. Unfortunately I hadn't showered or shaved yet so I hope I didn't make too bad of a first impression.

Eventually, angry_wolfCarl came over and we ordered a pizza (which took an hour to arrive), then settled in to watch the Caprica episodes we hadn't seen yet. Later moonwhispersBrian came over and the three of us talked for awhile. It was nice having friends over, and I realized that I need to try and get away from Mountain View every once in awhile and be social. Anyway, while we were talking a strange thing happened with my vision. It started out small but it got worse... these floating lines of shimmering color in my left field of vision. They went away after awhile, but it was disconcerting. I tried showing the guys a couple of videos (which I'll embed below) and for some reason they weren't buffering correctly... in fact, even as I type this I've had internet issues, mostly trying to download & install the new release of Skype. Eventually Carl & Brian left and I watched Smallville and a few eps of Attack of the Show before heading to bed.

Below are the two videos I was trying to show the guys. )
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  • Applying for a job with a security company (with angry_wolfCarl's help). The pay is great, and it gets me out of retail.

  • Wasn't feeling well the past two days... allergies acted up real badly, was sneezing up a storm earlier today.

  • Checked out the Lords of the Samurai exhibit at the Asian Art Museum with Carl and davebydesignDave. Very cool to see what they had to show... I really liked the katanas. Later that night I watched a William Shatner double feature that consisted of his Comedy Central roast (which I laughed my ass off at) and "Incubus", a movie with all of the dialog in Esperanto (and which I am still not sure about).

  • Watched "Extract" and "9". Both were good, but not as awesome as some of the earlier summer movies I saw this year. Still worth a viewing IMHO

  • Finished every episode of True Blood except the one that ends the season this coming Sunday. Also got caught up on Dexter, so I'm ready for season 4. Gotta love HBO and Showtime!

Here is a video (taken with my Centro) of djinnethGwynne's cat Biko drinking from the garden hose:

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with djinnethGwynne, angry_wolfCarl, and wgh23Will. The four of us went into the city to check out the Tutankhamun and The Golden Age of The Pharaohs exhibit at The de Young Museum in San Francisco. We took BART from Tanforan, then took a very slow shuttle ride which made us a half hour late. Fortunately they didn't start until after we got there, so it was fine. The exhibit was amazing... if you get a chance you should check it out. Afterward we went to the ghost town that is Metreon and had sushi for dinner, then took BART back to Tanforan for a showing of Miyazaki's "Ponyo". I would have to agree with the consensus that although it isn't his best film, it's certainly worth seeing. The only bad thing about the movie is that I had the damn theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the night and now today as I write this.

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Still waiting to hear back from certain employers. Getting more and more nervous... it's almost the end of the month and I have virtually no money... at least not enough for rent. The anxiety is tearing me up inside. Every day my stomach is in knots. There are times when I just want to break down and give up completely, but I come back from it. It's been nice hanging out with djinnethGwynne and angry_wolfCarl recently... they've been very helpful in helping me not feel so lonely and depressed as I otherwise might feel. Thank you both! The only other thing of note is that yesterday my back seized up while i was walking and I felt a jolt of pain. It's better now, but damn that hurt.

I watched The Mighty Boosh, which the (fairly) infamous Old Gregg/Love Games episode is from. Pretty funny, but it seemed like it got better with each episode. Or at least more bizarre. Stargate Atlantis continues to be totally awesome, and with the 4th season comes many changes... looks to be like an interesting season. Movies I have recently seen include "District 9", which rocked, and "Inglourious Basterds" which I have to say is Quentin Tarantino's best film in many ways. I loved "Pulp Fiction" and the rest, but this one really felt epic and just plain brilliant. I think it could win an Oscar or three. Go see it! As for the rest of the year, I'm looking forward to "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus", "Avatar", "Zombieland", and "9". Oh, and Carl introduced me to the comedy of the funny and fluffy Gabriel Iglesias. A couple of music videos I'd like to share... first, the new song by "Weird Al" Yankovic called Ringtone. Second is Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? by the cast of The Guild, which includes the lovely Felicia Day (whom I met at Wondercon earlier this year). If you're a World of Warcraft player (and I know there are a few of you out there) you should check this out.
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It's here! You can now purchase the new single CNR from!

You can also watch the Jib Jab video below:

After listening to it, I am hereby saying this is my favorite of the Internet Leaks so far.

Want the lyrics? Here they are: )
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You can also buy the song on! Only $1.29, so act now!

Here are the lyrics:

Skipper Dan lyrics )

So, what do you think of the song and/or video?
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As I mentioned previously, "Weird Al" Yankovic will be releasing his new song Craigslist on Tuesday. I found the lyrics, and here they are: )

Update 15 June 2009 / 11:43 AM - Here's the video:

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So about a year ago I posted a review of the book Tigerheart by Peter David... and last week I did a video review for it (for my store's blog) as seen below:

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San Francisco's fourth annual Can't Stop the Serenity charity movie screening of Serenity and for the first time on the big screen in San Francisco, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. This special evening benefiting Equality Now will be held at the historic Victoria Theater for one night only, Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 7:00pm.

Victoria Theater
2961 16th Street (between Mission and Capp)
San Francisco, CA 94103

One night only!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 7:00pm

- Dr Horrible and Serenity Costume Contest
- Prize Drawing and Great Prizes

Parking and public transportation near by (16th St. BART Station across the street)

All proceeds go to Equality Now -

Tickets, T-Shirts & Poster sales coming soon.

I can't remember if I've posted this before, but even if I have it's worth watching again... this is Joss Whedon explaining why he writes strong female characters and the reason behind Equality Now:

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This is NSFW! Oh, and you can blame djinnethGwynne when it gets stuck in your head:

Click here to get he MP3, because you're gonna want it on your iPod or whatever... the original video is here.

Lyrics under the cut... )
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Killing Time with STD Episode 3: The Bender

[Error: unknown template video]

Schaffer The Darklord played this song at the concert the other night... it's supposed to be on the album coming out this summer. Can't wait!

Episode 1 of Killing Time is here (where he writes Fuck This Song), and episode 2 is here (where he gets a package).
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I saw "Coraline" with angry_wolfCarl and moonwhispersBrian today. I loved it. I would have to say it could become a classic children's film, except that it's not meant for the younger kids per se.

In other news, I got a call today from Calafia telling me that the training today had been canceled (which I didn't know about anyway) and that they'd be training tomorrow morning at 9 AM instead.

Also, my internet connection has been off and on all day... mostly off. I still paid my housemate the $20. I'm hoping the connection issue gets better.

Coraline-Other Father Song

Update 18 February 2009 / 10:23 AM -

button eyes
button eyes

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Above is the opening titles to the (very) short lived t.v. series Monkey Shines, starring Jonathan Coulton with Neil Gaiman as his irascible drunken writer next door neighbor and of course Paul and Storm. Anyone remember this show? It only lasted for one episode, but it was great! Below are the lyrics for the show's theme song:

When it gets bad do you believe it will get better?
Can you forgive a big mistake?
Is it really living if you’re living by the letter?
How many monkeys does it take to change a lifetime?

Your monkey got a second chance he thinks he’ll take it
Your monkey knows that life is only what you make it
And once you learn how to love, it’s time to let it show
There’s monkey shines wherever you go.

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Thank you djinnethGwynne for being the camerawoman!

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