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I just read through every entry I posted during 2003 and realized that I missed writing in this damned thing. Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I posted (which was in October 2010), but let's see...

I am no longer working in the front of the store ringing up customers. This has been a nice change, though it hasn't completely erased my job stress, but I prefer the new stress to the old. Anyway, what I'm doing now is packing the orders for drive-thru and sometimes ringing up, but for some reason ringing up in drive-thru isn't nearly as bad as the front was. And of course I'm frying fish etc. on Sundays.

I've been keeping up on my t.v. shows using a combination of live broadcast, DVR, Hulu, and Netflix streaming (which is a lot easier to use with my PS3 working again!) and I am therefore never without entertainment, however I find that hanging out with friends such as angry_wolfCarl and moonwhispersBrian is just as, if not more, fun. As for movies, there are too many to name all the ones I want to see in the coming months, but most of them are from Marvel Studios, and include mutants, a Norse God, and a super-soldier from the 1940's.

Speaking of the PS3, I currently own Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Tron: Evolution, and Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue, and I'm borrowing Transformers War For Cybertron. I plan to purchase Batman Arkham Asylum (and Batman Arkham City for that matter), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and SSX Deadly Descents at some point in the future, though I will most likely make myself wait until I finish the games I already have first.

In a few weeks I am very much looking forward to attending WonderCon... I already have my ticket. Not much is known about programming (have to wait until Monday for more info) but WonderCon is always a blast for me. I will try to post to Facebook from the con as I get pics with celebrities or whatever.

Okay... I have to be up fairly early for work so I'll end this here and really try to post more often in the future.
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Damn, it's been awhile...

Let's see... I have to move again due to my letting my temper get the best of me in regards to dealing with my impatient roommate. I had the room all situated, too... posters up, books on shelves etc. Still working at Calafia... getting about 30 hours a week, so that's good (though I'd still like more). I had a blast at djinnethGwynne's birthday party the other night (there's a pic below of angry_wolfCarl, davebydesignDave, and I). Looking very forward to Wondercon 2010 in a few weeks. Love MC Frontalot's new album Zero Day. Been enjoying my usual shows thanks to having cable. Oh, and there's this...

Here you are at last
To bring my cold lonely soul sweet release
From my weary past
Always searching, the one missing piece was you
And I beg you, come away with me
And together we will find a place to call our own
I can’t wait to see what I can do
With a laptop like you

So after not having a computer since before I had to move from San Bruno I finally have a laptop, courtesy of spdrwnAmy... thanks Amy! It's a shiny black and silver HP Pavilion dv2000 and it's already covered with my geekiest stickers. I heart it!

And here's the pic I mentioned above: )
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Not a whole lot to say... well...

Still working at Calafia, getting more hours there than before but not enough to live on. Keeping my eyes out for an additional job. I've saved a ton of money over Eksmas and since, but I need more income on a monthly basis before I move into my own place again.

I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum on moonwhispersBrian's PS3 and I've been loving it. Have watched some movies with angry_wolfCarl recently that include "Book of Eli" (liked it) and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (loved it). Looking forward to the MC Frontalot concert on 15 February and Wondercon 2010 at the beginning of April, not to mention the returns of Lost, V, and the premier of Caprica. Also, I've decided that I need to get out more with friends and DO stuff. I need more of a life than what I've got going on now. For instance, I really liked a recent dinner at spideyjKanane's house, where I met some funny and cool people plus learned of the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed my Wednesday night comic book store geekout sessions with a friend/former coworker and the regular customers I know from having worked there. I have not, however, been enjoying the rain and cold as walking in or waiting for the bus in said elements are of teh suck. I did like what I saw yesterday after the rain:

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Got up yesterday on the leisurely side, got myself to the Tanforan food court, and had brunch with angry_wolfCarl. We then took BART to the con, walked around the dealer's room for awhile, and while there I met Greg Horn and got my picture taken with him (see below). Eventually Carl and I went our separate ways... I wanted to attend the BtVS OMWF singalong dealio and he didn't. After first watching the first episode of Harper's Island (it was in the same room) I enjoyed the Buffy musical episode with jasonwarlockWarlock who had found me there. After that the con was pretty much closed down, so Carl and I started to leave when I saw Ray Park trying to get some stuff into his vehicle. I went over and met him, shaking hands with him twice... very awesome! Carl and I then had some pizza, went by the Apple store, and then headed back to San Bruno where we went our separate ways for the day. I watched the rest of The Guild season 1 and "City of Ember" then let sleep take me.

Today so far I have cleaned up my room a bit, got laundry ready, and wrote this post. I am planning on doing the laundry and watching the first disc of the first season of Spaced and generally relaxing as I go back to work tomorrow.

Greg Horn and I... )

Update 2:30 PM - Here are the pics taken with the family of three mentioned in the previous post... )
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I am including links throughout the post to the respective Tweets as what I described happened for completeness' sake.

I left the house yesterday wearing my Autobot symbol hat, "Watchmen" t-shirt, and my Spider-Man club shirt over it. Got on BART, got off at Powel street, and walked to the Moscone Center South, whereupon I got myself into line. Soon after that I met up with rackstrawAl and met a family of three who were just as excited to be there as we were. All of us got interviewed for Wondercon. Eventually we got let in to get our badges and wait in line again to be let into the dealer's room. Al got separated from me, but I talked to the family I had met and they even took a few pictures which they promised to email to me at some point. Once we were let into the dealer's room I went straight to the celebrity area and met Erin Gray, Barry Jenner, and others. I decided to bite the bullet and get in the long line for DC swag. then generally walked around the dealer's hall until angry_wolfCarl got there. We got into the very long line to try to win "Watchmen" tickets, but we ended up not winning them. We left the con to head back to Carl's place and meet up with grendelsmRudy to watch the new BSG episode. Got home and pretty much called it a night..

Today I left the house with zackerysperdutoZack in tow around 9:30 AM, took BART to the city, and while on the way to get Zack registered met Felicia Day while she was in line to get her badge. We then hurried up to the room where they were having the "Watchmen" panel, I talked to eliteLouise, and when the show started I was simply amazed at the the first ten minutes or so of the movie that they ended up showing us... basically the first 13 pages of the graphic novel, including an awesome montage over the credits. After that we got our "Watchmen" buttons, tried to get in line to see Felicia Day and failed, and ate lunch at Jollibee's. After lunch I met Wendy & Richard Pini, which was an honor since I loved Elfquest so much. Ran into jasonwarlockWarlock a few times. Bought myself my annual geeky logo shot glass, Blue Sun this time, from the Stylin' Online booth. Later on I stood in line and got my Dr. Horrible DVD signed by Felicia Day, then Carl took a picture of she and I. Carl, Zack, and I went to the Metreon to wait in line to see 45 minutes of the new Pixar film "Up".. After retrieving our cell phones we all agreed that what they showed us was just kick ass and we couldn't wait to see the whole thing at the end of May. Also, "squirrel!" Taking BART back to San Bruno, we went to moonwhispersBrian and Zack's house to watch Commentary the Musical and the ELE application videos on my Dr. Horrible DVD. Now I am home... looking forward to more Wondercon tomorrow.

Here are pics from the con... )
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  • I got to see moonwhispersBrian and duskwalker666Rainah tonight, though I wish it were under better circumstances... she's moving away. That makes me sad. But it's for the best I suppose. At least I got to have dinner at Chili's and watch Dr. Horrible with them and zackerysperdutoZack before heading home, which was fun.

  • Later today, at 10 AM, I start my first actual day of work at Calafia's market. I am excited! I then work the next few days.

  • I now have tickets for all three days of Wondercon and for the midnight showing of "Watchmen" at Tanforan. Woot!

  • I talked to my housemate about the internet deal and how I'm only able to be online half the time, so from April onward I will pay him just $10 a month... he said I don't need to pay for March since the $20 I paid this month will cover two months at the new price. I still might just get my own cable internet subscription at some point in the near future.
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The bad: So I am still a bit sick, the rain isn't helping (water inside shoes is bad), had to take the bus since the train would have made me late to work, and I am working two shifts back to back... Books Inc. then my last day of training at Calafia.

The good: I got myself a Coldbuster Jamba Juice, and found out that their oatmeal is just a dollar today, plus double shifts means double the money. Oh, and "Choke" was awesome.

That's all for now.

Update 4:30 PM - Training at Calafia was canceled. So I get to go home and recuperate tonight and all day tomorrow, then I work the next three days, and then have the following three days off for Wondercon! I also found out that they are willing to give me 40 hours at Calafia, so I am thinking of giving my two weeks at Books Inc. I don't really want to, since I like working at the bookstore and all, but I just don't see how I can work both jobs and keep my sanity. Oh, and for the record, I highly recommend the Queen Calafia burger... so tasty!
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After watching the first two episodes of Dollhouse on Hulu, I feel like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were just warmups for the real thing: this.

At least if I had to stay home sick from work today I had something good to watch... and I also have "Choke" from Netflix waiting on top of my t.v. And speaking of t.v., another good ep of BSG last night. "How many dead chicks are out there?" Heh heh.

Got my work schedule from Calafia last night... let's just say my worries about not having enough hours are over. In fact, I may have to ask for less. I am really hoping they will do something about the fact that I'm scheduled next weekend, since I plan on attending Wondercon then.

Update 4:08 PM - "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Just finished watching six episodes of Lost in a row... now I am all caught up! I even wore my numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) t-shirt during part of the mini-marathon. This season is so good... I like that it isn't really flashbacks anymore... instead it's mostly taking place in the present (more or less) with time traveling instead. Very interesting twists and stuff. Old questions answered, new ones asked. Loving it!
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Finished last minute paperwork for Calafia, in the system and everything, will be training this coming week, and the market goes live on the 23rd with me as a cashier. As for Books Inc., I might possibly pick up a few extra shifts at the Mountain View store this coming week as long as it doesn't interfere with my training at Calafia.

"Friday the 13th" was better than I expected. To quote myself from a comment in the previous post: It's like someone said "you know the last few Jason movies? how they've become parodies of the first few? let's start from scratch and take things seriously, but keep the humor when appropriate". Suspenseful, gory, and enough nudity to satisfy the average teen sneaking in because they aren't 17. So there's my review. And yes, I was first in line and got the best seat in the house (IMHO).

BSG... aw frak it. I'll let you know when it doesn't absolutely rule. Which is most likely going to be never.

I am so looking forward to Wondercon it's not even remotely funny.

Looks like I might possibly be getting internet by sharing with housemates.
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I have some time before I start work, so I figure I might as well post what's been happening lately:

I have been fairy lonely at my new place. Been watching a lot of DVDs and spending time at Tanforan, but that's already getting kind of old. I really need to get internet access and cable.

Still waiting to begin work at Calafia. I am looking forward to it, but I'm also nervous since it's a new job and I don't want to screw up my chance of staying employed there. I really need this job, and I was lucky to get it.

Finances are better now than the last few weeks. I actually ended up going negative in my bank account due to a combination of bad decisions and not keeping very good track of how much I spent. Now, however, I have two Books Inc. paychecks coming in February, plus whatever I get from Calafia, and my tax refund is on it's way to being directly deposited in the next few weeks (it took awhile to get them to accept it), so I can breathe a little... not to say I'm going to be spending wildly, but at least I'm not stressing so much anymore.

BSG just frakking rules. Last night's episode was so good! I'm only sad there's just 7 or so more episodes before it's over. At least there will be the t.v. movie The Plan and the new series Caprica to whet my appetite.

I have a few things I am really looking forward to in the next few months or so, such as the long awaited Jonathan Coulton concert DVD, Wondercon (Felicia Day will be there!), Watchmen, and Schaffer the Darklord & Stephen Lynch concerts in April and May respectively.
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me with Chris Blackwood AKA "Mini-Maul"

I am wearing my Heroes t-shirt autographed by Tim Sale and my new Autobot symbol hat, both acquired from the Stylin' Online booth.
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So I got up very early for the store meeting yesterday, got myself down there, and was among the first to arrive. The meeting went well, then I got home and before too long djinnethGwynne and I were on our way to the city... but first we stopped for brunch at Lyon's. Arriving at the Moscone Center we were a little daunted by the fact that there might be nowhere to park, but we actually found a spot fairly close to the convention. I got autographs from Terry Moore on my copies of the first and last issues of Strangers In Paradise as well as Sergio Aragones' on yet another Groo issue. After that we decided to attend some panels... the end of the "Wall·E" one, a "Shutter"/"X-Files 2" one, plus "Harold and Kumar 2", and the Iron Man one. I then tried to get J. Michael Straczynski to sign my Supreme Power hardcovers, but even though I was able to meet him he wasn't able to sign. We walked a bit more around the dealer's room and ran into our friend Chris, dressed as Darth Maul, or as some people were calling him Mini-Maul : )

Anyway, we left the con and headed to San Bruno to meet up with angry_wolfCarl for dinner at Pasta Pomodoro... as good as the chicken parmasean was, their chocolate souffle' cake was to die for. Carl went home while Gwynnie and I headed to flowermistressColleen's house for a get together. We kicked it there for awhile, but I was tired even before we showed up so we cut out early and headed home for some much needed sleep.

Woke up to finding the power had gone out, so I went back to sleep. Woke up again very groggy and not feeling that well, and once I finally got the internet working again I have been websurfing since.
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So I went to WonderCon yesterday, and one of the highlights of the day was the Iron Man presentation. Sombody took a video of the presentation, and BTW I was one of the guys in the beginning who yelled out "you're so money!"

2 May 2008 can't come soon enough.
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I shall be leaving soon to go into the city for WonderCon and Jonathan Coulton. I'll be Twittering a lot today probably, so if anyone cares be sure to see how my day is going. I am hoping to take some pics and get them on LJ sometime this weekend. I am hoping to get my hardcovers of the two Supreme Power books signed by J. Michael Straczinski and a Groo comic signed by Sergio Aragones, plus meet some famous people. The concert should be fun too... they will be filming it for DVD apparently.

In honor of JoCo, here is a webcomic: )

Oh yeah... Lost was awesome as usual. The book Bad Twin was meh.
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Went out today and stopped by Lee's to pick up comics and get Wondercon tickets. Good thing I just got my tax return. Anyway, read a few of the comics at Taxi's while I ate lunch, then rode the bus from teenager hell back to Redwood City and got myself home. I ended up watching the season finale of Flash Gordon, the second episode of Eli Stone, and two BtVS episodes (we left off with this one). Also had yummy pork chops thanks to Gwynnie applying heat to a pan and stuff.

Well, gotta be at work at 9 AM so it's time for bed!
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So the rest of Wondercon went pretty well. As the previous post shows I met many cool people, I got a few things (an Autobot symbol hat and a Spidey symbol shot glass), saw "300" and "Hot Fuzz" (both seriously rocked my socks), and generally had a blast. I got to go to a few panels... one for Resident Evil Extinction. The first question for that one had this asshat ask Ali Larter a question while insulting her. I found a clip of it on YouTube:

Grrr... I was almost finished with a long post when the program shut down and I lost all but the last paragraph. {sigh} Well, here we go again...

The next panel I saw was a Sony one that was supposed to be all about "Spider-Man 3". It turned out to be a Powerpoint presentation about "Surf's Up!" with only a specially cut trailer of Spidey 3 at the end shown twice. Needless to say the Spidey fans were a bit upset. After the panel I decided to head over to the theatre showing the special screening of "Hot Fuzz". I waited in line kinda nervously... you see, the manager told us that at a certain time they'd be closing the line off from everyone else... anyone who wasn't past the doorway wouldn't get in despite having a friend already in line. Just a few minutes before the appointed time G & C showed up and it was all good. We watched the film (and loved it), then went to Lyon's for a late dinner. So endeth my Wondercon weekend...
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And now, some pics from the con:

My best impression of the Lee's Comics logo...

A ton of pics under here... )
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After a restless night I was still awake enough to get my ass to Lee's by 8 AM. I was quickly ushered into the van by Mark (the general manager), whereupon we drove to Wondercon. I lugged a box of comics into the building, but we had to wait for a bit to be let in (even dealers have to wait until the proper time, which was an hour before everyone else). Soon the con was in full gear... )

I leave you with one of my favorite scenes from Free Enterprise:

[Shatner just asked Robert why he started the fight]
Young Robert: Well... it was something he said.
Imaginary William Shatner: What'd he say?
Young Robert: You really don't want to know.
Imaginary William Shatner: I really do want to know!
Young Robert: He said that Han Solo was cooler than Captain Kirk.
Imaginary William Shatner: Kick the little fucker's ass!

Okay, I'm off to watch some of the deleted scenes...
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So I woke up fairly early yesterday. Tried in vain to find a taker for my spare Wondercon ticket. Then I left shortly after my last post... )

Now I am about to leave for a day of working at the con... more to come!
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... I'll be at Wondercon today! Well, I'll be there tomorrow as well, but I'll be working all day there.

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