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I just read through every entry I posted during 2003 and realized that I missed writing in this damned thing. Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I posted (which was in October 2010), but let's see...

I am no longer working in the front of the store ringing up customers. This has been a nice change, though it hasn't completely erased my job stress, but I prefer the new stress to the old. Anyway, what I'm doing now is packing the orders for drive-thru and sometimes ringing up, but for some reason ringing up in drive-thru isn't nearly as bad as the front was. And of course I'm frying fish etc. on Sundays.

I've been keeping up on my t.v. shows using a combination of live broadcast, DVR, Hulu, and Netflix streaming (which is a lot easier to use with my PS3 working again!) and I am therefore never without entertainment, however I find that hanging out with friends such as angry_wolfCarl and moonwhispersBrian is just as, if not more, fun. As for movies, there are too many to name all the ones I want to see in the coming months, but most of them are from Marvel Studios, and include mutants, a Norse God, and a super-soldier from the 1940's.

Speaking of the PS3, I currently own Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Tron: Evolution, and Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue, and I'm borrowing Transformers War For Cybertron. I plan to purchase Batman Arkham Asylum (and Batman Arkham City for that matter), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and SSX Deadly Descents at some point in the future, though I will most likely make myself wait until I finish the games I already have first.

In a few weeks I am very much looking forward to attending WonderCon... I already have my ticket. Not much is known about programming (have to wait until Monday for more info) but WonderCon is always a blast for me. I will try to post to Facebook from the con as I get pics with celebrities or whatever.

Okay... I have to be up fairly early for work so I'll end this here and really try to post more often in the future.
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Not much has happened since my last post...

  • I have been working six days a week. Getting close to 40 hours, which is nice, but I also miss having two days off a week.

  • Got my room pretty much the way I want it (although I could use a mini-fridge in here).

  • Finally got my hair cut... long overdue, I gotta say.

  • Not willing to wait until I transfer the data from my old computer to this one, I have taken to ripping my CDs a few at a time and I usually fall asleep to one playlist or another.

  • I've been going back and forth from enjoying being alone when I'm not working to wanting to be social.

  • Watched the following DVDs recently: "Greenberg", "Rashomon", "A Few Dollars More", "Batman - Under The Red Hood", and "The Experiment".

  • The DVR is now set to record the following shows: The Big Bang Theory, Shit My Dad Says, The Venture Bros., Caprica, Attack of the Show, No Ordinary Family, and Smallville.
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Damn, it's been awhile...

Let's see... I have to move again due to my letting my temper get the best of me in regards to dealing with my impatient roommate. I had the room all situated, too... posters up, books on shelves etc. Still working at Calafia... getting about 30 hours a week, so that's good (though I'd still like more). I had a blast at djinnethGwynne's birthday party the other night (there's a pic below of angry_wolfCarl, davebydesignDave, and I). Looking very forward to Wondercon 2010 in a few weeks. Love MC Frontalot's new album Zero Day. Been enjoying my usual shows thanks to having cable. Oh, and there's this...

Here you are at last
To bring my cold lonely soul sweet release
From my weary past
Always searching, the one missing piece was you
And I beg you, come away with me
And together we will find a place to call our own
I can’t wait to see what I can do
With a laptop like you

So after not having a computer since before I had to move from San Bruno I finally have a laptop, courtesy of spdrwnAmy... thanks Amy! It's a shiny black and silver HP Pavilion dv2000 and it's already covered with my geekiest stickers. I heart it!

And here's the pic I mentioned above: )
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I have been emailing people via Craigslist ads regarding rooms for rent. I've looked at a few but I am apparently not getting one in Palo Alto that would have been perfect, however I am still looking. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow in Burlingame to look at a room. I am working five days a week at Calafia, which is nice... I could use the extra hours. Meanwhile, I have been watching the following either live, streaming, or on DVD: Caprica, Lost (awesome start to this last season!), Spartacus: Blood & Sand, The Big Bang Theory (halfway through season 3), & Heroes (season finale next Monday). I am very much looking forward to a free screening of "Serenity" at Google on the 11th and the MC Frontalot concert on the 15th.
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Not a whole lot to say... well...

Still working at Calafia, getting more hours there than before but not enough to live on. Keeping my eyes out for an additional job. I've saved a ton of money over Eksmas and since, but I need more income on a monthly basis before I move into my own place again.

I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum on moonwhispersBrian's PS3 and I've been loving it. Have watched some movies with angry_wolfCarl recently that include "Book of Eli" (liked it) and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (loved it). Looking forward to the MC Frontalot concert on 15 February and Wondercon 2010 at the beginning of April, not to mention the returns of Lost, V, and the premier of Caprica. Also, I've decided that I need to get out more with friends and DO stuff. I need more of a life than what I've got going on now. For instance, I really liked a recent dinner at spideyjKanane's house, where I met some funny and cool people plus learned of the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed my Wednesday night comic book store geekout sessions with a friend/former coworker and the regular customers I know from having worked there. I have not, however, been enjoying the rain and cold as walking in or waiting for the bus in said elements are of teh suck. I did like what I saw yesterday after the rain:

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Please join us on Wednesday January 20, 2010 to celebrate Calafia Cafe's One Year Anniversary. In appreciation of the support we have received this past year we will be taking 20% off your bill* (*Alcohol and Market Sales Excluded).
Calafia will match the 20% discounted amount and donate it to one of the following charities of your choice below.

Adolescent Counseling Services

The Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula

Health Trust of the Silicon Valley Meals on Wheels

Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Palo Alto

Calafia will be raffling off a gift basket full of Calafia goodies, some of the prizes include: 100.00 Gift Certificate which can be used in either the market or cafe or both! A signed copy of Chef Charlie's Food 2.0, and various other surprise surprises!! Proceeds will go to one of the four charities of the gift basket winners choosing!

Thank you Palo Alto! Let's Celebrate!
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Been a couple weeks since I posted. Not much is going on other than working my two jobs (Macy's and Calafia). Between the two I get plenty of hours... in fact I am working the next ten days in a row. I get Eksmas eve, day, and the day after off to recuperate.

For my birthday (on the 7th) I got two t-shirts from my longtime friend Kathryn and an e-giftcard from spdrwnAmy. Thanks ladies! I also had a nice birthday dinner with friends: angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian , davebydesignDave, spideyjKanane, and zackerysperdutoZack. We went to Chili's, and lo there is a picture below...

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I've been working at Calafia and Macy's, and that's going well. I've been managing to get a few hours extra here and there. Should be getting my first paychecks from both places at the end of this week. I am so very glad to be working again!

Looking forward to seeing "The Road" later today. If it's anywhere as good as "No Country For Old Men" I'll be happy. Last night I saw my first Buster Keaton movie, "The General". Even though it was made in the 1920's it looked like it was made yesterday which is no real surprise as Carl and I watched it on Blu-Ray. And he was right as usual... I loved it.

I don't have anything planned for Thanksgiving, which is fine. I don't really see the point of making a big deal of a holiday where the primary focus is eating until your stomach explodes and you fall into a deep food coma. Yay tryptophan! I know the real focus is family, but I don't have any living close enough. Wake me when it's Eksmas!
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It is almost 6 AM as I type this on a bus stop bench in San Bruno. I am awake this early so I can get to Palo Alto by 9, though I may be able to start at 8 instead. I worked yesterday at Calafia (at 7 AM believe it or not) and then had training at Macy's. I have orientation at the latter tomorrow evening, then I start truly working on Monday. I love that I can access my shifts online, even able to trade shifts if necessary.

Meh... that's it for now.
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So I talked to Charlie Ayers on Friday, and have become re-employed at Calafia. I will be doing odds and ends, helping out where needed, at my last rate of pay. I did indeed have my interview at Macy's also on Friday, and apparently the young woman who interviewed me liked me enough that she had me interview with someone else today, and... I fill out paperwork tomorrow afternoon! Yes, I got two jobs within a few days of each other. I am quite happy with this. As far as a place to sleep, I talked with some InnVision staff on Friday at Charlie's behest, but then after staying a few days at Brian's I am (at least for now) staying with Carl and his family. I am going to keep looking for something more permanent, but at least I am off the streets.

Oh, and last night it was great to hang out with friends, eat a super tasty dinner and dessert, and play probably my favorite game Apples to Apples. Today I got to watch Stargate Universe and later tonight I will watch Heroes. I will try hard not to think about the fact that "Star Trek" is being released on DVD tomorrow and that the Target version has a model of the Enterprise that comes with it.
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In the last seven weeks I have become homeless... )

Things begin to look up a bit... )
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Last night I lost my job at Calafia.

Today I lost my job at Books Inc.


Worst. 24 hours. Ever.
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Kirina and I at Books Inc.

I just got home from visiting with my ex-girlfriend Kirina (who I haven't seen in 10+ years!) and her family. What an unexpected pleasure! Here's the story:

Firstly, to give you a little background about Kirina and I, I met her through my sister Lelia when they were in junior high. Kirina showed me she liked me by scratching me (it was her way back then) and eventually we dated for a little while. After many years, just after Corin and I broke up, I moved to Berkeley with her for a few months until she decided to pack up and move to Chicago. I haven't talked to her in years until fairly recently via Facebook.

So tonight I was at work, I looked up to help what I expected to be my next customer, and was pleasantly surprised to find Kirina there. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, since she now lives in Mississippi and hadn't said a word about being in town when I had talked to her via IM just a few hours earlier. Many hugs were exchanged for the rest of the evening as I got through the end of my shift while they had dinner next door at Kirk's Steakburgers, and I then accompanied them first to Tanforan and then to her mom's place in South S.F. (her mom is on vacation and is letting Kirina and her family stay there). Kirina and I agreed on many things, one being that Rolling Pin has the best doughnuts around, including Krispy Kreme. I totally geeked out with Kirina's husband Klaus, and we both agreed on the ride home that he and I would probably hang out a lot if we lived in the same city. Eventually she announced that she was crashing, so Klaus took me home, whereupon he told me that Kirina always spoke highly of me. I got the feeling that she found a great guy for a husband and I wish her and her two children a very happy life.
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  • Working six days a week now... my day off will be partially spent sleeping.

  • Watching the Futurama movies via Netflix... I think I am going to have to own all Futurama DVDs.

  • Ripping my CDs and loading them onto my MP3 player... I realized that a bunch of my favorites weren't even on my computer - that needed to be rectified!

  • Waiting for certain movies to come out: "Transformers 2" & "Harry Potter 6" to name a few. Of course certain other movies on DVD such as "Watchmen" and "Star Trek" are definitely on my must buy list.

  • Also waiting for the Can't Stop The Serenity/Dr. Horrible screening. Got some people to go... looking forward to it.

  • Also also waiting for the new single by "Weird Al" Yankovic which is coming out on 16 June. Three more days! Whatever You Like and the new song, Craigslist, will be on the new album that he's working on.

  • Trying very hard to not have caffeine. I gave it up about a month or so ago, and have slipped up a few times, but I am denying myself that particular addictive substance.
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So about a year ago I posted a review of the book Tigerheart by Peter David... and last week I did a video review for it (for my store's blog) as seen below:

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So I mentioned recently that author Meg Waite Clayton came into the bookstore I work at, and she and I took pics of each other for her blog. Well, she wrote a piece on Books Inc. and it was posted on another blog first, called She's Too Fond Of Books. Meg wrote lovely things about my store and mentioned me, and there's even the pic of me in it!
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For instance, you may run into Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl! (or three young women in costumes for Bay To Breakers anyway...)
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Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters, took this pic of me with my Centro a few minutes ago for her blog, and I figured I might as well post it to mine too:

random me at work pic...

When I have rotated the pic of her later tonight I shall post it. Here's a pic of Meg holding her book )
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I just realized that the last few posts were about stuff other than what is going on with me personally, so here we go...

First of all, my back has seriously been killing me the last 3 or 4 days. No matter how many pain pills I take it still hurts. I must have tweaked it pretty bad recently.

Still could be getting more hours at workplaces, but I am trying to not spend as much money as I'd like to. I'm getting better at closing the Calafia market IMHO, which is helping with co-worker relationships. The only real difficult thing is not constantly eating all the desserts we carry.

Yesterday was spent partly at Tanforan, where I read some graphic novels that had come out recently. After that I did a little bit of shopping at Target, but when I got home I realized that though I had just got some bread, I didn't have peanut butter. {Sigh} I waited for angry_wolfCarl to show up, and we watched some more episodes of Venture Bros., which is quickly turning into one of my new favorite shows. When that was over we were hungry and decided to eat at Melaka, a place up San Bruno Avenue (where Lyon's used to be) which was pretty good for being buffet. On my way home I stopped at three different mini-marts trying to get a tube of Werther's, to no avail, but I did purchase a Pepsi-Cola Throwback... which contains natural sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I had to try it, and it was good, but the caffeine kept me awake long enough to enjoy "Special" and "Timecrimes" (see my last post). The problem with Throwback is it's only out for a limited time, so I'm really looking forward to trying Pepsi Natural. Anyway, finally I went to sleep.

Woke up and tried for awhile in vain to watch the latest ep of Lost, cleverly entitled Some Like It Hoth, and which I finally saw and enjoyed quite alot. Now I'm just relaxing for a bit before I get ready to go to work at the bookstore later tonight.

Oh, and the new Harry Potter 6 trailer is full of win! Also, tickets are now available for the midnight showings of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on Thursday night/Friday morning 30 April/1 May. I'll be seeing it at Tanforan (of course)... who's with me?

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