Nov. 2nd, 2006

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I found a site that will take your pics, either from what you upload or what you already have on your MySpace, and host them, as well as making them a slide show which you can then post pretty much anywhere... I opted for the MySpace option as a test:

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Hmmm... it's been a few days, hasn't it? Let's see...

So I am staying inside today. As much as I appreciate rainy weather, I don't particularly enjoy being outside in it. Besides, today was going to be my rest at home day anyway as I've been working the last five days in a row. I am going to be somewhat domestic, though the house looks pretty good considering we had a party here a few nights ago. I've already started laundry, which I wasn't able to get to Tuesday (Halloween) as I went into work for some extra hours. I received my Spider-Man shirt that day. I love it! We ended up not being home for the trick or treating after all. djinnethGwynne had class and I had work, then it was too late for the kids I guess.

Last night Gwynne and I went to Target to get a few things that we needed, which somehow ended up becoming a two hour shopping trip. I am not complaining in the least... I'm one of those few guys who likes shopping (especially when the store has DVDs and toys to check out). Gwynne got me some comfy casual pants in the hope that I'd get rid of my green sweats that don't stay up... after wearing them today it's safe to say that the green sweats are out. I also got a four pack of apple Izze at the urging of lemurlingThea, and just had my first sip - I like it. All in all a very productive trip to Target. From there we went to Chili's in San Bruno for our first dining out experience in over two weeks, then went to the South City Century to watch "Saw III". I was astonished that this sequel is at least as good and in some ways better than the previous movies. Some parts were quite difficult to watch... I found myself squirming in my seat due to the graphic depictions of bodily harm, and even the extended nude scene didn't have me at all interested sexually as what was going on was so horrific. In a nutshell, stay away if you have a weak heart. After the movie we came home and I put away the groceries, then after reading some stuff on the net I read another chapter of Ender's Game (which I've been enjoying a lot) before going to sleep.

Update 1 PM - I just checked my account balance, knowing I'd be negative but not by how much... there were two overdraft fees of $27 each, and with what I was short before I'm negative 60 bucks total. I get paid in a few days at least. {sigh}

I'll just be more careful with my account now...
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I just got finished visiting with spdrwnAmy and her brother. They were down here for the Aerosmith/Motley Crue concert, but decided to skip it and come hang out with me instead. She brought me a Spider-Man wall decoration she'd just gotten that is very cool indeed. I had a good time talking with them and showing them Lee's... she even bought a Spider-Woman graphic novel for herself (apropos considering her username). All too soon they decided to go eat and get home. I am looking forward to a full day visit with her sometime in the near future though.

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