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I have today off, as I did yesterday, and was able to watch the latest Heroes episode. Even if Heroes hasn't been as good as it was in the first season (so people say) this episode seemed to be a huge exception to that... it was perfect. Same with the latest Dollhouse episode. The five episodes before it were just the warm-up for the good stuff. In other media news, I finally watched "Kung Fu Panda", and I have to say I seriously underestimated how good it was. Loved it. Same with "No Country For Old Men". I know it seems like I like everything I see, but that's not always the case... I just happen to be lucky enough to watch things that I like. Maybe it's partly that I don't over analyze what I watch and instead just allow myself to enjoy it. I also recently saw "Crash", which I'm not sure I liked as much as everything else, but at least it had nudity and car crashes.

Money is a little tight, but I think I will be able to pay rent and still be able to eat. One of my jobs cut a day from my schedule (which was very late being put up by the way), so I'm a little worried, but I was also told that it was temporary. I sure hope so... it would suck if I was working two jobs and still couldn't afford rent and food.

I have found that I enjoy doing laundry and cleaning my room (to an extent). Once it's all done, and I can look around and know that everything is clean and put away where it's supposed to go, I just feel better. I need to get a few things still for the room... for instance I have a mattress coming to me if I can arrange to pick it up. I appreciate the futon I was given, but I wake up with a stiff neck because of the way I have to sleep on it. I also need a computer desk and chair, plus a bookcase. I should really put some stuff up on the walls too.

Update 2:43 PM - So I just had to add here that "There Will Be Blood" is seriously a great movie. I regret not having seen it sooner. "I drink your milkshake" indeed!
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