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May. 21st, 2009 03:34 pm
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Anyone out there going to Baycon this weekend who would be willing to pick up a small package from a friend for me? Please call me at: (650) 315-8348 for details. Thanks in advance!
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So after talking with Romie (the landlord of the room for rent across from Sequoia Station... I'm getting tired of typing all of that each time) this morning I am set to move in there this Friday, the 23rd. I'll move in some stuff Saturday morning and evening, then the rest on Sunday. I could use a little help on Sunday if anyone has the time. I realize it's Memorial Day weekend and everyone will either be at Baycon or whatnot, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. My plan right now is to really look for a second job, starting tomorrow after I meet with Romie and before I start work. Living in Redwood City will make it easier to job hunt and will cut down on transportation costs, so that's a plus.
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... it really has. A week at least. What have I been up to? )
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I have discovered the joy and awesomeness that is the new Battlestar Galactica, thanks to mortefinaSarah P.. If I don't watch at least one episode a night I get grumpy. So far djinnethGwynne and I have watched the pilot and the first 6 episodes. I'm gonna be in trouble when I finish the rest of season one and all of season two... most likely I will be in withdrawal.

In movie news I saw "The Omen" on Tuesday (not bad at all), watched "Transamerica" with Gwynne and alotheriaSarah J. last night (which was great), bought "Much Ado About Nothing" for 5 bucks at Safeway thanks to their sale, watched part of "Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children" (wasn't really impressed), and I'm looking forward to "Nacho Libre" and "Superman Returns" later this month.

After being scheduled for just a few days before BayCon I had been scheduled for just three days this week as well (which upset me), but on Monday I was asked to come in for an extra two days, so it's all good. Plus my schedule for next week is back up to five days again, so it looks like we'll be okay. After BayCon cashing the check and so many days off I was seriously worried about not having much to give to Gwynne for rent. Work itself is going pretty well, and in fact I work at 1 PM today, which is my Wednesday. I've got some laundry going and I've fed and watered the kitties, so at least that's done.
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I just checked my WaMu account, and I am negative a shitload of money today. BayCon went ahead and cashed the check I wrote on Friday for $70 for my weekend badge, despite my having worked the required hours off by Monday as I was supposed to in order to get the badge for free. It's my own damn fault for writing a check for funds knowing they weren't there, but fuck! I was sure the gofer head would have told the reg head (especially since I enquired about it) that I had done my hours and to rip up the check. So I guess I'll receive a check in the mail for having done my hours, but that will be after I get paid (in a few days). So ultimately I'm out $50 at the end of the day (two overdraft charges).

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Well, seeing as how I haven't posted for a few days you can safely assume that I have had so much fun and were too busy to post. Now then... where did I leave off?... )
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... well, to be accurate, ribbons on badges. One of the things that has recently been done is the introduction of collectable ribbons with sayings on them in various colors. It's kind of like a treasure hunt... you go around the con, and if you know which people have them and/or meet the requirements you get one. Here is a list of the ones I have collected so far: )

I have talked with a few people, and we've come up with a few ideas for new ribbons for SiliCon 2006 and Baycon 2007:

Brand gave it to me
I go too far

I forget the rest, but when I remember I'll post them. For now I am going up to the LiveJournal BOF, then watching "Serenity" at the dive in movie...
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So I went downstairs with Mike, and we were joined by Carl, Brian, and Lisa. The five of us went offsite to Denny's for breakfast, and afterward I was able to buy a Coke Blak from the gas station mini-mart, which helped me wake up a bit more. I gave blood (got a purple bandage to match the theme of the con), then wen to a Star Trek sort of panel with the other horsemen. Later on we went to the Trailer Park (which was packed) and I got the last trivia question right, but it didn't matter since it was over and everyone ran up to get their swag anyway. I grabbed a Superman Returns poster and some A Scanner Darkly wristbands, plus I had a talk with one of the co-chairs about SiliCon, and offered an idea I had for that. At that point I decided to get some work done to shave off some hours, so I went up to gofer hole for awhile, then became a dedicated gofer for masquerade. When that was over I watched GOH Steven Furst's movie about a couple of hitmen, which was... interesting. I met up with the guys, and after a quick stop at Sarah P. and Josh's party we just walked around semi-aimlessly until eventually, after already losing Brian and Mike, Carl and I went up to the room and succumbed to sleep poisons.

Now I about to shower and then go eat something with Carl...
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I ended up going to Sarah P. & Josh's party for a bit, which was quite fun. While there I finally ran into Mike Lichty, as well as Brian and Dave, plus a few others. I had a few drinks, but didn't get too drunk as I wanted to not end up sick (as someone did, but I'm not naming names). We went down to the party floor, enjoyed ourselves there, then eventually went to the showing of RHPS. Had some more fun there, walked Brian and Dave up to the room, then the rest of us went to the Coffee Garden and met up with Karl M. and Darcy for a late night/early morning meal and conversation. I came up with some ribbon ideas that I may have to make sure get made for SiliCon and/or next year's BayCon.

This morning I was woken to the sounds of the guys ribbing me about my snoring and getting ready to go eat, though I stayed behind to shower. The four of us are wearing our new shirts, gifts from Mike, that say "the four horsemen ride again" and "BayCon 2006" on the back, with our respective horseman's name on the front: I am War, Mike is Death, Carl is Famine, Brian is Pestilence. Anyway, time to go get food and enjoy the day...
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So I had dinner with Gwynne at Chili's, then went to wait in line at the Mercado. We were soon joined by Sarah P. and Josh, plus a few of their friends. Before too long we were inside, then the movie started...

I loved it. I am going to be seeing it again ASAP. I just... yeah, go see it. Be sure to stay past the credits.

Gwynne dropped me off at the hotel, and as nothing was going on around 2 AM on the day before con begins, I went up to crash in Ray's room. I slept...

... and was woken to Ray trying to give me the room key. I gradually came to full consciousness (or at least more awake than I was intially. We went to staff feeding, was told we needed meal tickets first, so we went to the gofer hole and I signed up, then we went back to staff feeding for breakfast. During the day I got my badge, a bunch of ribbons for the badge, saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time, changed rooms, did some work, ate, and generally had some fun. Soon I plan to hit the parties and RHPS.
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Just got home from work, where I've been geeking out about the fact that in a little over six hours from now I will be at the Mercado watching "X-Men: The Last Stand", then heading straight to BayCon 2006 from there for the weekend. I've got my personal program printed out, now I just need to pack...

Next stop, San Jose!

I've got lots of friends in San Jose
Wo oh oh oh
Can't wait to get back to San Jose
Wo oh oh oh
Do you know the way to San Jose?
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I had a very short shift yesterday, then got to take a nap with my favorite girl before picking up angry_wolfCarl and heading to Windy City Pizza for extremely tasty Chicago style foodstuffs. After that, it was a shopping trip at Safeway before heading back to our house and watching Robot Chicken episodes. We then took Carl home, came back, and watched a few Nine Inch Nails videos before going to sleep.

Had some very strange dreams... as usual, I can't remember them very well, just that feeling of strangeness. I work today at noon, then the morning shift on Thursday, and then I am planning on going to BayCon for the weekend. I'd like to see X-Men: The Last Stand on Thursday night/Friday morning for a midnight show, possibly at the Mercado. I think that would be a perfect way to start a con weekend. Especially when I have seen more than one positive review for it, one coming from a guy who was sure he'd hate it. Speaking of BayCon, I shall use the new icon that I made for cons. djinnethGwynne says she likes it. I shall miss her this weekend...

Oh yeah... Windows Media Player and Semagic have been updated. I am getting used to WMP 11, and I think I like it. We'll see.
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Ignore that LJ title... it was a phrase I came up with last night for some weird reason and I decided to use it for tonight's post. )
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I had a fairly good day at work today. Got a lot of reading done, which is always nice. I finished Fables and started on the first four trades of Y: The Last Man, both of which I enjoy. I thumbed through a copy (soon to be mine after the next paycheck) of the Strangers in Paradise Treasury Edition. I've been trying to decide if I want to either collect every issue of SiP, collect the trades, or just get the Pocket books. In that order they are most to least expensive... the trades are probably the way to go. Oh... Free Comic Book Day was a huge success. Both stores made over five grand (hmmm... is that supposed to be confidential? meh...), and neither store's drawer was off by more than a dollar! The boss man himself offered to take my co-worker and I out for dinner in appreciation. We took a rain check (transportation issues), but at least now I'm not so worried about if I'm going to be fired anytime soon. I haven't really been worried too much, but there's always that doubt. Also, I bonded with said co-worker over mc chris! Which reminds me... I need to make him copies of the mc chris and MC Frontalot stuff. Oh, speaking of Frontalot... it turns out that the artist of The Walking Dead is a fan of his and drew him as a deer eating zombie in the third issue of the comic! I love when my interests mix together like that.

Missing djinnethGwynne terribly. I almost missed out on hearing from her tonight as I had stayed at work (off the clock of course) to read the rest of the Y: The Last Man trades (see above). I was quite glad to hear that her dad made it through the surgery just fine... that had been on my mind this morning, and was alleviated a bit when I talked to Gwynnie, but it wasn't until I talked with her tonight that I was fully relieved.

Time to go shopping. After laundry and dishes tomorrow, I think I'll head to Safeway. I need bread, milk, Blak, maybe some Pop Tarts... and whatever new food or drink they've come up with since I've been there last. Can't spend too much as fundage is kinda low... ah well.

I asked for the weekend of Baycon off. I think I'll be a gofer, but dedicated mostly to an interested party whom I talked with last night. It's nice to be asked for specifically!
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I went into work yesterday without eating first, and had casually mentioned it to the GM. I started working, and about a half hour into my shift he says I should go to the store and get myself something to eat. I do so, putting it on a tab the store graciously created for me until I get paid, and I brought the food back to work, explaining to the GM that I had put it on my tab... and he says that he had meant for me to put it on the store's tab - that Lee's would take care of it! How many bosses offer to pay for your breakfast, then only after a half hour of work allow you to eat it before finishing up? So that was very cool. Then, a coworker had come in later (I was watching the store alone for 4 hours) and he offers to watch the store while I used the restroom and got a little something to eat. To top it all off the guy I was closing with and I were finished closing within ten minutes, allowing me to get home sooner and get ready for a night out with two awesome women...

A little later that night I watched "The Libertine" with djinnethGwynne and figbashDarcy. I really enjoyed it, though the end was very sad. True to the period it was set in and the story, but still sad. In any case, proof that movie critics don't know what the fuck they're talking about: EW gave it an F and gave "The Pink Panther" a C. Need I say more? Speaking of movies, I also saw "The Hills Have Eyes" (the remake) with Gwynnie a few nights ago. It was much better than I was going to give it credit for. I saw a couple of friends there at the theatre, but since I was seeing it with Gwynne as a date I figured we'd just stay where we were instead of sitting with them... besides, maybe they were on a date too (kidding guys!)

I was going to go to a Baycon meeting today, but I neither have the money for transportation nor the desire to go all the way down there (to San Jose) for something that will last for maybe an hour or two. Perhaps I'll catch the next one.

Speaking of not having money, I am really looking forward to getting my tax return as my sweetie's birthday brunch this coming Sunday is on me, so I hope to get my money before then! Also I'd like to get a memory stick for my Clie, as I am running out of space on the internal drive.
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So there's a Baycon general meeting on Sunday, 12 Feb 2006 at 1 PM at the Doubletree in San Jose. I am planning on going this time, as I want to get on staff and all. I could get down there using Caltrain and VTA, but if there's anyone from the San Mateo county area who was planning on attending, could I please catch a ride with you? I would very much appreciate it!
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1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days... a review of my 2005:

525,600 minutes... )
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So I will be at SiliCon 2005 this weekend, working as a Mercury Runner. I'm planning on being there around 6 PM on Thursday, and staying until at least Sunday afternoon. I haven't been to SiliCon in years... and only recently have I started going to BayCon again. When I have been at BayCon the last few years, it was as a guest. I haven't worked a con since 1997 I believe. It will be interesting to see how that goes. I already know of at least five t-shirts I'll be bringing (hello! fanboy!) and I know I'll be visiting the Browncoats table, and maybe volunteering there too.

Who else will be there? Sound off!
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I am home from Baycon, having gotten a ride from siestrionMike A., who happened to be going to San Mateo as well. I totally missed the closing ceremonies and the Hiss & Purr, but it doesn't really matter I suppose. I had the cash on me but decided to not get a badge for next year as I either will be on staff or possibly not even go at all. Also, turns out that Sarah P. and Josh had my hat after all, but I'll have to wait to get it until the next time I see them. No biggie... I have like 3 others anyway. Now, feeling marginally better than I did when I first woke up, I am going to attempt to eat some real food.

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