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Not much has happened since my last post...

  • I have been working six days a week. Getting close to 40 hours, which is nice, but I also miss having two days off a week.

  • Got my room pretty much the way I want it (although I could use a mini-fridge in here).

  • Finally got my hair cut... long overdue, I gotta say.

  • Not willing to wait until I transfer the data from my old computer to this one, I have taken to ripping my CDs a few at a time and I usually fall asleep to one playlist or another.

  • I've been going back and forth from enjoying being alone when I'm not working to wanting to be social.

  • Watched the following DVDs recently: "Greenberg", "Rashomon", "A Few Dollars More", "Batman - Under The Red Hood", and "The Experiment".

  • The DVR is now set to record the following shows: The Big Bang Theory, Shit My Dad Says, The Venture Bros., Caprica, Attack of the Show, No Ordinary Family, and Smallville.
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  • Working six days a week now... my day off will be partially spent sleeping.

  • Watching the Futurama movies via Netflix... I think I am going to have to own all Futurama DVDs.

  • Ripping my CDs and loading them onto my MP3 player... I realized that a bunch of my favorites weren't even on my computer - that needed to be rectified!

  • Waiting for certain movies to come out: "Transformers 2" & "Harry Potter 6" to name a few. Of course certain other movies on DVD such as "Watchmen" and "Star Trek" are definitely on my must buy list.

  • Also waiting for the Can't Stop The Serenity/Dr. Horrible screening. Got some people to go... looking forward to it.

  • Also also waiting for the new single by "Weird Al" Yankovic which is coming out on 16 June. Three more days! Whatever You Like and the new song, Craigslist, will be on the new album that he's working on.

  • Trying very hard to not have caffeine. I gave it up about a month or so ago, and have slipped up a few times, but I am denying myself that particular addictive substance.
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  • Today I slept in as late as I could, watched the latest Lost episode, napped, and finally went out and did laundry. Tonight I plan to watch "There Will Be Blood" as well as some eps of Wonder Showzen, which I bought myself on sale today when I went to Tanforan... been wanting them for quite awhile, so this makes me quite happy. I also got myself a rolling cart for laundry and groceries. All in all I did my part to help boost the economy today!

  • My boss at Calafia has taken to calling me Zorn. He said it's because he knows I'm a sci-fi loving guy, and therefore I am now Zorn, because it's a sci-fi sounding name. I asked him what I should call him, and he said Commander Cody. Anyway, I really like working for Charlie... I must buy his book Food 2.0 at some point.

  • Tomorrow will be extra geektastic as angry_wolfCarl and I will be meeting up for "Watchmen" in IMAX goodness at the Metreon (for reals this time), and then heading back to his place for the 2 hour season finale of BSG.

  • On a personal but vague note, I find it difficult to accept certain things in regards to a certain someone. I was half joking when I texted this person last night, but perhaps it was tinged with more than half of the bitterness I intended. In any case I think not communicating with this person for a little while might be for the best, at least until I can sort things out with my feelings.
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    • I got to see moonwhispersBrian and duskwalker666Rainah tonight, though I wish it were under better circumstances... she's moving away. That makes me sad. But it's for the best I suppose. At least I got to have dinner at Chili's and watch Dr. Horrible with them and zackerysperdutoZack before heading home, which was fun.

    • Later today, at 10 AM, I start my first actual day of work at Calafia's market. I am excited! I then work the next few days.

    • I now have tickets for all three days of Wondercon and for the midnight showing of "Watchmen" at Tanforan. Woot!

    • I talked to my housemate about the internet deal and how I'm only able to be online half the time, so from April onward I will pay him just $10 a month... he said I don't need to pay for March since the $20 I paid this month will cover two months at the new price. I still might just get my own cable internet subscription at some point in the near future.
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    • Working a double shift today (like I did on Wednesday)... Calafia and Books Inc. back to back. That's fine with me... I could use the hours. Then tonight is BSG with the usual suspects. Woot!

    • I have watched "Towelhead", "Cashback", and "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" in the past week via Netflix. All three were good, but "Towelhead" really stands out as just a fantastic film.

    • I used my day off yesterday to clean my room (including vacuuming), do two loads of laundry, and take out the trash. Go domestic me! I realised just now that I have lived at my new place for just over a month now... and I am feeling pretty good about that.

    • Finally, I have learned that the Jonathan Coulton 22 February 2008 concert DVD/CD set is coming very soon!
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    How do you brighten up my workday? By playing the following songs on the Broadway XM station:

    • I'll Cover You - Rent

    • Who Am I? & Bring Him Home - Les Miserables

    • Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Spamalot

    • Puttin' On The Ritz - Young Frankenstein

    • Bare Necessities - Jungle Book

    • A Spoonful Of Sugar - Mary Poppins
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    Things are looking up:

    • Got my tax refund this morning. Just in time too... my account was about to go negative again.

    • Got all of my games back this afternoon, (thanks to moonwhispersBrian)... including a game that wasn't even mine! Now I won't be as bored when at home.

    • Opened a Netflix account, which also helps against the boredom.

    • Got BSG to look forward to tonight with angry_wolfCarl and grendelsmRudy.

    • My room is all vacuumed, which pleases me more than it ought to.

    • Actually talked to one of my housemates. Startled another one, but what can you do?

    • Only a few more days until I start at Calafia.
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    • Take out all garbage and recycling

    • Start laundry

    • Tidy up living room

    • Do dishes

    • Clean bathroom

    • Vacuum

    • Rinse out broom

    Oh yeah... happy birthday to Jonathan Coulton!
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    Wil Wheaton's rap from A Skit About Vocations... )
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    • I am going to miss djinnethGwynne this weekend... she's going camping. {sigh}

    • It has gotten to the point where when I start coughing and am unable to breathe it is merely a minor annoyance. Should be back to my old self soon. Yay medications!

    • For the second month in a row no one show up for Inked Books. That made me a little sad.

    • Happy birthday to redstreetsAlicia!

    • I think I may have lost every one of my PS2 games when I moved out of the last place. I looked for them last night and couldn't find them.

    • I saw "Hamlet 2" yesterday. Very funny, but not the funniest movie of the summer... that would have to be either "Pineapple Express" or "Tropic Thunder". Still, I say go see it. Check out the songs Rock Me Sexy Jesus and Raped In The Face from the soundtrack under the cut... )
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    • "The Incredible Hulk" was made of awesome sauce. That's two for two since Marvel started making their own movies. Woot!

    • I need to remember that if I don't eat every now and then my body hates me and decides to make my brain feel weird. Right.

    • Neck was getting better, but this morning it started hurting again.

    • At work I was told by my boss that I'll be training for the sale books position, a position usually reserved for supervisors. Not sure what that means exactly... stay tuned.

    • I learned last night that Palm is now offering a free client for Facebook users. I have a Palm Centro, I use Facebook, and I like new stuff so this was a no brainer. I also found a Palm client for Twitter users. Again, had to get it.

    • Gotta remember to download Firefox 3 tomorrow:
      Download Day - English.
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    So here are the details on my Tweets (good and not) for the last week...

    The good: )

    The not so good: )

    Hmmm... the good outweighs the bad. Sweet!
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    Today was a very geektastic day:
    • I started off talking to a former coworker of mine, spider_goldM.P., about upcoming comic related movies and generally geeking out

    • I got dressed, wearing my "this is my secret identity" t-shirt with my Spider-Man club shirt over it, plus my Autobot symbol hat

    • After watching a trailer for "The Incredible Hulk" (among others) I saw "Superhero Movie" with djinnethGwynne, and it was actually much funnier than I thought it would be. Seriously... the audience was laughing pretty hard throughout the movie and even applauded at the end

    • From there Gwynne drove me to 7-11 so I could get an Iron Man head Slurpee cup filled with tastiness

    • Then it was off to Lee's so I could get my comics and geek out more with another former co-worker, thehulkisnotredAndrew

    • Finally I got home, and after reading the comics I bought, I watched an episode of Smallville

    • If that's not enough there's a couple of Battlestar Galactica specials on SciFi tonight that I plan on watching
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    In the last week or so I have:
    • Met Joe Montana on Monday and saw Dwight Clark yesterday, both at Sharper Image. Geeked out with Joe and shook his hand.

    • Had a very nice birthday dinner with my friends at Max's Opera Cafe. Thank you to everyone who was there!

    • Watched more 2nd season Buffy episodes. Angel has lost his soul after doing the nasty with Buffy, and now he's like a typical guy who finally "gets some"... only worse.

    • Improved my RSG % at SI, making my boss happy. Also signing up a lot of cards, which makes my wallet happier.

    • Got my comic books from Lee's (as much as I could without spending more than $50. I dunno... I think I need to stop collecting at least some of these titles.
    Not a bad week!

    Heroes 2.9

    Nov. 19th, 2007 10:06 pm
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    Best. Heroes episode. Ever.

    The damned writer's strike needs to end... so that we can have more of this awesome show.

    Update 20 November 2007 / 10:55 AM - I just wanted to share some websites that may be of interest to Heroes fans:The cool thing about all of these sites is that they make it seem like you're part of the Heroes universe. As a bonus, here's where you can find the Heroes online graphic novels, of which 34 have already been collected in a hardback book (that I, of course, have on hold at work). They help to fill in the backstories of many of the characters... good stuff.
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    So... let's take a look at my 30 Boxes in regards to my work schedule for the next few weeks:

    • 8 days of work in a row, one job each day.

    • A day of work with both jobs.

    • 3 more days of working one job or the other. So 13 days in a row so far (including today).

    • Thanksgiving ( a day off! Woot!)

    • Black Friday: 5 AM - 8:30 PM. Yes, you read that right... both jobs that day.

    • 8 AM - 8:30 PM... both jobs again the next day.

    • Another single job day.
    And that's all I have so far, just the next few weeks schedules.


    My gods, what have I done?! Oh, and my back started hurting when I got home from today's training. {sigh} On the plus side, I am pretty sure that the cool kids will be getting presents from me this year.
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    So it's been a week since I last posted. Sue me. I've been Twittering pretty much daily, so I guess I haven't felt the need to post here. I suppose I'll use bullets to bring ya'll the highlights:

    • My sister Lelia's husband died of a heroin overdose within this last week. That's all I know so far. I was able to talk to my sister Sarah and she told me the news, but when I called Lelia she was fairly incoherent. I don't blame her... between the shock and probable lack of sleep (and maybe painkillers) it's understandable that she'd be that way. Poor Lelia.

    • I accidentally cut the skin between my right pinky and the finger next to it. It's finally healed. Wolverine is so lucky.

    • After getting paid I got "300" and "Hot Fuzz". I haven't watched them on DVD yet, but that should happen soon.

    • Work's going okay. It looks like we're hiring someone to replace the two people who left, so that's a good thing. Meanwhile I've been doing little things around the store to improve it.

    • Started laundry because clean clothes are nicer than dirty ones for the wearing. Did the cleaning software thing on the computer because it helps with the whole computer being faster and stuff.

    • Not feeling that good, so I may not go to something I was supposed to go to tonight.


    Jul. 9th, 2007 11:35 pm
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    • I have become fairly addicted to 5. Sorry, you have to follow the link to find out what 5 is.

    • I had a brief visit with what will be my new computer a few nights ago. The hard drive that was in it was being all wonky, so siestrionMike took the computer back to his place to switch it for a new drive. I hope to get it back for good sometime this week.

    • Beware the triclaw, djinnethGwynnie!

    • So I am 34 years old and had fish sticks for dinner. What's your point?

    • Tonight Gwynne and I watched South Park, Jake 2.0, and Futurama episodes. All were good.

    • Free Hat!

    • "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

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