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Got up yesterday on the leisurely side, got myself to the Tanforan food court, and had brunch with angry_wolfCarl. We then took BART to the con, walked around the dealer's room for awhile, and while there I met Greg Horn and got my picture taken with him (see below). Eventually Carl and I went our separate ways... I wanted to attend the BtVS OMWF singalong dealio and he didn't. After first watching the first episode of Harper's Island (it was in the same room) I enjoyed the Buffy musical episode with jasonwarlockWarlock who had found me there. After that the con was pretty much closed down, so Carl and I started to leave when I saw Ray Park trying to get some stuff into his vehicle. I went over and met him, shaking hands with him twice... very awesome! Carl and I then had some pizza, went by the Apple store, and then headed back to San Bruno where we went our separate ways for the day. I watched the rest of The Guild season 1 and "City of Ember" then let sleep take me.

Today so far I have cleaned up my room a bit, got laundry ready, and wrote this post. I am planning on doing the laundry and watching the first disc of the first season of Spaced and generally relaxing as I go back to work tomorrow.

Greg Horn and I... )

Update 2:30 PM - Here are the pics taken with the family of three mentioned in the previous post... )
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I am including links throughout the post to the respective Tweets as what I described happened for completeness' sake.

I left the house yesterday wearing my Autobot symbol hat, "Watchmen" t-shirt, and my Spider-Man club shirt over it. Got on BART, got off at Powel street, and walked to the Moscone Center South, whereupon I got myself into line. Soon after that I met up with rackstrawAl and met a family of three who were just as excited to be there as we were. All of us got interviewed for Wondercon. Eventually we got let in to get our badges and wait in line again to be let into the dealer's room. Al got separated from me, but I talked to the family I had met and they even took a few pictures which they promised to email to me at some point. Once we were let into the dealer's room I went straight to the celebrity area and met Erin Gray, Barry Jenner, and others. I decided to bite the bullet and get in the long line for DC swag. then generally walked around the dealer's hall until angry_wolfCarl got there. We got into the very long line to try to win "Watchmen" tickets, but we ended up not winning them. We left the con to head back to Carl's place and meet up with grendelsmRudy to watch the new BSG episode. Got home and pretty much called it a night..

Today I left the house with zackerysperdutoZack in tow around 9:30 AM, took BART to the city, and while on the way to get Zack registered met Felicia Day while she was in line to get her badge. We then hurried up to the room where they were having the "Watchmen" panel, I talked to eliteLouise, and when the show started I was simply amazed at the the first ten minutes or so of the movie that they ended up showing us... basically the first 13 pages of the graphic novel, including an awesome montage over the credits. After that we got our "Watchmen" buttons, tried to get in line to see Felicia Day and failed, and ate lunch at Jollibee's. After lunch I met Wendy & Richard Pini, which was an honor since I loved Elfquest so much. Ran into jasonwarlockWarlock a few times. Bought myself my annual geeky logo shot glass, Blue Sun this time, from the Stylin' Online booth. Later on I stood in line and got my Dr. Horrible DVD signed by Felicia Day, then Carl took a picture of she and I. Carl, Zack, and I went to the Metreon to wait in line to see 45 minutes of the new Pixar film "Up".. After retrieving our cell phones we all agreed that what they showed us was just kick ass and we couldn't wait to see the whole thing at the end of May. Also, "squirrel!" Taking BART back to San Bruno, we went to moonwhispersBrian and Zack's house to watch Commentary the Musical and the ELE application videos on my Dr. Horrible DVD. Now I am home... looking forward to more Wondercon tomorrow.

Here are pics from the con... )
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So where was I the past half hour you might ask? Let me tell you...

Riding in the back of a limo (I even got to fulfill my dream of standing up through the moonroof and have people shout "right on" or somesuch at me), being driven to 7-11 and KFC... by O.J. Simpson's brother.

He's one of my new housemates. I shit you not. He's actually a really nice guy, and a good driver, despite his past.

So yeah... I was here the other night with sausage_boyLloyd, who was helping me move stuff into my new room. He looked on the mantle and realized there were a lot of pics that had O.J. in them, and then we saw a framed signed portrait that said in no uncertain terms that my housemate was O.J.'s big brother.

Sometimes these things happen I guess...
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Just got home from the con and the concert.

Had a great time at WonderCon. Met people, took pictures. Here's a few for the time being: )

The above pic of Brian Wood has him holding a copy of Local, a comic book that djinnethGwynne likes to read. I had him sign the first issue to her as a present. I bought myself a Heroes t-shirt and an Autobot symbol hat to replace the one I lost last year. Talked to a ton of people, walked way too much, but generally had a good time. Looking forward to going again tomorrow, this time with Gwynne, and plans to see some panels.

As for the concert, I really enjoyed the opening act, Paul & Storm. As far as I was concerned they could have kept performing longer. However, Jonathan Coulton just rocked the house (with help from the duo as well as a few other guests) and the only downside was an audience that didn't know when to keep quiet. I can't wait to own the DVD they're making with the footage shot tonight... perhaps Gwynnie and I will be seen in it!

Anyway, off to bed... so very tired and I have an early staff meeting at work. Unt.
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In the last week or so I have:
  • Met Joe Montana on Monday and saw Dwight Clark yesterday, both at Sharper Image. Geeked out with Joe and shook his hand.

  • Had a very nice birthday dinner with my friends at Max's Opera Cafe. Thank you to everyone who was there!

  • Watched more 2nd season Buffy episodes. Angel has lost his soul after doing the nasty with Buffy, and now he's like a typical guy who finally "gets some"... only worse.

  • Improved my RSG % at SI, making my boss happy. Also signing up a lot of cards, which makes my wallet happier.

  • Got my comic books from Lee's (as much as I could without spending more than $50. I dunno... I think I need to stop collecting at least some of these titles.
Not a bad week!
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I really want to try to keep up with my LJ more than I have the last few months (which is barely) so here goes something... )

For posterity, here are Schaffer the Darklord's verses from I Hate Your Blog & Nerdcore Rising at the show that night... (he sent them to me via MySpace this morning): )
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A lot has happened in the past two months since my last post.

Where to begin? )
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So HP 5 was awesome. Yes, parts were left out. It didn't really matter, because what they had in there was darn good. The actress playing Luna stole the scenes she was in, and Umbridge made my hands curl into fists every time she spoke. Anyway, I may re-read the book and possibly book six as well before book seven comes out.

As for work, I had a surprise today. Some guys came in looking for 3-D glasses for some reason. Turns out one of them is Bad Planet (a comic book) writer and star of the 2004 film "The Punisher" Thomas Jane. The guy bought a few copies of his comic, shook my hand and posed for the following picture: )

... so that was cool. The guys who were with him said they'd bring him back around the store soon.

I've had a headache for most of the day, so I think it's time for bed.
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OK... just a quick update before my two-hour nap...

I enjoyed breakfast with gwynnethsmithGwynne earlier on Tuesday and as a nice bonus, thanks to her I now have The Matrix Revolutions soundtrack and the "Weird Al" Yankovic Ultimate Video Collection... I really like that girl!

I saw the Matrix Revolutions and loved it. moonwhispersBrian dropped me off sometime around midnight at the Daly City theatre. While I was there I talked to/shook hands with Kevin Smith and said a quick hello to Jason Mewes. I told Kevin that I loved his movies, and I'm looking forward to Jersey Girl. He told me that he loved my Fight Club t-shirt. Through it all I was nervous as hell... celebrities do that to me despite my thinking that they're just ordinary people who happen to be famous.

More later... sleep now...

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