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Who: MC Frontalot (with Dr. Awkward and Corn Mo)

What: a nerdcore hip-hop concert which will most likely include songs from his forthcoming album Question Bedtime

Where: Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA

When: 4 September 2014 @ 8PM

Why: because MC Frontalot is "the world's 579th greatest rapper"

Tickets are only $12! You can get them here or at the door for $15.
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Who: MC Frontalot
What: nerdcore hip-hop concert
Where: Cafe du Nord - 2170 Market Street - San Francisco, CA
When: Tuesday 4 May 2010 @ 8PM
Why: to showcase his latest album Zero Day

RSVP at the Facebook event page here!
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I have been emailing people via Craigslist ads regarding rooms for rent. I've looked at a few but I am apparently not getting one in Palo Alto that would have been perfect, however I am still looking. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow in Burlingame to look at a room. I am working five days a week at Calafia, which is nice... I could use the extra hours. Meanwhile, I have been watching the following either live, streaming, or on DVD: Caprica, Lost (awesome start to this last season!), Spartacus: Blood & Sand, The Big Bang Theory (halfway through season 3), & Heroes (season finale next Monday). I am very much looking forward to a free screening of "Serenity" at Google on the 11th and the MC Frontalot concert on the 15th.
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Not a whole lot to say... well...

Still working at Calafia, getting more hours there than before but not enough to live on. Keeping my eyes out for an additional job. I've saved a ton of money over Eksmas and since, but I need more income on a monthly basis before I move into my own place again.

I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum on moonwhispersBrian's PS3 and I've been loving it. Have watched some movies with angry_wolfCarl recently that include "Book of Eli" (liked it) and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (loved it). Looking forward to the MC Frontalot concert on 15 February and Wondercon 2010 at the beginning of April, not to mention the returns of Lost, V, and the premier of Caprica. Also, I've decided that I need to get out more with friends and DO stuff. I need more of a life than what I've got going on now. For instance, I really liked a recent dinner at spideyjKanane's house, where I met some funny and cool people plus learned of the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed my Wednesday night comic book store geekout sessions with a friend/former coworker and the regular customers I know from having worked there. I have not, however, been enjoying the rain and cold as walking in or waiting for the bus in said elements are of teh suck. I did like what I saw yesterday after the rain:

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Who: MC Frontalot (with Brandon Patton)

What: a nerdcore hip-hop concert which will most likely include songs from his forthcoming album Zero Day

Where: Cafe du Nord in San Francisco, CA

When: 15 February 2010 @ 8PM

Why: because MC Frontalot is "the world's 579th greatest rapper"

Tickets are only $10! You can get them here or at the door.


Apr. 11th, 2009 02:44 am
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As I had previously mentioned, djinnethGwynne and I saw Schaffer The Darklord, Coolzey, and The Rhombus at the Hemlock Tavern in S.F. tonight. The highlight of the evening is when he announced to the audience that I had requested he play The Rappist, which he did, and I was brought up to the stage by the president of the local STD fan club. Also, if the tracks I heard tonight from the new album is any indication of how awesome it is going to be, then I will preorder the hell out of it. I have more to say, but for now here are two pics that were taken after the show: )
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Ladies, gentlemen, etc...

I'm about to make a long overdue return trip to San Francisco to perform a show at one of my very favorite rock holes in America, the Hemlock Tavern. Joining me on this bill are my soulmate in rhymes Coolzey and SF-based song wizard The Rhombus. I plan to play an evenly balanced collection of old songs as well as a number of future hits from the new album dropping this summer. The sickness of this show is going to be epic, I promise you.

Friday, April 10th
Schaffer the Darklord (NYC, headlining)
Coolzey (Iowa, in da middle)
The Rhombus (SF, opening)
@ The Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk St. @ Post St.
San Francisco, CA
9:30pm, $10, 21+

I saw Schaffer the Darklord in concert when he was touring with MC Frontalot a year and a half ago. He was so good that I bought his album that night and listen to it all the time. I can't wait for this concert!
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  • Working a double shift today (like I did on Wednesday)... Calafia and Books Inc. back to back. That's fine with me... I could use the hours. Then tonight is BSG with the usual suspects. Woot!

  • I have watched "Towelhead", "Cashback", and "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" in the past week via Netflix. All three were good, but "Towelhead" really stands out as just a fantastic film.

  • I used my day off yesterday to clean my room (including vacuuming), do two loads of laundry, and take out the trash. Go domestic me! I realised just now that I have lived at my new place for just over a month now... and I am feeling pretty good about that.

  • Finally, I have learned that the Jonathan Coulton 22 February 2008 concert DVD/CD set is coming very soon!
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I have some time before I start work, so I figure I might as well post what's been happening lately:

I have been fairy lonely at my new place. Been watching a lot of DVDs and spending time at Tanforan, but that's already getting kind of old. I really need to get internet access and cable.

Still waiting to begin work at Calafia. I am looking forward to it, but I'm also nervous since it's a new job and I don't want to screw up my chance of staying employed there. I really need this job, and I was lucky to get it.

Finances are better now than the last few weeks. I actually ended up going negative in my bank account due to a combination of bad decisions and not keeping very good track of how much I spent. Now, however, I have two Books Inc. paychecks coming in February, plus whatever I get from Calafia, and my tax refund is on it's way to being directly deposited in the next few weeks (it took awhile to get them to accept it), so I can breathe a little... not to say I'm going to be spending wildly, but at least I'm not stressing so much anymore.

BSG just frakking rules. Last night's episode was so good! I'm only sad there's just 7 or so more episodes before it's over. At least there will be the t.v. movie The Plan and the new series Caprica to whet my appetite.

I have a few things I am really looking forward to in the next few months or so, such as the long awaited Jonathan Coulton concert DVD, Wondercon (Felicia Day will be there!), Watchmen, and Schaffer the Darklord & Stephen Lynch concerts in April and May respectively.
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First of all, the new "Star Trek" trailer is online here, and it's not the bootleg... looks awesome! Next up, Robot Chicken aired a second Star Wars special, and it's online here. It's at least as funny as the first one.

Ok... now that that's out of the way, on to the update. I've been coughing non-stop for the past 2.5 months, and needless to say it is of the suck. In addition I've been feeling generally unwell the last week, although today I'm feeling much better. I did some housework but mostly relaxed, watched "Hellboy II" (took a nap between halves of it though). Looking forward to seeing MC Frontalot in concert on Thursday... he's playing at the Zen Lounge in Mountain View. I was going to go to the show in Oakland, but this one was just added, and I'd much rather go to the M.V. show as I can get off of work and take Caltrain one stop, have dinner, then see the concert. I am still going to go watch Nerdcore Rising in the city on Wednesday at 2 PM at the Red Vic. Oh, and last but certainly not least, what happened the evening of 4 November was so very awesome.

Alright, time to watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 special with djinnethGwynne.
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one week later... )
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  • I turned in an app to a toy store that is opening in the same mall where i work now. It looks very promising... fingers crossed.

  • Yesterday was Inked Books. We were going to talk about Kingdom Come, which I had re-read the day before. Not a single person showed up. {sigh}

  • I had a really good talk with Gwynne last night... well, she did most of the talking, but I needed to listen anyway.

  • I will be getting off of work at 3 tomorrow (managed to trade shifts) and heading straight down to the San Mateo County Fair to wait for "Weird Al" in concert. Can't wait!

  • On 30 September I will get up early and head to Target and pay what they ask for the 2 disc Iron Man DVD with much happiness in my heart.
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So last night after work I met up with Gwynne, Lloyd, and Darcy to watch "Pineapple Express". Damn that movie was hilarious. I mean a lot more than I had expected it to be. If you enjoy laughing go see it. There were trailers for a lot of movies that I want to see... "Eagle Eye", "Lakeview Terrace", "Hamlet 2", Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist , and "Yes Man" to name a few.

In other news I think I am coming down with a cold or something... ugh.

In other other news I am really hoping I can get Friday off so that I can see "Weird Al" Yankovic at the San Mateo County Fair.
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Anyone want to meet Barenaked Ladies and hear them perform their new children's CD Snacktime (which comes out tomorrow)?

Performance and CD Signing
Thursday 12 June 2008 @ 3:30 PM
Barnes & Noble
11 West Hillsdale Blvd, Hillsdale Shopping Center
San Mateo, CA 94403

The following tracks are on the CD: )

And here's the video for 7 8 9: )
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Haven't posted in a little while because not much has been going on. Here's the latest...  )
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99% complete... that's an A+ baby!

This is
Jonathan Coulton performing the end credits song Still Alive from the game Portal using Rock Band at the Great American Music Hall the other night. I may have never played either game, but I really like the song.

...and here are the lyrics: )
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Just got home from the con and the concert.

Had a great time at WonderCon. Met people, took pictures. Here's a few for the time being: )

The above pic of Brian Wood has him holding a copy of Local, a comic book that djinnethGwynne likes to read. I had him sign the first issue to her as a present. I bought myself a Heroes t-shirt and an Autobot symbol hat to replace the one I lost last year. Talked to a ton of people, walked way too much, but generally had a good time. Looking forward to going again tomorrow, this time with Gwynne, and plans to see some panels.

As for the concert, I really enjoyed the opening act, Paul & Storm. As far as I was concerned they could have kept performing longer. However, Jonathan Coulton just rocked the house (with help from the duo as well as a few other guests) and the only downside was an audience that didn't know when to keep quiet. I can't wait to own the DVD they're making with the footage shot tonight... perhaps Gwynnie and I will be seen in it!

Anyway, off to bed... so very tired and I have an early staff meeting at work. Unt.
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I shall be leaving soon to go into the city for WonderCon and Jonathan Coulton. I'll be Twittering a lot today probably, so if anyone cares be sure to see how my day is going. I am hoping to take some pics and get them on LJ sometime this weekend. I am hoping to get my hardcovers of the two Supreme Power books signed by J. Michael Straczinski and a Groo comic signed by Sergio Aragones, plus meet some famous people. The concert should be fun too... they will be filming it for DVD apparently.

In honor of JoCo, here is a webcomic: )

Oh yeah... Lost was awesome as usual. The book Bad Twin was meh.
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Been a few days or so since I posted. It's been pretty much the same old stuff. I've been working, and I am in fact getting more hours now, though I took today off due to my stomach persistently feeling unwell. Watched two movies at the theatre: "Jumper" and "The Spiderwick Chronicles", both of which I have enjoyed. Been watching Angel and Buffy episodes... in fact just in the last week I've gone through the entire first season of Angel. Also watched the Knight Rider pilot movie, which was fun. Looking very much forward to both WonderCon and the Jonathan Coulton concert this weekend with djinnethGwynne. I would like to find the time to read Bad Twin, the Lost novel.

That's it for now...

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