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Got up yesterday on the leisurely side, got myself to the Tanforan food court, and had brunch with angry_wolfCarl. We then took BART to the con, walked around the dealer's room for awhile, and while there I met Greg Horn and got my picture taken with him (see below). Eventually Carl and I went our separate ways... I wanted to attend the BtVS OMWF singalong dealio and he didn't. After first watching the first episode of Harper's Island (it was in the same room) I enjoyed the Buffy musical episode with jasonwarlockWarlock who had found me there. After that the con was pretty much closed down, so Carl and I started to leave when I saw Ray Park trying to get some stuff into his vehicle. I went over and met him, shaking hands with him twice... very awesome! Carl and I then had some pizza, went by the Apple store, and then headed back to San Bruno where we went our separate ways for the day. I watched the rest of The Guild season 1 and "City of Ember" then let sleep take me.

Today so far I have cleaned up my room a bit, got laundry ready, and wrote this post. I am planning on doing the laundry and watching the first disc of the first season of Spaced and generally relaxing as I go back to work tomorrow.

Greg Horn and I... )

Update 2:30 PM - Here are the pics taken with the family of three mentioned in the previous post... )
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I am including links throughout the post to the respective Tweets as what I described happened for completeness' sake.

I left the house yesterday wearing my Autobot symbol hat, "Watchmen" t-shirt, and my Spider-Man club shirt over it. Got on BART, got off at Powel street, and walked to the Moscone Center South, whereupon I got myself into line. Soon after that I met up with rackstrawAl and met a family of three who were just as excited to be there as we were. All of us got interviewed for Wondercon. Eventually we got let in to get our badges and wait in line again to be let into the dealer's room. Al got separated from me, but I talked to the family I had met and they even took a few pictures which they promised to email to me at some point. Once we were let into the dealer's room I went straight to the celebrity area and met Erin Gray, Barry Jenner, and others. I decided to bite the bullet and get in the long line for DC swag. then generally walked around the dealer's hall until angry_wolfCarl got there. We got into the very long line to try to win "Watchmen" tickets, but we ended up not winning them. We left the con to head back to Carl's place and meet up with grendelsmRudy to watch the new BSG episode. Got home and pretty much called it a night..

Today I left the house with zackerysperdutoZack in tow around 9:30 AM, took BART to the city, and while on the way to get Zack registered met Felicia Day while she was in line to get her badge. We then hurried up to the room where they were having the "Watchmen" panel, I talked to eliteLouise, and when the show started I was simply amazed at the the first ten minutes or so of the movie that they ended up showing us... basically the first 13 pages of the graphic novel, including an awesome montage over the credits. After that we got our "Watchmen" buttons, tried to get in line to see Felicia Day and failed, and ate lunch at Jollibee's. After lunch I met Wendy & Richard Pini, which was an honor since I loved Elfquest so much. Ran into jasonwarlockWarlock a few times. Bought myself my annual geeky logo shot glass, Blue Sun this time, from the Stylin' Online booth. Later on I stood in line and got my Dr. Horrible DVD signed by Felicia Day, then Carl took a picture of she and I. Carl, Zack, and I went to the Metreon to wait in line to see 45 minutes of the new Pixar film "Up".. After retrieving our cell phones we all agreed that what they showed us was just kick ass and we couldn't wait to see the whole thing at the end of May. Also, "squirrel!" Taking BART back to San Bruno, we went to moonwhispersBrian and Zack's house to watch Commentary the Musical and the ELE application videos on my Dr. Horrible DVD. Now I am home... looking forward to more Wondercon tomorrow.

Here are pics from the con... )
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  • I got to see moonwhispersBrian and duskwalker666Rainah tonight, though I wish it were under better circumstances... she's moving away. That makes me sad. But it's for the best I suppose. At least I got to have dinner at Chili's and watch Dr. Horrible with them and zackerysperdutoZack before heading home, which was fun.

  • Later today, at 10 AM, I start my first actual day of work at Calafia's market. I am excited! I then work the next few days.

  • I now have tickets for all three days of Wondercon and for the midnight showing of "Watchmen" at Tanforan. Woot!

  • I talked to my housemate about the internet deal and how I'm only able to be online half the time, so from April onward I will pay him just $10 a month... he said I don't need to pay for March since the $20 I paid this month will cover two months at the new price. I still might just get my own cable internet subscription at some point in the near future.
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The bad: So I am still a bit sick, the rain isn't helping (water inside shoes is bad), had to take the bus since the train would have made me late to work, and I am working two shifts back to back... Books Inc. then my last day of training at Calafia.

The good: I got myself a Coldbuster Jamba Juice, and found out that their oatmeal is just a dollar today, plus double shifts means double the money. Oh, and "Choke" was awesome.

That's all for now.

Update 4:30 PM - Training at Calafia was canceled. So I get to go home and recuperate tonight and all day tomorrow, then I work the next three days, and then have the following three days off for Wondercon! I also found out that they are willing to give me 40 hours at Calafia, so I am thinking of giving my two weeks at Books Inc. I don't really want to, since I like working at the bookstore and all, but I just don't see how I can work both jobs and keep my sanity. Oh, and for the record, I highly recommend the Queen Calafia burger... so tasty!
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After watching the first two episodes of Dollhouse on Hulu, I feel like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were just warmups for the real thing: this.

At least if I had to stay home sick from work today I had something good to watch... and I also have "Choke" from Netflix waiting on top of my t.v. And speaking of t.v., another good ep of BSG last night. "How many dead chicks are out there?" Heh heh.

Got my work schedule from Calafia last night... let's just say my worries about not having enough hours are over. In fact, I may have to ask for less. I am really hoping they will do something about the fact that I'm scheduled next weekend, since I plan on attending Wondercon then.

Update 4:08 PM - "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Just finished watching six episodes of Lost in a row... now I am all caught up! I even wore my numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) t-shirt during part of the mini-marathon. This season is so good... I like that it isn't really flashbacks anymore... instead it's mostly taking place in the present (more or less) with time traveling instead. Very interesting twists and stuff. Old questions answered, new ones asked. Loving it!
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The SiliCon staff email list received the following from the chair:

It is less than two months to the con.  We have a *lot* to do. If you do not make it, and do not have a real, viable second who can, I *will* replace you.

My response:

Considering I have to work on Sunday and my second does also, feel free to go ahead and replace me.  Sorry, but work always comes first.

So SiliCon needs a new dealer's liaison. Anyone interested in attending the meeting this Sunday, plus every Sunday in September, and paying the $30 to be on a volunteer staff of people who (it seems to me) are constantly griping at each other? Anyone? Bueller?

And you know, since I'm on the subject, she also said this:

As always, status reports and requests of other departments need to be posted to this list, so we don't waste time with them at the meeting.


Then what the fuck are the meetings for?!?!
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Started the Excel spreadsheet for the SiliCon dealers last night, but I still have to do the rest and then get emails out to them, although I did email back some of the dealers who have been waiting for a reply.

Was woken up earlier than I had planned to be awake by a dog right outside my window. People wonder why I'm not a huge fan of dogs... that is one reason why. Cats don't bark and they don't have huge tongues that slobber all over you. Anyway, I got some laundry into the washer, then after a bit started pumping out emails with my resume attached all rapidfire-like. With any luck I'll have a new job by the 1st. I'll just have to make sure I am able to get that time off in October for SiliCon...

On a side note, the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiers on AOL tonight sometime around 9 PM. Woo hoo!
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I feel like my life right now is in a holding pattern, that I'm just going through the motions of day to day life, waiting for it to really happen again. I've had the last few days off of work, and all I've done is lock myself in my room, websurfing and reading the galley of the Peter David book that's coming out in June, Tigerheart, until my eyes are too blurry that I can't see what I'm reading anymore, whereupon I nap. Not to say that hasn't been relaxing and that I don't appreciate some downtime, but it's almost like not having djinnethGwynne around means that I'm not really living my life like I could be. I don't know... maybe I'm just depressed right now... maybe I need to get something to eat. My coworker has this excellent DVD collection and I don't even feel like watching anything, which is strange for me. Maybe going to work tomorrow will help.

I went to the SiliCon meeting on Sunday, which was good. I was the first one there, and I wondered if I seemed overeager to be there. Anyway, the meeting got me really excited about being involved, being dealer's room liaison and all. It'll be nice having time to prepare this time instead of filling in at the last second like last year.

Meh... I think that's all for now.
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me with Chris Blackwood AKA "Mini-Maul"

I am wearing my Heroes t-shirt autographed by Tim Sale and my new Autobot symbol hat, both acquired from the Stylin' Online booth.
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So I got up very early for the store meeting yesterday, got myself down there, and was among the first to arrive. The meeting went well, then I got home and before too long djinnethGwynne and I were on our way to the city... but first we stopped for brunch at Lyon's. Arriving at the Moscone Center we were a little daunted by the fact that there might be nowhere to park, but we actually found a spot fairly close to the convention. I got autographs from Terry Moore on my copies of the first and last issues of Strangers In Paradise as well as Sergio Aragones' on yet another Groo issue. After that we decided to attend some panels... the end of the "Wall·E" one, a "Shutter"/"X-Files 2" one, plus "Harold and Kumar 2", and the Iron Man one. I then tried to get J. Michael Straczynski to sign my Supreme Power hardcovers, but even though I was able to meet him he wasn't able to sign. We walked a bit more around the dealer's room and ran into our friend Chris, dressed as Darth Maul, or as some people were calling him Mini-Maul : )

Anyway, we left the con and headed to San Bruno to meet up with angry_wolfCarl for dinner at Pasta Pomodoro... as good as the chicken parmasean was, their chocolate souffle' cake was to die for. Carl went home while Gwynnie and I headed to flowermistressColleen's house for a get together. We kicked it there for awhile, but I was tired even before we showed up so we cut out early and headed home for some much needed sleep.

Woke up to finding the power had gone out, so I went back to sleep. Woke up again very groggy and not feeling that well, and once I finally got the internet working again I have been websurfing since.
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So I went to WonderCon yesterday, and one of the highlights of the day was the Iron Man presentation. Sombody took a video of the presentation, and BTW I was one of the guys in the beginning who yelled out "you're so money!"

2 May 2008 can't come soon enough.
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Just got home from the con and the concert.

Had a great time at WonderCon. Met people, took pictures. Here's a few for the time being: )

The above pic of Brian Wood has him holding a copy of Local, a comic book that djinnethGwynne likes to read. I had him sign the first issue to her as a present. I bought myself a Heroes t-shirt and an Autobot symbol hat to replace the one I lost last year. Talked to a ton of people, walked way too much, but generally had a good time. Looking forward to going again tomorrow, this time with Gwynne, and plans to see some panels.

As for the concert, I really enjoyed the opening act, Paul & Storm. As far as I was concerned they could have kept performing longer. However, Jonathan Coulton just rocked the house (with help from the duo as well as a few other guests) and the only downside was an audience that didn't know when to keep quiet. I can't wait to own the DVD they're making with the footage shot tonight... perhaps Gwynnie and I will be seen in it!

Anyway, off to bed... so very tired and I have an early staff meeting at work. Unt.
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I shall be leaving soon to go into the city for WonderCon and Jonathan Coulton. I'll be Twittering a lot today probably, so if anyone cares be sure to see how my day is going. I am hoping to take some pics and get them on LJ sometime this weekend. I am hoping to get my hardcovers of the two Supreme Power books signed by J. Michael Straczinski and a Groo comic signed by Sergio Aragones, plus meet some famous people. The concert should be fun too... they will be filming it for DVD apparently.

In honor of JoCo, here is a webcomic: )

Oh yeah... Lost was awesome as usual. The book Bad Twin was meh.
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Been a few days or so since I posted. It's been pretty much the same old stuff. I've been working, and I am in fact getting more hours now, though I took today off due to my stomach persistently feeling unwell. Watched two movies at the theatre: "Jumper" and "The Spiderwick Chronicles", both of which I have enjoyed. Been watching Angel and Buffy episodes... in fact just in the last week I've gone through the entire first season of Angel. Also watched the Knight Rider pilot movie, which was fun. Looking very much forward to both WonderCon and the Jonathan Coulton concert this weekend with djinnethGwynne. I would like to find the time to read Bad Twin, the Lost novel.

That's it for now...
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From an email by Jonathan Coulton:

My apologies if your geographical location makes this email irrelevant, but THIS INFORMATION MUST BE KNOWN: On February 22 I'll be doing a show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. I'll be accompanied by a crew of video production people who will capture whatever magic happens there, and later, re-assemble it on a DVD that hopefully the entire world will purchase. With any luck, this will also lead to a proper live CD. I'm telling you all this because it's important that the show be fun and special and generally awesome. If you live in San Francisco, I insist you come to this show. If you don't I hope you'll tell your San Francisco friends about it so they come instead. This will be fun! And expensive and terrifying (for me, not you)! Buy your tickets here: Will there be more shows? Yes, somewhere, sometime. Honestly I can't think past the 22nd right now, and a lot of things are still coming together. When stuff gets booked, I will spam you about it. I promise. See you in SF! -j

The cool thing is, it's the same night Wondercon opens, so I'll be in S.F. anyway. I bought tickets for djinnethGwynne and I (one of the seat numbers is the same for "file not found"... heh) at since the other places online were sold out. I think I'll wear my zombie Spider-Man t-shirt that day (o/` all we wanna do is eat your brains o/`).

I can't wait!
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A lot has happened in the past two months since my last post.

Where to begin? )
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I went to the San Mateo County Fair with djinnethGwynne, alotheriaSarah J., and Simon. Had a lot of fun there. The Mini-donut lady was a bitch, but the donuts were tasty as usual. I won a blue monkey from one of the games. For five bucks I got to ride a Segway, and I had Gwynnie take video of it: )

One cool thing I found out was that the new girl we hired at Lee's, Megami, had won first place for her art: )

In other news, Gwynne and I saw "Stardust" which was an absolutely great movie. I still need to see "Superbad". It kinda scares/amuses me that Hot Topic is selling I Am McLovin t-shirts though. I've been watching a lot of Smallville repeats to catch up. There are some really good episodes in the last few seasons. The new series Flash Gordon on the Sci Fi channel isn't as good as I hoped it would be, but I keep giving it more chances anyway. Work has been good. I introduced a few people to the music stylings of MC Frontalot and other nerdcore rappers yesterday.

Today I have the day off, which I planned to use for going to the SiliCon meeting but I changed my mind... I figure I'll go to the two just before the con seeing as I don't have an official position yet anyway. I'm going to be going to the free Shakespeare in the park presentation of A Midsummer Night's Dream later today. I liked the movie, so I'm guessing seeing it live will be a good thing.

I guess that's it for now... I'll try to post more often from now on.
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Who - Fans (casual and rabid) of Sci-Fi/Horror/Comic/Anime... all things geeky!

What - SiliCon 2007

Where - Doubletree Hotel in San Jose

When - 5-7 October 2007

Why - All proceeds go to diabetes research

Hope you can make it to the con!
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So I haven't posted in a little while... here's the news from the past 5 days or so:

I went to the SiliCon meeting on Sunday. Among other things I was asked to moderate a Spider-Man panel by somebody (no real surprise considering, but still... to be asked? wow!) and was asked by genuine_snarkGeo to manage the putting together of the art show panels. When the meeting was over and I decided there wasn't more to be done there, eliteLouise and I took off to catch a bus to Caltrain to BART and finally got to the Cafe Du Nord in S.F. By the time we got there it was around 7 PM or so and I hadn't eaten all day, but I still stood in line to wait and make sure I was able to get in. Finally in, I was able to get some food and drink, got to know a few people who Louise knew (tyrsalviaAutumn and metaphorgeFox), and generally relax. Frontalot gave me a Certificate of Awesomeness, and I bought a funpack and a t-shirt from his Ma & Pa. Finally the MC Frontalot concert started after MC Lars and Optimus Rhyme finished their sets... and it was a blast. Every song he sang was one I liked, and so fun was had in large amounts. After the show he signed both of the CDs I brought, and the night was over save the praising of the show between djinnethGwynne and I in the car ride home.

Monday night after work I got to have dinner at the wonderful lexigeekAdam and klevermoreKarla's house with Louise. It was quite awesome to see the new episode of Heroes (OMGWTFBBQ) and the 3rd and 4th episodes of Drive (which has apparently been canceled... stupid Fox).

Tuesday I wasn't feeling good after work. Nothing really major happened. Meh.

Last night was a dose of good and bad. I got to hang out with Louise and watch "Grandma's Boy", which was more hilarious than I had thought it would be (anyone who has tested video games and/or has a sense of humor should see it), and so that was of the good. I came home and chatted with angry_wolfCarl, also good. When I went into the bedroom that was when the bad started. I hadn't let Gwynne know where I was, she had thought I'd be home when she got home from class and had been worrying, and the next thing I knew a major argument started between us, and... well, just badness. We went to sleep in a better mood than before the argument, but I really need to find a new place to live ASAP. We can't continue living with each other, and we both know it.

Today I slept in very late, then went with Gwynne to Baker's Square for more talking which was good. We went to Best Buy and got a few things each (I now have the Stephen Lynch CD A Little Bit Special and Gwynne has the Black Snake Moan soundtrack), had a quick stop at 7-11, and came home to listen to our music and sign up for cable.

Update 29 April 2008 / 11:02 PM - I found this video of MC Frontalot performing Goth Girls at Cafe Du Nord that night on You Tube just now:

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So I did the work thing today down in Mountain View. Except for one customer (there always has to be one, huh?) it was a good day. I am definitely getting along with my coworker Shaun better than I did last year. Let's see... what else... well, today I am starting my New Me plan. I'm going to try to lose weight, get healthier, and get certain things done that I should have taken care of a long time ago. It would be so easy to fall into the trap of "poor me, I feel rejected so I'm gonna let my life go to shit", but I won't. I can't... not again. I'm thinking of this as the kick in the ass I needed to turn things around. I've already started looking into places to live. The sooner the better.

In other news I am only two episodes into Veronica Mars (thanks to eliteLouise) but I can tell I'm going to love it. I can't wait for the fourth episode, the one with Comic Con. But yeah... soon I'll be just like L and leucocrystalEleanore, all posting about the show (which is fine!)... but I don't think I'm going to fall for Jason "Logan" Dohring or anything. Kristen Bell on the other hand... mmmm. And she's gonna be in "Fanboys"!

Speaking of cons and fanboys, if anyone hasn't already registered who is planning on going to SiliCon this year, now is a good time! Only $35 for the weekend until 1 June 2007. Please excuse the pimping... I really want the con to do well since the guys who run it are so cool and the proceeds are for a good cause and all. I even put a banner for the con on my user info page. One of the co-chairs asked me to play Eddie in a shadowcast for RHPS at an anime convention this coming weekend. I said yes. I'm pretty nervous, but I think it'll be fun... I just need to re-watch the movie before then to learn Eddie's part.

So I don't know what I'll do with my evening now... probably pop in a DVD or play some SSX on the PS2.

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