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2009-03-24 10:21 am

"heroes change the world, not diapers..."

I have today off, as I did yesterday, and was able to watch the latest Heroes episode. Even if Heroes hasn't been as good as it was in the first season (so people say) this episode seemed to be a huge exception to that... it was perfect. Same with the latest Dollhouse episode. The five episodes before it were just the warm-up for the good stuff. In other media news, I finally watched "Kung Fu Panda", and I have to say I seriously underestimated how good it was. Loved it. Same with "No Country For Old Men". I know it seems like I like everything I see, but that's not always the case... I just happen to be lucky enough to watch things that I like. Maybe it's partly that I don't over analyze what I watch and instead just allow myself to enjoy it. I also recently saw "Crash", which I'm not sure I liked as much as everything else, but at least it had nudity and car crashes.

Money is a little tight, but I think I will be able to pay rent and still be able to eat. One of my jobs cut a day from my schedule (which was very late being put up by the way), so I'm a little worried, but I was also told that it was temporary. I sure hope so... it would suck if I was working two jobs and still couldn't afford rent and food.

I have found that I enjoy doing laundry and cleaning my room (to an extent). Once it's all done, and I can look around and know that everything is clean and put away where it's supposed to go, I just feel better. I need to get a few things still for the room... for instance I have a mattress coming to me if I can arrange to pick it up. I appreciate the futon I was given, but I wake up with a stiff neck because of the way I have to sleep on it. I also need a computer desk and chair, plus a bookcase. I should really put some stuff up on the walls too.

Update 2:43 PM - So I just had to add here that "There Will Be Blood" is seriously a great movie. I regret not having seen it sooner. "I drink your milkshake" indeed!
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2009-03-02 11:54 am

Wondercon 2009 - day 3 and beyond...

Got up yesterday on the leisurely side, got myself to the Tanforan food court, and had brunch with angry_wolfCarl. We then took BART to the con, walked around the dealer's room for awhile, and while there I met Greg Horn and got my picture taken with him (see below). Eventually Carl and I went our separate ways... I wanted to attend the BtVS OMWF singalong dealio and he didn't. After first watching the first episode of Harper's Island (it was in the same room) I enjoyed the Buffy musical episode with jasonwarlockWarlock who had found me there. After that the con was pretty much closed down, so Carl and I started to leave when I saw Ray Park trying to get some stuff into his vehicle. I went over and met him, shaking hands with him twice... very awesome! Carl and I then had some pizza, went by the Apple store, and then headed back to San Bruno where we went our separate ways for the day. I watched the rest of The Guild season 1 and "City of Ember" then let sleep take me.

Today so far I have cleaned up my room a bit, got laundry ready, and wrote this post. I am planning on doing the laundry and watching the first disc of the first season of Spaced and generally relaxing as I go back to work tomorrow.

Greg Horn and I... )

Update 2:30 PM - Here are the pics taken with the family of three mentioned in the previous post... )
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2009-02-20 09:23 am

"well that's probably the comfort issue I was referring to earlier..."

  • Working a double shift today (like I did on Wednesday)... Calafia and Books Inc. back to back. That's fine with me... I could use the hours. Then tonight is BSG with the usual suspects. Woot!

  • I have watched "Towelhead", "Cashback", and "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" in the past week via Netflix. All three were good, but "Towelhead" really stands out as just a fantastic film.

  • I used my day off yesterday to clean my room (including vacuuming), do two loads of laundry, and take out the trash. Go domestic me! I realised just now that I have lived at my new place for just over a month now... and I am feeling pretty good about that.

  • Finally, I have learned that the Jonathan Coulton 22 February 2008 concert DVD/CD set is coming very soon!
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2008-12-01 10:00 am

to do list...

  • Take out all garbage and recycling

  • Start laundry

  • Tidy up living room

  • Do dishes

  • Clean bathroom

  • Vacuum

  • Rinse out broom

Oh yeah... happy birthday to Jonathan Coulton!
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2008-11-27 11:01 pm

my first Vlog...

Thank you djinnethGwynne for being the camerawoman!
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2008-10-06 04:44 pm

o/` I crack the whip, you play the game... o/`

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2008-07-29 11:40 am


Started the Excel spreadsheet for the SiliCon dealers last night, but I still have to do the rest and then get emails out to them, although I did email back some of the dealers who have been waiting for a reply.

Was woken up earlier than I had planned to be awake by a dog right outside my window. People wonder why I'm not a huge fan of dogs... that is one reason why. Cats don't bark and they don't have huge tongues that slobber all over you. Anyway, I got some laundry into the washer, then after a bit started pumping out emails with my resume attached all rapidfire-like. With any luck I'll have a new job by the 1st. I'll just have to make sure I am able to get that time off in October for SiliCon...

On a side note, the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiers on AOL tonight sometime around 9 PM. Woo hoo!
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2008-07-08 05:25 pm

"What the fuck have you done lately?"

Laundry is put away. Finished Persepolis... just beautiful. Just watched "Wanted" online, streamed from a website. I enjoyed it, but I assume it would be even better on the big screen. I haven't seen it in the theatre because I've been trying to not spend so much of what I have left in the bank as it's not that much and my hours at Books Inc. will be half of what they are now after this week. However, things just might be looking up...

As I finished watching "Wanted" I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a new voicemail message. I checked it, and to my pleasant surprise discovered that the Longs Drugs that I go to all the time in Town & Country (where Books Inc. is also) called me regarding my application which I had turned in 18 June 2008. I called back, and it looks like I have an interview for Thursday or Friday (I'm supposed to call again tomorrow as the manager was heading out the door). I know I quit Longs after one year in September 2004 because it totally sucked there... but I need the money, and beggars can't be choosers. So wish me luck!
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2008-07-08 10:43 am

my day so far...

Well, I haven't been awake a full hour yet and already I have laundry started and my room is clean(er)... meaning my bed is made, garbage taken out, everything is off the floor, and now I'm doing what I call "compcleaning" which means Spybot, AdAware, CCleaner and Defraggler. Of course my phone and MP3 player are all charged, ready to go.

In other news I have to read Persepolis today since the [ profile] inked_books meeting is tomorrow.

Update 12:20 PM - So I have read about half of Persepolis, and I absolutely love it. I want to thank trite_clicheLiz for suggesting it for [ profile] inked_books. I think I'm going to have to rent the DVD version soon.
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2008-03-02 10:43 pm

"chipmunk robots on ice..."

So, a few things of the recent variety in no particular order...

Work: I have the best coworkers. They are truly a joy to work with and hang out with after the working. There's a few who make me feel like I'm family... they know who they are. The grand reopening party the other night was much more fun than I imagined it would be, with myself as co-bartender (okay, all we had was wine and sparkling water but still...) and seeing people I work with dressed up a bit. After that I went to Chili's with a few of them and had a blast. Today we had Curious George at the store (well, one of the warehouse people dressed up as him anyway). The store was packed! We are kinda thinking about doing this again more often. Our customers love the new store... I don't think I've heard a single negative comment.

Moving: I have a couple of good leads, and I'm hoping to move within a few weeks. One place is super close to work, and that's the one I'm really hoping for. I'm a little nervous about moving out, but I thing ultimately it's the best thing I can do for myself and djinnethGwynne.

Gwynne: Speaking of... I have tried to have as little interaction with her as possible for a few reasons. Part of it is the whole being rejected thing (even though I know that all of this is for the best). It hurt to be pushed away once again, and I just feel that it'll be easier on both of us to simply not have contact for now. I think once I'm away from here I'll feel differently. Hopefully she'll appreciate that I did dishes, cleaned the toilet, and did some of her laundry tonight between Angel episodes. I figured it couldn't hurt.

T.V. / DVD: Lost was totally awesome... Eli Stone was pretty good. Angel keeps rocking my socks off (though I am at a part in the season that I've seen before, but I honestly don't mind).

That's all for now... I may edit this as I think of stuff.

Update 3 March 2008 / 7:00 PM - Here's a photo fron the grand re-opening party. From left to right: Me, my co-bartender John, sjgrrrlHeather, & hagbooLori...

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2008-02-12 03:22 pm

maxin' and chillaxin'...

I am enjoying my day off today. Went out shopping with my former neighbor Kathy (it's becoming a Tuesday thing), got a few things including lunch, and now I am home. Put some laundry in, put garbage and recycling out. I may be more domestic later but right now I am listening to music and chatting with djinnethGwynne who received the valentine card I sent to her work. I found an online valentine she made for me today, which was super sweet of her. I really do dig that girl.

Yesterday I worked at the Mountain View Books Inc. It was pretty cool... I geeked out hardcore with the guys I was working with. I even stayed an extra two hours longer than I planned on. It was nice working there, and I may do it again if they need me to.
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2007-12-03 09:55 pm


I had a good day at work yesterday, which is pretty usual for working at Books Inc. After work I got a ride with two of my co-workers and ended up at Pizza My Heart, where I had a great time talking with many of my co-workers and a few of their significant others. I got home rather later than I thought I would, but I still managed to get in some t.v. before going to bed.

I ended up taking the day off today as I wasn't feeling that well... in fact shortly before I was going to take a shower I threw up. I called in and the manager was very nice about giving me the day off. I spent the day doing a lot of laundry, watching two discs worth of BtVS season 2, ending on episode 8) and taking a nap with Selene. Now I am waiting for djinnethGwynne to get home so we can watch the season finale of Heroes and possibly some Tin Man, of which tonight is the second episode (we haven't seen any of it yet though).

Tomorrow night might possibly be a viewing of "The Mist", then a free screening of "Juno" on the 6th. And of course Friday is special to me for some reason... or 35 of them actually.
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2007-10-31 11:59 pm
Entry tags:

"who died and made you fucking king of the zombies?"

So for our Halloween we watched back to back Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes and a South Park Halloween episode, ate tasty chicken sandwiches and tater tots, got a handful of trick or treaters, and watched "Shaun of the Dead" all snuggled up on the couch together. Not a bad night all in all. My impromptu Halloween costume consisted of my "Incredibles" t-shirt and some black sweats... not that we had enough visitors that it mattered. Oh well. Next year I think we're going out for the evening.

During the day I got some laundry done, fixed the vacuum cleaner, and vacuumed. Go me.

It's kinda freaking me out that djinnethGwynne is in the other room, still on the couch, groaning like a zombie in her sleep.
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2007-10-19 05:21 pm

the job hunt begins again...

Updated my resume. Waiting for djinnethGwynne to check it and give me her thoughts. Sent a copy of what I had updated to a book store looking for a receiver... crossing fingers.

Also, I have done two loads of laundry so far, with a third about to be started, and I'm going to see if the dishes wouldn't mind getting tackled. In relaxation news for today I have watched a South Park episode, The Colbert Report, and started reading Colbert's new book (which is darned funny). I would totally vote for him for president. Hmmm... checking out the qualifications... I'll be turning 35 this year - maybe I should run for president myself? At least I'd be employed for four years (unless I get impeached or assassinated... or both).
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2007-08-09 12:07 pm

stop drop and roll and I will tell you where I'm coming from...

So it's been a week since I last posted. Sue me. I've been Twittering pretty much daily, so I guess I haven't felt the need to post here. I suppose I'll use bullets to bring ya'll the highlights:

  • My sister Lelia's husband died of a heroin overdose within this last week. That's all I know so far. I was able to talk to my sister Sarah and she told me the news, but when I called Lelia she was fairly incoherent. I don't blame her... between the shock and probable lack of sleep (and maybe painkillers) it's understandable that she'd be that way. Poor Lelia.

  • I accidentally cut the skin between my right pinky and the finger next to it. It's finally healed. Wolverine is so lucky.

  • After getting paid I got "300" and "Hot Fuzz". I haven't watched them on DVD yet, but that should happen soon.

  • Work's going okay. It looks like we're hiring someone to replace the two people who left, so that's a good thing. Meanwhile I've been doing little things around the store to improve it.

  • Started laundry because clean clothes are nicer than dirty ones for the wearing. Did the cleaning software thing on the computer because it helps with the whole computer being faster and stuff.

  • Not feeling that good, so I may not go to something I was supposed to go to tonight.
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2007-07-28 10:42 am

does whatever a Spider-Pig does...

"The Simpsons Movie" was as good as I thought it would be, if not better. Definitely worth watching in the theatre. The trailers that played before it weren't that great ("Alvin and the Chipmunks", "Daddy Day Camp"), although at least they had the one for "Stardust", but I was really hoping for the new teaser for "The Dark Knight". Anyway, djinnethGwynne and I saw it last night after dinner at Red Robin (and a heart to heart talk), then we had Coldstone afterward. It was a very good night indeed. The day wasn't so bad either... I had it off from work, and I spent it fixing stuff on the computer and doing some chores around the house (laundry, dishes, garbage/recycling).

Also - happy birthday to sausage_boyLloyd!
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2007-03-23 03:39 pm

Spring cleaning...

What better time to do some Spring cleaning than within a few days of the first day of Spring?

Yesterday was my self-proclaimed day off from doing anything. I did do a few loads of laundry, but otherwise all I did was watch "Hollywoodland" and websurf during the day, then had some pizza and watched "Unknown" with Gwynne at night after we put up some shelves, then did some more websurfing. A nice relaxing day off, just what the doctor ordered (if I could afford health care).

I woke up today not feeling that well, but after awhile I finally got the energy to do some cleaning here and there, and the next thing I knew I'd done more than I set out to do. I took out a bunch of garbage and recycling, cleaned off the couch in the den (more difficult than you might think), put as many of my CDs into the CD tower (that Gwynnie got for me awhile ago) as I could and boxed the rest, started some more laundry (including bedsheets), and I have plans to do dishes and do some more work on the den. Today has been so perfect weather-wise... I've opened both doors and all the windows in the house which has created a nice breeze, and of course I'm in a tank top and shorts. I've tried to make sure the kitties are outside as much as possible so they can enjoy the weather, but they seem to like being indoors. Ah well.
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2006-11-29 05:24 pm

getting things done...

  • Come home from work.

  • Clean up living room.

  • Take out garbage.

  • Take out recycling.

  • Do laundry.

  • Do dishes.

  • Vacuum.

  • Clean bathroom.

  • Welcome djinnethGwynne with loving arms when she gets home.

  • Watch a movie with Gwynnie.
  • ("The Punisher")
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2006-11-24 03:00 pm

Black Friday indeed (and a pretty nice Thursday)...

< sarcasm >Wow... such a wonderful day.< /sarcasm >

First, I wake up five minutes before having to be at work (after getting very little sleep). Fortunately, as I have mentioned before, I live 30 seconds away from work as the Brand walks. As djinnethGwynne says here I was dressed within four minutes, but damn I was wide awake when I got into work. Funny how oversleeping and rushing to not be late can make a person shrug off all grogginess. The grogginess returned, however, after too long. {sigh}

Then, to top it off, I just said goodbye to Biko and Selene who are on their way to animalogicMitchell's for the next few weeks or so as our landlord is being a dick about letting them stay here while we are in the process of finding a new place to live. I shall miss them terribly.

Meh... not a really horrible day ultimately when it comes down to it. I got to have lunch at Windy City Pizza with Gwynnie (gods their pizza is so good!), and I have the whole rest of the day off as I went in so early. I have a few ideas what to do with my day as Gwynne is off doing her thing until late tonight. Don't tell her, but it involves me being nice and domestic. Shhh...

In other news, I had a fantastic time yesterday having Thanksgiving dinner at alotheriaSarah J. and Simon's place with her family. The food was quite tasty, the conversation was engaging, and the Apples to Apples divination ended the night quite well. Pictures may be forthcoming once I upload them and post them. Thanks again Sarah for a great evening!
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2006-11-02 12:15 pm

rainy day ramblings...

Hmmm... it's been a few days, hasn't it? Let's see...

So I am staying inside today. As much as I appreciate rainy weather, I don't particularly enjoy being outside in it. Besides, today was going to be my rest at home day anyway as I've been working the last five days in a row. I am going to be somewhat domestic, though the house looks pretty good considering we had a party here a few nights ago. I've already started laundry, which I wasn't able to get to Tuesday (Halloween) as I went into work for some extra hours. I received my Spider-Man shirt that day. I love it! We ended up not being home for the trick or treating after all. djinnethGwynne had class and I had work, then it was too late for the kids I guess.

Last night Gwynne and I went to Target to get a few things that we needed, which somehow ended up becoming a two hour shopping trip. I am not complaining in the least... I'm one of those few guys who likes shopping (especially when the store has DVDs and toys to check out). Gwynne got me some comfy casual pants in the hope that I'd get rid of my green sweats that don't stay up... after wearing them today it's safe to say that the green sweats are out. I also got a four pack of apple Izze at the urging of lemurlingThea, and just had my first sip - I like it. All in all a very productive trip to Target. From there we went to Chili's in San Bruno for our first dining out experience in over two weeks, then went to the South City Century to watch "Saw III". I was astonished that this sequel is at least as good and in some ways better than the previous movies. Some parts were quite difficult to watch... I found myself squirming in my seat due to the graphic depictions of bodily harm, and even the extended nude scene didn't have me at all interested sexually as what was going on was so horrific. In a nutshell, stay away if you have a weak heart. After the movie we came home and I put away the groceries, then after reading some stuff on the net I read another chapter of Ender's Game (which I've been enjoying a lot) before going to sleep.

Update 1 PM - I just checked my account balance, knowing I'd be negative but not by how much... there were two overdraft fees of $27 each, and with what I was short before I'm negative 60 bucks total. I get paid in a few days at least. {sigh}

I'll just be more careful with my account now...