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I just read through every entry I posted during 2003 and realized that I missed writing in this damned thing. Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I posted (which was in October 2010), but let's see...

I am no longer working in the front of the store ringing up customers. This has been a nice change, though it hasn't completely erased my job stress, but I prefer the new stress to the old. Anyway, what I'm doing now is packing the orders for drive-thru and sometimes ringing up, but for some reason ringing up in drive-thru isn't nearly as bad as the front was. And of course I'm frying fish etc. on Sundays.

I've been keeping up on my t.v. shows using a combination of live broadcast, DVR, Hulu, and Netflix streaming (which is a lot easier to use with my PS3 working again!) and I am therefore never without entertainment, however I find that hanging out with friends such as angry_wolfCarl and moonwhispersBrian is just as, if not more, fun. As for movies, there are too many to name all the ones I want to see in the coming months, but most of them are from Marvel Studios, and include mutants, a Norse God, and a super-soldier from the 1940's.

Speaking of the PS3, I currently own Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Tron: Evolution, and Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue, and I'm borrowing Transformers War For Cybertron. I plan to purchase Batman Arkham Asylum (and Batman Arkham City for that matter), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and SSX Deadly Descents at some point in the future, though I will most likely make myself wait until I finish the games I already have first.

In a few weeks I am very much looking forward to attending WonderCon... I already have my ticket. Not much is known about programming (have to wait until Monday for more info) but WonderCon is always a blast for me. I will try to post to Facebook from the con as I get pics with celebrities or whatever.

Okay... I have to be up fairly early for work so I'll end this here and really try to post more often in the future.
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  • FRI 9/15 Day off. Waited in vain for monitor cord. Burger King for dinner (thanks to my sweetie). Karaoke and shots with djinnethGwynne and redstreetsAlicia.

  • SAT 9/16 Worked. Dinner with alotheriaSarah J., Simon, and angry_wolfCarl, then SOL & WA Show disc 2.

  • SUN 9/17 Worked. Dinner made by G. Found video of WAN.

  • MON 9/18 Worked. Got monitor cord when FedEx guy came to Lee's. Dinner made by G.

  • TUES 9/19 Day off. Slept a lot. Wore Lusty Booty shirt for TLAPD. Read 14 (preview) comics at work, had Taco Bell. Did dishes. Mimi's with G and camilleDorie. Red Dwarf, 3 eps.

  • WED 9/20 Worked. Bought comics and bumper stickers (Gangsta Nerd and I'm Much Cooler Online). Sushi with G and Sarah J. at Tenka. Quick shopping trip (Coke Blak, 6 pack for $4! & ice cream). Read Spidey multi-issue. WA Show disc 3, 3 eps. Started this post.
Just five more days until SOL! Loving the new monitor. A very happy birthday to leucocrystalEleanore! That is all for now... sleepies.
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So I finally finished The Matrix: Path Of Neo tonight. I loved it. The ending is so cheesily good. There was a slight problem with the sound during the final movie scene after I defeated it, as in there was none at all, but then the sound came back for the credits, fortunately. I'll have to replay the final level to see if it's just a one time glitch or what. Opinions are mixed on the IMDb boards (what a surprise) but screw it... I got more than my money's worth.

I have a huge headache though... ugh.
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I ended up not watching "Dead Alive", and instead played The Matrix: Path Of Neo. I got pretty far into it... I've already passed the part where I battle the three upgraded agents and have helped Morpheus and Trinity on a mini-mission that wasn't in the movie (Reloaded) at all.

Today I have to catch three busses to get down to Mountain View so I can work with my least favorite co-worker for only 4.5 hours. With a sore neck I might add. Yay.
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After coming back from a wonderful birthday brunch at the Hyatt, we (djinnethGwynne, alotheriaSarah J. , angry_wolfCarl, mortefinaSarah P., and I) watched Serenity and played Fluxx. After Sarah P. went home the rest of us played The Big Idea... here's a list of the products we came up with:

coming soon to a store near you... )

Good times!
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Saturday went pretty well... I had lunch with djinnethGwynne and redstreetsAlicia at Red Robin, then we drove to S.F. While the girls went to do their thing, I spent some time in Amoeba. I ended up getting two DVDs for cheap: "Noises Off!" (one of my favorite comedies) and "Clerks - The Animated Series" (at George's urging while at Silicon). Then, after a stop at the ATM to get money for my ticket I went to the Spiral Dance. It was quite impressive... and despite being physically uncomfortable (I can't sit on the ground without my back being in pain, the glaring spotlight, it was too warm for me with that many bodies in one space) I thought it was pretty cool. I liked the songs and some of the dancing. Afterward, a few of us met at Lyon's in South City for a late meal and to wind down.

Last night was awesome. I had a great time eating "stone soup" and pie with my friends. We played a bit of Apples to Apples, listened to Oingo Boingo, carved pumpkins (see the icon for this entry for an example). We laughed a lot, though we felt bad for miss alotheriaSarah J. (I hope your hands are feeling better today!), but otherwise generally had a good time. For those of you who couldn't come, you were certainly missed! A big thanks to Alicia for helping Gwynne and I clean up after the party. It was also great to see angry_wolfCarl, _shahara_Renee, chalice_lisaLisa, karlhtKarl, and mortefinaSarah P..

Tonight promises watching scary movies with friends and handing candy out to small children. I am looking forward to it.
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  • I have been super achy lately, barely any energy, a cut of some sort on my bottom lip, I threw up Monday (though that may have been a result of what I had eaten that morning), back hurty, and just generally under the weather. djinnethGwynne told me that something was going around... maybe that's it.

  • It's been all about SSX lately... I've been playing SSX Tricky like crazy lately. Fortunately, Gwynne has SSX 3 on XBox, or I'd have to ask moonwhispersBrian for my copy back as I've been missing that game. Recently I found out that EA has released SSX On Tour, and it looks pretty sweet... can't wait to get it. I love the fact that it has old school rock like Def Leppard and Scorpions. Oh, plus now there's skiing!

  • I'm looking forward to two concerts in the first week of November: mc chris at the Elbo Room on the 2nd, and TMBG at Bimbo's on the 3rd. Well, as long as the TMBG show isn't sold out yet.

  • The gang and I have been watching some Firefly episodes lately. All of disc one and half of disc two so far. After finishing the season I will try to convince a few people to go see Serenity one last time in the theatres, possibly at the Parkway, but pretty much anywhere is fine. There's some discussion on the Browncoats board that it may go away this Friday.

  • Movies I have watched lately on cable or DVD include (but not limited to): "Steamboy", "Dodgeball" (anyone catch the Joes vs. Cobras thingy?), "The Whole Ten Yards", and "Barbershop 2". Movies I need to re-watch soon include: The three Harry Potter movies (GOF comes out in less than a month!), and the Matrix trilogy (I've just been jonesing for it lately). Also, sometime at the end of November Gwynne and I would like to plan a day where we watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended). I am thinking breaks between either discs or sides of discs.
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  • Got my computer all set up here at the Burrow, complete with the ability to share MP3s over the network (even though they are using wireless and I'm on direct cable).

  • I must have seriously burned my tongue recently... the tip of it has been hurting like hell for over a week. Fucking ow.

  • The birthday party for moonwhispersBrian was awesome... among other things, I played Apples to Apples and a new game (to me) called Chez Geek. Very fun. Also, choad!

  • Ranch Wheat Thins are yummy. So are Caramel Ho Hos. And the Whiskey RiverĀ® BBQ Chicken Wrap at Red Robin. Mmmm...

  • I am looking forward to seeing the Free Shakespeare In The Park production of Much Ado About Nothing tonight.

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