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I am enjoying my day off today. Went out shopping with my former neighbor Kathy (it's becoming a Tuesday thing), got a few things including lunch, and now I am home. Put some laundry in, put garbage and recycling out. I may be more domestic later but right now I am listening to music and chatting with djinnethGwynne who received the valentine card I sent to her work. I found an online valentine she made for me today, which was super sweet of her. I really do dig that girl.

Yesterday I worked at the Mountain View Books Inc. It was pretty cool... I geeked out hardcore with the guys I was working with. I even stayed an extra two hours longer than I planned on. It was nice working there, and I may do it again if they need me to.
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A lot has happened in the past two months since my last post.

Where to begin? )
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djinnethGwynne - She and I have been getting along very well. This is the best post-breakup time of my life ever. I am truly lucky to have Gwynneth in my life, and I hope she knows how much I treasure her friendship.

Movies - "Pirates 3" was totally awesome, a wonderful way to wrap up the trilogy without burning any bridge of the possiblity for another sequel. I made a friend in line, we geeked out about movies and T.V. until they let us into the theatre, and as it turns out she is married to someone Gwynne knew from before. "Bug" was quirky, generally I liked it, and seeing it for free was cool, but the woman who took her time checking her ringing cell phone and then answering it can DIAF. On HBO I saw "The Break-Up", which was better than I expected it to be (and not just because of Jennifer Aniston's naked ass). I recently picked up a DVD copy of the special edition of "Little Shop of Horrors" (going for around $150 on eBay), which had been recalled and is now very rare, for less than $6. So far I have watched the legendary alternate ending in glorious black and white and the Dentist song scene, but I plan to watch the whole movie soon... possibly as a double feature with another Rick Moranis film, "Spaceballs".

Work - Today is my 6th day of work in this work week. I get tomorrow and Friday off, which will be nice. Work itself has been pretty groovy. The customers are much less annoying than they used to be, but that feeling could change from day to day. The boss has liked some of the ideas I've come up with recently which is good. If anyone cares the shipment will be in on Thursday instead of Wednesday because of today's holiday.

That's all for now... stay tuned!
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I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sweet sweetie, djinnethGwynnie! She turns 32 years young today.

Today we're going to eat, have fun, eat some more, then have some more fun. Sounds like a good way to spend a birthday to me.
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So I did the work thing yesterday, getting in a half hour before I needed to. The day went pretty well. It's nice when I can talk to the boss before the store opens and it's not about some email that he got or some shit. Later in the day I had a coworker of mine pop in and offer me a huge screen T.V., but after thinking it over with djinnethGwynne later that night I realized we unfortunately really didn't have the room. Anyway, Gwynnie picked me up after getting her hair cut (see below) and we went to dinner at Max's in Redwood City. After that we went shopping at Safeway and bought groceries that will last for awhile as well as my monthly bus pass. We got home and put away groceries, then had our dessert while watching Strangers With Candy on DVD, a show I'm loving more and more. Here's a few seven of my favorite quotes:

  • If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, we'd all have a bowl of granola!

  • I did things I wouldn't force on a mule, and that includes things I forced on a mule.

  • They never did find out who gave Poppy the drugs, so I guess justice was served.

  • Following his violent revolution, Gandhi was devoured by his followers.

  • I like the pole AND the hole.

  • I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. And then I laughed REALLY hard.

  • Yeah, well, that's cause your country's ruled by monkeys.
Anyway, today I have the day off and I'm taking it easy. Gonna do some laundry and watch some more JLU episodes, and then I have a date with Gwynne for a free screening of "The Messengers" at the Mercado later tonight.

Here's the first pic of four of Gwynnie that I mentioned above... I took them all at Max's:

and some more... )

Isn't she the cutest cutie in the whole cuteworld?! Well, you can't have her... she's mine! So there :P
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Gwynnies are so cute like everybody supposes
even with high fevers and runny little noses
and what's with all the coughing?
she didn't ask to get sick anyway...
Gwynnie... Gwynnie... it must be Gwynnie!

Um yeah... I've lost it.
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  • 34. {sigh}

  • I really miss the kitties. I also wish djinnethGwynne were home so we could cuddle.

  • It's nice to have a few days off in a row... it seems like I've been working nonstop for awhile - not that that's a bad thing since I could use the money.

  • Payday can't come soon enough.

  • I don't think boxes will be a problem when we are packing up.

  • Between BSG, Lost, Rome, and possibly Heroes and Preacher I think Gwynne and I will need to get cable at the new place.

  • I am so glad I bought the Gnarls Barkley CD set... I listen to it everyday.
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  • Come home from work.

  • Clean up living room.

  • Take out garbage.

  • Take out recycling.

  • Do laundry.

  • Do dishes.

  • Vacuum.

  • Clean bathroom.

  • Welcome djinnethGwynne with loving arms when she gets home.

  • Watch a movie with Gwynnie.
  • ("The Punisher")
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  • djinnethGwynne isn't home from Spiral Dance yet. I find myself missing her more and more with each passing minute.

  • Tomorrow is the annual twenty-five hour day. Kinda nice since I work in the morning... I could use an extra hour of sleep. Well, I could use a day of sleep, but beggars etc.

  • Speaking of work, the sale today went pretty well. It started out strongly but tapered out later in the day. It was nice to see a bunch of people leave the store happy in the thought that they robbed us blind got such good deals.

  • I'm definitely on a Gnarls Barkley trip tonight. I've listened to everything from them I could find in the net, and now I find out that they're releasing a deluxe edition of their album St. Elsewhere on November 7th ( a few days after payday!), which will include the four videos released so far and some other goodies. Makes me glad I waited to buy it!

  • I have no idea what I'm going to dress up as for Halloween. I'm pretty sure Gwynnie and I will be home Tuesday night passing out candy bought with our hard earned money to undeserving brats, which will be fun.

  • And finally, to the dog that howls at every passing siren (which happens nightly): you can stop anytime. Really, that would be great thankyewmuch. Stupid dog.
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  • Did the work thing today yesterday... and it is going fairly well. We've been getting ready for the Black October sale this Saturday, and in my case that means taking a bunch of comics and either bagging them and marking them for a dollar or putting them in the 50 cent boxes. We just got in a bunch of new stuff, so come on down! We have two locations to serve you! Just leave one of the Star Trek phasers for me, wouldja?.

  • After work I had a tasty dinner with the tastier duo of djinnethGwynne and redstreetsAlicia, then watched "Team America" with Gwynnie after playing Soulcalibur III and having some butterscotch pudding. All in all a good night.

  • Finances, on the other hand, are sucking the dwarf like a two dollar ho. My account balance is negative until the 5th. Ten fucking days, kids. Good thing we're all stocked up on Ramen.

  • We're still not sure what to do about the kitties. On one hand it would be great if someone could maybe... borrow them... until we could figure out something more permanent, but on the other hand we might just move. If we do move it couldn't be until after the holidays as we just don't have the money right now. Hopefully another appeal to the landlord may result more positively. I am praying to the Lords of Kobol on that one.

  • Speaking of the Lords of Kobol, I was a very bad boy and watched the first four episodes of BSG online a few nights/days ago. I know I should have waited and watched them with Gwynne as I had done with the first two seasons, but I'm an impatient fucker with no willpower and low grade insomnia. As cool as it was to see them as I did (in a little window with jerky pictures), I really can't wait to see them on a television screen soon. And by soon I mean as fucking possible.

  • If you haven't already done so, now's a good time to upgrade to Firefox 2.0! It's better, stronger, and faster. (Thanks to johnoJohnO for pointing out the update)

  • Oh yeah... "The Prestige" was great, "Nightmare" in 3-D was very cool, and I have a new favorite appetizer at a restaurant that is fortunately within walking distance. CPK, you have until the 5th to make sure you are all stocked up on Avocado Club Egg Rolls. You have been warned...

  • Time to get to bed and cuddle up to the lady I love... the Excedrin PM finally kicked in.
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  • I spent my day off yesterday relaxing as much as possible. I did take the garbage and recycling out to the curb, but other than that it was pretty restful. I watched both volumes of the Star Wars: Clone Wars DVDs, which a coworker had lent to me and were pretty cool. I like the way that the end of volume two leads right into the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. Good stuff.

  • Just cleared up a misunderstanding with djinnethGwynne. It's amazing how much better we get along now that I communicate with her rather than shutting down. I hope I reassured her that there's nothing to worry about and that I love her.

  • Happy birthday to johnoJohnO! I met him through LJ and cons, and he's a good guy. Hope you have a good day, John!

  • I am looking forward to 4 October. It turns out that mc chris will be performing twice that day in S.F. First, at Isotope Comics around 8 PM for a free all ages show, then later that night at the Red Devil Lounge at 10 PM for the 21 and over crowd. Fortunately I get off work that day around 5 PM, so I should be able to make both shows with Gwynnie and possibly sausage_boyLloyd. Anyone else going?
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I am up fairly early for this being my day off and all, but I figure I can always take a nap later. Today I've already started two loads of laundry and I have two more to go, then the hamper is totally empty. I washed some shirts for work yesterday and ended up getting a free comic out of it (Civil War 4). Speaking of comics, as I said in my last post I read 14 of them Tuesday night. Notice I sad "read"... I only buy 1/10th of what I read (if that). I'm really enjoying the Civil War storyline, even if some of my coworkers may not be. Nextwave just keeps rocking my socks... the image of baby Elsa holding a broken fork after being thrown into a monster inhabited pit by her father will haunt me, if not for what he says afterward. I'll keep reading 52 and The Flash, but only out of the need to keep informed of what's going on in DC. Meanwhile a few other series are taking forever to come out with their last/next issues (Neverwhere for instance). Work is still going well... I definately got my raise as confirmed on this week's paycheck. I'm feeling more comraderie than before, from my coworkers and customers. I'm looking forward to SiliCon coming up soon. As I mentioned before I'll be working the dealer's room, and I think it will be of the good. Most importantly, djinnethGwynne and I are getting along very well. With her work and school I don't see her as much as I'd like. Unt!

Okay... that's enough for now. Time for breakfast I think...
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Dear djinnethGwynne: Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. I love you lots!

Dear weather: That's so much better, thanks.

Dear MC Frontalot: Thank you for making your CD (Nerdcore Rising) and keeping me entertained at work this morning.

Dear Red Robin: Your cheesburger dip is crack. I want to marry it and have it's children somehow. Your leftovers are pretty tasty, too.

Dear Gnarls Barkley: I can't get your damned song Crazy out of my head. It's driving me... well, you know. Good thing I like it.

Dear bank account: You seem to be missing something... it was there on the 21st, and now it's gone. Perhaps there will be more by the 5th?

Dear Chuck Barris: Is it true? Were you really a CIA operative? Doesn't matter... the movie rocked.

Dear work: I'm on my way back now, but only for 3.5 more hours... I have plans tonight.
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Today was mostly a lazy day, although I did do some housework that needed to be done before djinnethGwynne gets home (which will be in a little over an hour from now!) I watched "UHF", went by work to catch up with the last of Y: The Last Man, but most of today was about waiting for the girl. I had shut myself off from her and others the last few days, and although there are reasons for it, I'm glad to be social again. I guess I just need a break from people... and I'm not good at explaining that to anyone, notably her. At least she gets to come home to a cleaner house than when she left it, plus a guy who loves and has missed her a lot.

Update 8:54 PM - Gwynnie has landed! She's safe and sound, and on her way back here so that we can have dinner out somewhere!
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Long entry ahead... )
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I haven't written anything of substance for awhile (if I ever have), and this post will be one of my bulleted ones because it's easier.LJ cut for your protection... )
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Today is djinnethGwynne's birthday!

I hope you have a very happy birthday sweetie!! I can't wait to celebrate with you later tonight!
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I have today off. I work the next four days in a row, so I am happy to have the day off. Be that as it may, there are things to be done around the house )

Aren't I just Mr. Domestic today?
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Yay for naps! Now I will be up all night... {sigh} But then, the reason for the nap was sooo good...

Godiva chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream should be illegal, it's so tasty. {dies} Though not quite as good as the reason for the nap...

In other news, djinnethGwynne watched "Star Trek 3" and "Ultimate Avengers" with me today... plus made me lunch and dinner. What a good sweetie! {loves} Time to return the favor...
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... news at 11.


I am so sorry... to both of you.

Would you? A poem by Gwynne Curtis )

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