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So I talked to Charlie Ayers on Friday, and have become re-employed at Calafia. I will be doing odds and ends, helping out where needed, at my last rate of pay. I did indeed have my interview at Macy's also on Friday, and apparently the young woman who interviewed me liked me enough that she had me interview with someone else today, and... I fill out paperwork tomorrow afternoon! Yes, I got two jobs within a few days of each other. I am quite happy with this. As far as a place to sleep, I talked with some InnVision staff on Friday at Charlie's behest, but then after staying a few days at Brian's I am (at least for now) staying with Carl and his family. I am going to keep looking for something more permanent, but at least I am off the streets.

Oh, and last night it was great to hang out with friends, eat a super tasty dinner and dessert, and play probably my favorite game Apples to Apples. Today I got to watch Stargate Universe and later tonight I will watch Heroes. I will try hard not to think about the fact that "Star Trek" is being released on DVD tomorrow and that the Target version has a model of the Enterprise that comes with it.
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In the last seven weeks I have become homeless... )

Things begin to look up a bit... )
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Having lost my jobs I wasn't able to pay rent this month. Since the first I have been evading my landlord, assuming that if he knew I had no job and no money for rent that he'd kick me out immediately. Recently, when in my room in the dark, he knocked on my door... and I pretended I wasn't in my room. He left a note saying I should call, but I didn't. I felt badly about all this, but like I said I was afraid of what would happen once I told him what was up. Of course I knew I'd have to talk to him eventually... )
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  • Applying for a job with a security company (with angry_wolfCarl's help). The pay is great, and it gets me out of retail.

  • Wasn't feeling well the past two days... allergies acted up real badly, was sneezing up a storm earlier today.

  • Checked out the Lords of the Samurai exhibit at the Asian Art Museum with Carl and davebydesignDave. Very cool to see what they had to show... I really liked the katanas. Later that night I watched a William Shatner double feature that consisted of his Comedy Central roast (which I laughed my ass off at) and "Incubus", a movie with all of the dialog in Esperanto (and which I am still not sure about).

  • Watched "Extract" and "9". Both were good, but not as awesome as some of the earlier summer movies I saw this year. Still worth a viewing IMHO

  • Finished every episode of True Blood except the one that ends the season this coming Sunday. Also got caught up on Dexter, so I'm ready for season 4. Gotta love HBO and Showtime!

Here is a video (taken with my Centro) of djinnethGwynne's cat Biko drinking from the garden hose:

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Still waiting to hear back from certain employers. Getting more and more nervous... it's almost the end of the month and I have virtually no money... at least not enough for rent. The anxiety is tearing me up inside. Every day my stomach is in knots. There are times when I just want to break down and give up completely, but I come back from it. It's been nice hanging out with djinnethGwynne and angry_wolfCarl recently... they've been very helpful in helping me not feel so lonely and depressed as I otherwise might feel. Thank you both! The only other thing of note is that yesterday my back seized up while i was walking and I felt a jolt of pain. It's better now, but damn that hurt.

I watched The Mighty Boosh, which the (fairly) infamous Old Gregg/Love Games episode is from. Pretty funny, but it seemed like it got better with each episode. Or at least more bizarre. Stargate Atlantis continues to be totally awesome, and with the 4th season comes many changes... looks to be like an interesting season. Movies I have recently seen include "District 9", which rocked, and "Inglourious Basterds" which I have to say is Quentin Tarantino's best film in many ways. I loved "Pulp Fiction" and the rest, but this one really felt epic and just plain brilliant. I think it could win an Oscar or three. Go see it! As for the rest of the year, I'm looking forward to "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus", "Avatar", "Zombieland", and "9". Oh, and Carl introduced me to the comedy of the funny and fluffy Gabriel Iglesias. A couple of music videos I'd like to share... first, the new song by "Weird Al" Yankovic called Ringtone. Second is Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? by the cast of The Guild, which includes the lovely Felicia Day (whom I met at Wondercon earlier this year). If you're a World of Warcraft player (and I know there are a few of you out there) you should check this out.
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As of right now I am without internet access. However, I figured out a way to post to LJ without having to create the post on my Centro... I write it in Semagic, copy the text to Palm desktop. HotSync, and then copy and post to the mobile LJ app on my phone! So this will be the first of those type of entries.

Today I talked to one of the head guys at Calafia, who said a week ago I should get back to him about now. He told me that he wants me in the market side of the restaurant and that I should come in on 9 February. I'm not sure, but I think I may have skipped the interview process and went straight to getting the job! So I will actually be able to afford to keep living where I am. Also, I eFiled my taxes tonight, so the refund will help as well.

So since the 16th I have gotten a new place to live, acquired a futon so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore, watched two eps of BSG, got a new job, and did my taxes. Oh, and three words: President Barack Obama. Life is of teh good.
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The answer: San Bruno, CA.

Yes, I found a room. When I got off of work on Friday evening I was met by Carl, who had most of my worldly possessions in his car. We drove to his house, watched Battlestar Galactica twice (oh my gods!) and I slept restlessly. In the morning (having woken early) I perused Craigslist (Carl got me started), made a few appointments before having to start work, and the first place I saw I wrote a check to the guy and moved my stuff from Carl's car to my new room. I slept there last night and froze my ass off. I need a bed or at least a mattress, internet, and a towel or two plus my pillows, but I have a place to live and now I can concentrate on getting a second job (hopefully at Calafia, owned by former Google chef Charlie Ayers).

I just wanted to say thanks to Carl (for everything you did), Lloyd (for the offer), and everyone who packed my stuff. And major thanks and love to Gwynne for letting me stay with her these past months and putting up with me. I should have done much more with the time that I had there, but now I'm ready to go ahead with my goals.
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So, what's been going on with me lately you might wonder? Well, for starters I am about to be without a home as of this Thursday. This has been depressing me and I suppose I've been in denial about having to move for the most part, but last night I really started to feel the pressure on me. I started scouring Craigslist, and long story short I am meeting with someone in San Mateo tomorrow afternoon. I work from 9AM - 1PM, then I will take Caltrain and a bus to the place on Lake street. I also managed to procure an interview with a company that pays over $17 an hour. The interview is at 5 PM on the same day... so I think I'll have to take a taxi and to hell with the cost. If I can score both the place and the job I'll have it made. If I can't find something very soon I may have to move back to Eureka. I don't have concrete plans up there either, but at least my money will last longer rent-wise, and my sisters are there, plus I know the area.

I was feeling all sad and depressed earlier this morning, and had laid back down on the couch to just rest a bit, when Selene and Biko both jumped up on me. Selene snuggled under the blanket while Biko lay on top of my chest. This made me feel better. It's like they knew I needed loves. I'll miss those two.

In good news, just one more week until we have a new president! And if I find a place that has cable I can watch BSG and Lost and Heroes and Smallville and... woot! Oh, and I got my deposit back with Sprint, so I don't have to pay my cell bill for the next 4 months or so!

And now, the anatomy of a Lego person:

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one week later... )
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  • I turned in an app to a toy store that is opening in the same mall where i work now. It looks very promising... fingers crossed.

  • Yesterday was Inked Books. We were going to talk about Kingdom Come, which I had re-read the day before. Not a single person showed up. {sigh}

  • I had a really good talk with Gwynne last night... well, she did most of the talking, but I needed to listen anyway.

  • I will be getting off of work at 3 tomorrow (managed to trade shifts) and heading straight down to the San Mateo County Fair to wait for "Weird Al" in concert. Can't wait!

  • On 30 September I will get up early and head to Target and pay what they ask for the 2 disc Iron Man DVD with much happiness in my heart.
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Heading out soon for my third job interview. Wish me luck!

dressed for success...

Hopefully I will dazzle them with my keen fashion sense...


Update 3:20 PM - So despite the bus being late and it not actually going to the shopping center like I thought it did, therefore leading to me having to hoof it, I was on time for my interview... in fact she had written down 2:30 so I was early. It went well... I'll be hearing back on Thursday. Turns out they're union, so that'll be a first. Anyway, I went to Hillsdale and saw that Mervyn's is hiring, so I filled out an application on their computer, and we'll see what happens there.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I ironed that shirt I'm wearing. Not while, you know, wearing it... but yeah. I am Ironing Man!
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Just got a call from a potential employer... they are a toy store in Menlo Park. Which means kids. But money is money, right?

Interview tomorrow at 10:30 AM. Then I gotta find something to do for the next 5 hours before work starts.

Update 2:15 PM - A movie theatre just called. 4:40 PM interview today. Gotta go...
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Started the Excel spreadsheet for the SiliCon dealers last night, but I still have to do the rest and then get emails out to them, although I did email back some of the dealers who have been waiting for a reply.

Was woken up earlier than I had planned to be awake by a dog right outside my window. People wonder why I'm not a huge fan of dogs... that is one reason why. Cats don't bark and they don't have huge tongues that slobber all over you. Anyway, I got some laundry into the washer, then after a bit started pumping out emails with my resume attached all rapidfire-like. With any luck I'll have a new job by the 1st. I'll just have to make sure I am able to get that time off in October for SiliCon...

On a side note, the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiers on AOL tonight sometime around 9 PM. Woo hoo!
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Random stuff going on... )

Update 10:57 PM - Speaking of Dr. Horrible, it's back online for free viewing at If you didn't get to see it before, now is your chance! And of course if you have seen it I'm sure you'll wanna see it again!
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Laundry is put away. Finished Persepolis... just beautiful. Just watched "Wanted" online, streamed from a website. I enjoyed it, but I assume it would be even better on the big screen. I haven't seen it in the theatre because I've been trying to not spend so much of what I have left in the bank as it's not that much and my hours at Books Inc. will be half of what they are now after this week. However, things just might be looking up...

As I finished watching "Wanted" I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a new voicemail message. I checked it, and to my pleasant surprise discovered that the Longs Drugs that I go to all the time in Town & Country (where Books Inc. is also) called me regarding my application which I had turned in 18 June 2008. I called back, and it looks like I have an interview for Thursday or Friday (I'm supposed to call again tomorrow as the manager was heading out the door). I know I quit Longs after one year in September 2004 because it totally sucked there... but I need the money, and beggars can't be choosers. So wish me luck!
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Been awhile since I last posted... here's the latest:

  • I emailed my updated resume to the RWC theatre earlier today, as they were advertising on Craigslist. I am really crossing my fingers on this one since it would be awesome to work for a movie theatre again and I really need those extra hours each week.

  • George Carlin's dying saddened me more than I realized it would. Shit etc.

  • Can't Stop The Serenity was cool... but there were a few things I took issue with. Like the lack of air conditioning in the too warm theatre, the fact that the movie was played from DVD rather than celluloid, and the poor location in regards to parking. None of that kept me from enjoying the heck out of the evening.

  • My right shoulder is still hurting.

  • I'd really like to watch "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" back to back. Soon.

Update 25 June 2008 / 11:20 AM - In regards to that last bullet and spdrwnAmy's subsequent comment, I am posting the following from Theater Hopper: here you go... )
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So after talking with Romie (the landlord of the room for rent across from Sequoia Station... I'm getting tired of typing all of that each time) this morning I am set to move in there this Friday, the 23rd. I'll move in some stuff Saturday morning and evening, then the rest on Sunday. I could use a little help on Sunday if anyone has the time. I realize it's Memorial Day weekend and everyone will either be at Baycon or whatnot, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. My plan right now is to really look for a second job, starting tomorrow after I meet with Romie and before I start work. Living in Redwood City will make it easier to job hunt and will cut down on transportation costs, so that's a plus.
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Last night, after tasty sushi at Tenka, I had the pleasure of seeing "Speed Racer" with djinnethGwynne. I loved it... the best live action feel good cartoon ever. Brilliant use of color, and though you might think you'd get motion sickness it's really not that bad. Between this and "Iron Man" last week (which I've seen three times so far) this Summer is already shaping up to be one that kicks much ass. And it's only mid-May!

What else is happening in my world... well, I finally turned in the application to the theatre in San Mateo. Hopefully I'll get a call soon about that. I got myself the Barenaked Ladies children's CD at Target, but I forgot to bring it home with me. I read the lyrics though... should be good. I need to catch up on Lost, BSG, and Smallville... maybe I'll do that tonight if my friend from Eureka doesn't call back.

In other news, from now on my tweets from Twitter will be posted at the very end of each day (11:59 PM to be precise) thanks to something called LoudTwitter. As if my LJ wasn't boring enough, now ya'll can read about what I have for lunch each day! Ooh! Exciting!!

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It seems that in the last few days I haven't actually posted what I thought about "Iron Man"...

... well, having seen it three times in the last four days I would have to say that it is probably the best superhero movie ever. Better even than my own hero's movie, "Spider-Man". Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. have hit one out of the ballpark and into orbit. The right mixture of everything that goes into making a really good movie and then some. Did I mention I saw it thrice? Hell, I'd even see it again if we could get some people together. If you haven't seen it yet be sure to stay through the credits... it's worth it. Oh, and "The Forbidden Kingdom" was pretty good (saw it 22 April but forgot to mention it), "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" are both really hilarious, but not so much "Baby Mama". Yeah... don't bother with that last one.

In other news, I was waiting in line for my second viewing Friday night when I noticed that Cinemark is now charging 50 cents for refills on large popcorn when they used to do so for free. For fun, I decided to tease the manager on duty about it, and after chatting for a bit and telling him that I used to work for Century doing projection among other things he asked if I'd want to work for him! I said yes, but in the excitement of watching the movie I forgot to grab an app on the way out, so I ended up coming back the next night and (eventually) getting one. If everything works out I'll be working the same or less hours at the bookstore and getting the rest of the hours I need at the theatre to cover rent and my other expenses living in Redwood City, with the fringe benefits of my discount at the bookstore and advance screenings of those summer movies I am looking forward to.

Oh yeah... and happy Cinco De Mayo!
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Sharper Image called. I now have two jobs. SI said they can give me 40 hours a week in December. I start Friday at 10 AM.

Tonight I will be doing that book preview thing in S.F. for Books Inc., then training on the 15th, and my first regular day there on the 16th.

Sorry, Brookstone... I am very much spoken for.

Update 3:55 PM - I decided to call Mark, the manager at Lee's, and let him know the good news. We had a nice talk... got something confirmed. I'm going to continue shopping there (although not the Mountain View store, just San Mateo). Good times.

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