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May. 7th, 2009 11:01 am
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Wait... is there a new "Star Trek" movie coming out?


because I certainly don't have my ticket for the 7 PM show tonight and I'm not about to leave and go wait in line for it, nosiree...
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As seen in the picture above, I now have tickets to both "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at 12:01 AM on 1 May 2009 and "Star Trek" at 7 PM on 7 May 2009, both at the Tanforan theater in San Bruno (just a few blocks away). I will be waiting in line for both showings as usual, and I am quite excited about seeing these movies (though moreso for "Star Trek").

For "Star Trek" I posted a poll in a community asking which t-shirt I should wear to the movie... my Hard Rock Cafe Risa shirt or my Lost numbers shirt. Feel free to vote! So far Hard Rock Cafe Risa is winning...
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Two hours to go until "The Dark Knight". Sold out on both showings. This pic was taken just now from the front of the line for the 12:10 AM show. Can't wait!
the scene at the theatre...

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Just got to the theatre. 5 hours until the movie. Of course I am the first in line.

Here's a pic of the Hulk and I:
waiting for Iron Man...

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Happiness is tickets to an 8 PM showing of "Iron Man" the day before it was going to premier. That's right, on Thursday 1 May 2008 I'll be at the Downtown Redwood City theatre watching Ol' Shellhead get his drink on and blowing things up. And I am off at 2 PM that day, so I get to wait in line for just six hours or so ensuring I get good seats. Woo hoo!

As for today I am going to get dressed and head to Redwood City to meet with the guy with the room for rent on 1 June, check the room out, and give him a hundred bucks, then eventually get my ass to work by 4 PM.
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I left the house yesterday an hour or so after posting, got to El Camino, and started waiting for the bus. Just as I thought I'd probably be late for the Caltrain I was going to catch after the bus one of my former customers, Lathe, drove up. He drove me to the Menlo Park station while I told him what had happened a week ago regarding losing my job. I thanked Lathe for the ride and within a few minutes of getting my ticket was on a southbound train. Off of the train, on a bus to Mission College, then I had to figure out my way around the fence that separated me from the theatre. I ended up climbing the fence (I am so out of shape I couldn't just jump and hop it), then soon came upon the short line for the movie. Eventually rackstrawAl got there with some people he knew, then djinnethGwynne showed up, and soon we were all inside. Of course Lee himself was there, but I tried not to let that bring me down, which it really didn't. After a trailer for "Walk Hard" (looks hilarious) the movie, "30 Days of Night", started and I enjoyed it, though apparently other audience members didn't. Left the theatre, ignored Lee on the way to the car, was momentarily annoyed then satisfied when we got there (Gwynnie rocks), then we drove to Coco's for a late dinner. They really want you to eat bread at Coco's, or maybe it was just our waitress. Either way we finished our meal and headed home for some Smallville, Drawn Together, and eventually sleep.
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Today the plan is to get down to the San Mateo theatre and wait in line for the 8 PM showing of "Transformers", to which Gwynne and I have our tickets. I'll be bringing the prequel novel to read, and I have the animated movie soundtrack on my Treo to help get into the mood. Of course I'll be wearing my Autobot symbol t-shirt. From what I've read this is going to be one of the biggest movies of the Summer. I can't wait! If anyone ruins it with their rudeness like the family did last night when Gwynne, Carl, and I saw "Ratatoulli" I'll rip out their optics.

I figure now's a good time to share these: )
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If anyone needs to find me this afternoon/early evening they can do so at the Century 12 Downtown in San Mateo. I'll be waiting in line for the 8 PM showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End". Already got tickets for djinnethGwynne and myself (yay Fandango).

Believe it or not, I didn't re-watch the first two movies last night. I know... it's against my modus operandi for when I see sequels, but, the Lost season finale was on last night (see next post).

I am really looking forward to this movie! Just a bit over 8 more hours to go...
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3:00 PM - So after leaving the house later than I was planning on I got to the theatre to find myself the first person to inquire about lining up for the show. Talked to a manager and before too long they set up a line on the second floor near the auditorium where the movie will be playing, complete with a bench to sit on... so I am inside and quite comfortable. There's a fountain nearby to refill my water bottle, I have snacks in my bag, and plenty of entertainment while I wait out the next 9 hours. I had one staff guy take a picture of me with the Simpsons movie standee. Currently listening to: MC Frontalot's new album Secrets From The Future.

6:00 PM - Well, it's 6 and I am still the only person in line. I'm feeling kinda silly. Oh well... you live and learn. I think this may be the last time I wait in line for this many hours before a movie starts... we'll see. Every so often I'll get up and walk around, which if nothing else gives me a change of scenery. Listened to a bunch of CDs already; I may post a full list later. Currently listening to: Nine Inch Nails' new album Year Zero.

The Simpsons and I... )

Albums I listened to (for posterity's sake)... )

Update 3:20 AM - I got home a bit ago, and apparently Pocket LJ won't work, but I finally got the above post into Semagic. I was going to mention that djinnethGwynne showed up later wearing her Spidey shirt, and the next two people in line came around 9 PM. They let us all in at 10 PM. So that was nice...

Oh yeah... the movie... I loved it! I honestly think it's the best of the three. I even forgot to eat the candy I brought with me, I was so into the movie. There were a few issues I had, but then I had some issues with the first two movies too. Venom was awesome to see on the big screen, nice cameos by the usual suspects (one got spontaneous applause), and very emotionally charged. Can't wait to see it again!

Update 12:12 PM - I took a pic of Gwynnie in her seat at the theatre last night when we first got into the auditorium... here it is: )
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Having watched "Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man 2.1" last night, I am now ready to go stand in line at the Century 20 here in RWC for the midnight (12:01 actually) showing of "Spider-Man 3". I'll be wearing the club shirt I haven't worn in months due to a tear in the armpit, thanks to djinnethGwynne fixing it last night. Thanks again Gwynnie! Anyway, I'll have some books to read and music to listen to (including the soundtracks for all three movies), not to mention an ongoing LJ post I may write as I stand in line all day ensuring that I (and whoever is with me) get the best seats for what, from what I hear, is the best of the Spidey trilogy. There is no way I'm going to have a repeat of what happened the first time I saw "Spider-Man"... arriving about ten minutes late I had to stand throughout the entire movie in the back of the theatre. Not this time.

12 + hours to go...
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So tickets are now available for certain showings of "Spider-Man 3"... and me being me, I got mine from Fandango, despite there being a month + wait:

1 General ticket(s) to:
Spider-Man 3
Date: Thursday, May 3, 2007
Time: 12:01am (late Thu. night)
Auditorium: 8

Century 20 Downtown Redwood City
825 Middlefield Rd.
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: 650-369-3456

Confirmation Number: ********

So... who's gonna watch with me? I usually have Thursdays off so I don't mind being line bitch for the good seats as usual... get your ticket through Fandango, then let me know if you're coming.
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So the rest of Wondercon went pretty well. As the previous post shows I met many cool people, I got a few things (an Autobot symbol hat and a Spidey symbol shot glass), saw "300" and "Hot Fuzz" (both seriously rocked my socks), and generally had a blast. I got to go to a few panels... one for Resident Evil Extinction. The first question for that one had this asshat ask Ali Larter a question while insulting her. I found a clip of it on YouTube:

Grrr... I was almost finished with a long post when the program shut down and I lost all but the last paragraph. {sigh} Well, here we go again...

The next panel I saw was a Sony one that was supposed to be all about "Spider-Man 3". It turned out to be a Powerpoint presentation about "Surf's Up!" with only a specially cut trailer of Spidey 3 at the end shown twice. Needless to say the Spidey fans were a bit upset. After the panel I decided to head over to the theatre showing the special screening of "Hot Fuzz". I waited in line kinda nervously... you see, the manager told us that at a certain time they'd be closing the line off from everyone else... anyone who wasn't past the doorway wouldn't get in despite having a friend already in line. Just a few minutes before the appointed time G & C showed up and it was all good. We watched the film (and loved it), then went to Lyon's for a late dinner. So endeth my Wondercon weekend...
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Monday: Worked. Got off of work, hung around the house for a bit until finally heading over to the housesitting gig. Ate some leftover fajita meat with barbeque sauce on Hawaiian rolls (thanks djinnethGwynne!), then watched some Monty Python before going to sleep.

Tuesday: Woke up and had a fairly lazy day of watching television (Mad TV, Daily Show, Colbert Report, more Mad TV) and, oh yeah, the fucking Spider-Man 3 trailer over and over! Took a nice relaxing shower just before Gwynnie came to pick me up, at which point we went home for a little while. I went into work and grabbed some freebies to hand out at the theatre, plus got to read a few comics that are coming out later today (as it's Wednesday and all... the aftermath of Spidey telling the world who he is was great). grendelsmRudy showed up around 8 PM and we were off. Made a quick stop at 7-11 (you know I had to get the Superman logo Slurpee cup), then met up with the rest of the group at the Mercado. We were first in line thanks to Josh, who was line bitch for us since around 3 PM according to what I heard. I happily handed out Daily Planet mock-up papers and Free Comic Book Day copies of Superman/Batman #1 to a seemingly grateful line of fans (well, a lot of them anyway... as I didn't have enough for everyone in line). Gwynne and I, decked out in stick-on Superman logos, drank our Superman Sobe drinks because we are good consumer whores. They let us in around 9 PM, we got settled into great seats, then the trailers started... and gods, they sucked. No Spider-Man 3 trailer, no Transformers teaser, nothing good... in fact all of the trailers looked like they were meant for "Cars" or a similar type of movie. Anyway, my annoyance didn't last long because the movie started, and it was just totally awesome. I'm not very good at reviews, that's really more angry_wolfCarl's thing than mine (hopefully he'll write a review when he sees it). I can tell you it got some applause at the right moments and at the end, and I really can't wait to see it again, on IMAX next time. It was cool to find out that Robert Meyer Burnett had a bit part in the movie (as he's a huge Superman fan) and he also was videographer... I'll be sure to ask him about it at SiliCon when I see him there, right after he signs my Free Enterprise SE DVD. Don't worry about staying past the credits, there's nothing extra this time.

Well, I'm home, wired off of sugar, caffeine, and the movie. I will be sleeping alone tonight as it made more sense for Gwynne to do her last night at the other house without me this time (we both work later today).
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So I woke up fairly early yesterday. Tried in vain to find a taker for my spare Wondercon ticket. Then I left shortly after my last post... )

Now I am about to leave for a day of working at the con... more to come!
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I am about to leave here in a few minutes to go to the San Mateo theatre and wait in line for the 8 PM showing of "King Kong". Why? Because I have nothing else to do today, I want to make sure the six of us get good seats, I've heard only good things about this movie, and... well, that's about it really. Anyone wanna join me?

I got the background check report today... but that's for another post.

Update 4:20 PM - So I went to the theatre. No one in line.... anywhere. So I walked around downtown San Mateo for a bit, got a few things at Blockbuster (alotheriaSarah J. will be happy... tee hee), got a Jamba Juice with an immunity boost (cough cough) and eventually made my way back tot he theatre. Only one line now, 15-20 people... for the 4 PM showing. Talked to a manager... she told me that the midnight show had maybe 50 people, and none of today's shows were selling out. Discouraged, I made my way to the Caltrain station and called djinnethGwynne and angry_wolfCarl, and between the three of us it was decided I should go home, get something to eat where it's warmer, and wait for 6 or 6:30 to go wait in line.
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So my plan for today is: have lunch with Gwynne, then take the train to the Downtown San Mateo Century theatre and wait in line for the next 10 hours or so. About 6 of us have tickets tot he 12:10 showing of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". After reading Eleanore's post about it, I'm even more excited than before to see it. To make sure I'm awake tonight I have already bought some candy (all new stuff: Raspberry and Cream Hershey's, Orange and Cream Kit Kat, Caramel Cappucchino Hershey's, and a Wonka Donutz) and an energy soda from Mountain Dew called MDX. Yes, I am quite the consumer whore. I am going to be in line all day reading the 4th book, playing with my Clie, possibly doing trivia with the kids (I even have prizes thanks to the midnight 6th book thingie at B & N). It's gonna be fun.

The funny thing is, I haven't been a Potter fan from the start. When I first heard about this phenomenon I thought to myself "oh, here's the next Pokemon or Power Rangers" and dismissed it as kid's stuff. The weird thing was, I had heard from many adults who liked the books too (who didn't even have any children). Then, one day while working for a book store up in Eureka at the calendar kiosk, I noticed we had the books there as well. We had permission to read while waiting for customers, so I picked up the first book and said "I'll read the first chapter and see what this is all about". And I did. The next thing I knew I was borrowing the book, read it in a few hours, and borrowed the next as soon as I could. When I read all that had come out, I too was asking "when does the next one come out?!" every so often. Now I have 4 movies and 1 book left before it's all finished. I imagine I'll re-read the series every year around X-mas as I have been (almost) doing for the last 4 or 5 years.
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I just got back from the midnight showing of "Serenity" at the Metreon. I had a lot of fun while hanging out in line or walking around, meeting fellow Browncoats and just generally getting more and more energized by the con-like atmosphere that was created. I met many people, geeked out hard about Joss Whedon's creations and comic books, helped out a bit when I could. Add to that a movie I know I will be owning when I can buy it on DVD, plus djinnethGwynne winning the raffle and giving me her prize: a Serenity t-shirt! I am wearing it as I type this, and plan to wear it all day tomorrow today in support of the movie's opening day.

Much fun ensued... now sleep must do the same.
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So, as it turned out I was the first in line for the 11:10 PM showing of "The Corpse Bride" last night at the Metreon. I waited in line until john_whorfinSteven got there, then soon after _shahara_Renee and angry_wolfCarl, and finally djinnethGwynne, redstreetsAlicia, and alotheriaSarah J.. By the time everyone showed up there was quite a line, but when we were let in we got our choice of seats. The movie itself was awesome, as I expected, and I have no doubt I'll own it on DVD when it comes out. What was also really cool is that one of the trailers was the newest "Harry Potter 4" one.

Anyway, it is time for Gwynnie and I to eat breakfast lunch linner.
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... I'll be at the Metreon. Auditorium 7. But I won't leave the theatre until the show is over, so you may as well wait outside. Or bring me more popcorn and soda.

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