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Yesterday, despite the guy in San Bruno not answering my call, I went down there with the hope that I could get a hold of him and see the room he had for rent. After stopping by moonwhispersBrian's place for a bit I headed over to the corner of Montgomery and Scott... but the guy never answered his phone. Ok... waste of my time. In any case I had plans to meet up with angry_wolfCarl to see "Shutter Island". This we did... except before the movie ended the projector's light and sound cut out and when they came back on we realized we'd missed some of the movie and decided to get our money back and leave. From there we headed to San Mateo, near where I used to live with O.J. Simpson's brother and saw a room there... whereupon I gave the guy a check and got the key! Now all I have to do is pack my stuff and get it over to the new place... Anyway, CJ and I got back to my current home and watched Caprica and Lost, both of which were probably the best eps of their respective seasons, and then we parted ways. Oh, and MC Frontalot emailed me asking that I be his Street Team Coordinator for his upcoming tour, to which I agreed. Today I am not feeling well, and I have called in sick
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I have been emailing people via Craigslist ads regarding rooms for rent. I've looked at a few but I am apparently not getting one in Palo Alto that would have been perfect, however I am still looking. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow in Burlingame to look at a room. I am working five days a week at Calafia, which is nice... I could use the extra hours. Meanwhile, I have been watching the following either live, streaming, or on DVD: Caprica, Lost (awesome start to this last season!), Spartacus: Blood & Sand, The Big Bang Theory (halfway through season 3), & Heroes (season finale next Monday). I am very much looking forward to a free screening of "Serenity" at Google on the 11th and the MC Frontalot concert on the 15th.
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Not a whole lot to say... well...

Still working at Calafia, getting more hours there than before but not enough to live on. Keeping my eyes out for an additional job. I've saved a ton of money over Eksmas and since, but I need more income on a monthly basis before I move into my own place again.

I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum on moonwhispersBrian's PS3 and I've been loving it. Have watched some movies with angry_wolfCarl recently that include "Book of Eli" (liked it) and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (loved it). Looking forward to the MC Frontalot concert on 15 February and Wondercon 2010 at the beginning of April, not to mention the returns of Lost, V, and the premier of Caprica. Also, I've decided that I need to get out more with friends and DO stuff. I need more of a life than what I've got going on now. For instance, I really liked a recent dinner at spideyjKanane's house, where I met some funny and cool people plus learned of the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed my Wednesday night comic book store geekout sessions with a friend/former coworker and the regular customers I know from having worked there. I have not, however, been enjoying the rain and cold as walking in or waiting for the bus in said elements are of teh suck. I did like what I saw yesterday after the rain:

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In the last seven weeks I have become homeless... )

Things begin to look up a bit... )
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I just realized that the last few posts were about stuff other than what is going on with me personally, so here we go...

First of all, my back has seriously been killing me the last 3 or 4 days. No matter how many pain pills I take it still hurts. I must have tweaked it pretty bad recently.

Still could be getting more hours at workplaces, but I am trying to not spend as much money as I'd like to. I'm getting better at closing the Calafia market IMHO, which is helping with co-worker relationships. The only real difficult thing is not constantly eating all the desserts we carry.

Yesterday was spent partly at Tanforan, where I read some graphic novels that had come out recently. After that I did a little bit of shopping at Target, but when I got home I realized that though I had just got some bread, I didn't have peanut butter. {Sigh} I waited for angry_wolfCarl to show up, and we watched some more episodes of Venture Bros., which is quickly turning into one of my new favorite shows. When that was over we were hungry and decided to eat at Melaka, a place up San Bruno Avenue (where Lyon's used to be) which was pretty good for being buffet. On my way home I stopped at three different mini-marts trying to get a tube of Werther's, to no avail, but I did purchase a Pepsi-Cola Throwback... which contains natural sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I had to try it, and it was good, but the caffeine kept me awake long enough to enjoy "Special" and "Timecrimes" (see my last post). The problem with Throwback is it's only out for a limited time, so I'm really looking forward to trying Pepsi Natural. Anyway, finally I went to sleep.

Woke up and tried for awhile in vain to watch the latest ep of Lost, cleverly entitled Some Like It Hoth, and which I finally saw and enjoyed quite alot. Now I'm just relaxing for a bit before I get ready to go to work at the bookstore later tonight.

Oh, and the new Harry Potter 6 trailer is full of win! Also, tickets are now available for the midnight showings of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on Thursday night/Friday morning 30 April/1 May. I'll be seeing it at Tanforan (of course)... who's with me?
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So what's been going on since i last posted...

Media part... )

Finances part... )

Bus riding part... )
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It's been a week, so I guess I should update this thing...

Last night after work I got to hang out with angry_wolfCarl, moonwhispersBrian, and sausage_boyLloyd. Much laughter was had and beer, pizza, and donuts were consumed. We watched "Hardware Wars" (I can't believe I hadn't seen it before... hilarious!) and most of "A Knight's Tale" before calling it a night. Thanks guys for an awesome evening!

Watched "Mystery Men", The Guild webisodes, Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, The Venture Bros., "How To Lose Friends & Alienate People", and "The Man with The Screaming Brain" this past week. Some of that was online, some from Netflix, and some was cable t.v. (thanks Carl!)

Work (both jobs) continues to go well. That's all I can say about that. I have tomorrow off, and I will most likely do laundry and possibly go see "Watchmen" on IMAX in the city with friends.

The Girl Scouts are selling their cookies at Town & Country Village, where my workplaces are. One asked if I wanted to buy some as I was walking by... I inquired if they were made with real Girl Scouts. No one said I'm original, but that response got some laughs from the girls. For the record I did not buy any...

And finally, a very happy birthday to the very awesome spdrwnAmy!
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After watching the first two episodes of Dollhouse on Hulu, I feel like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were just warmups for the real thing: this.

At least if I had to stay home sick from work today I had something good to watch... and I also have "Choke" from Netflix waiting on top of my t.v. And speaking of t.v., another good ep of BSG last night. "How many dead chicks are out there?" Heh heh.

Got my work schedule from Calafia last night... let's just say my worries about not having enough hours are over. In fact, I may have to ask for less. I am really hoping they will do something about the fact that I'm scheduled next weekend, since I plan on attending Wondercon then.

Update 4:08 PM - "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Just finished watching six episodes of Lost in a row... now I am all caught up! I even wore my numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) t-shirt during part of the mini-marathon. This season is so good... I like that it isn't really flashbacks anymore... instead it's mostly taking place in the present (more or less) with time traveling instead. Very interesting twists and stuff. Old questions answered, new ones asked. Loving it!
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So, what's been going on with me lately you might wonder? Well, for starters I am about to be without a home as of this Thursday. This has been depressing me and I suppose I've been in denial about having to move for the most part, but last night I really started to feel the pressure on me. I started scouring Craigslist, and long story short I am meeting with someone in San Mateo tomorrow afternoon. I work from 9AM - 1PM, then I will take Caltrain and a bus to the place on Lake street. I also managed to procure an interview with a company that pays over $17 an hour. The interview is at 5 PM on the same day... so I think I'll have to take a taxi and to hell with the cost. If I can score both the place and the job I'll have it made. If I can't find something very soon I may have to move back to Eureka. I don't have concrete plans up there either, but at least my money will last longer rent-wise, and my sisters are there, plus I know the area.

I was feeling all sad and depressed earlier this morning, and had laid back down on the couch to just rest a bit, when Selene and Biko both jumped up on me. Selene snuggled under the blanket while Biko lay on top of my chest. This made me feel better. It's like they knew I needed loves. I'll miss those two.

In good news, just one more week until we have a new president! And if I find a place that has cable I can watch BSG and Lost and Heroes and Smallville and... woot! Oh, and I got my deposit back with Sprint, so I don't have to pay my cell bill for the next 4 months or so!

And now, the anatomy of a Lego person:

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I just came home from visiting the emergency room at San Mateo Medical Center up the street. Same thing as before, only a little worse...

Woke up coughing around 9:30 AM, and of course wasn't able to breathe. I ended up coughing so violently that blood appeared in my saliva. I called djinnethGwynne just in case something were to happen (plus I needed to hear her voice) and while I was in the kitchen I coughed up some very yellow stuff. That helped convince me to go see the doctor right away. Walked there, went through a few pre-admit people, then was escorted to a bed in the emergency ward. The friendly Dr. Snyder (who reminded me slightly of Jack's father from Lost) had me take chest x-rays and such, then I waited forever until finally given four prescriptions and sent on my way with a diagnosis of bronchitis. Went to the pharmacy, who sent me back with an orange paper to be dealt with, then went back to the pharmacy and dropped off everything. I'll go back in a few hours to pick it all up. I'm supposed to bring back some stuff to get the medication possibly covered.

My prescriptions are for:
While typing all of this out I had another attack, but I got through it quickly. Still scared me a bit.
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Lost season 4 finale = teh awesome

Seriously... what a great episode. In other news, I think I may join the Octagon Global Recruiting Project. Who cares if they don't pay you?
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So here are the details on my Tweets (good and not) for the last week...

The good: )

The not so good: )

Hmmm... the good outweighs the bad. Sweet!
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I suppose I should post something in my LJ besides tweets, and at least explain some of the past five...

  • Last night was a birthday dinner celebration deal at Olive Garden with some of the usual suspects, including the birthday boy himself, davebydesignDave. The evening culminated with the watching of "Prince Caspian", a movie IMHO better than the one before it. It was really good to hang out with the five of you who were there.

  • It's taken a week, but the Iron Man t-shirt I ordered finally got to my coworker's house today. I still have to wait until Wednesday, but at least I know it's no longer up to UPS.

  • I had a yummy sushi dinner with djinnethGwynne earlier tonight before she dropped me off back in San Jose. Now I know why she keeps asking to go there with her. So good!

  • Lately I have been watching Sealab 2021 and Firefly episodes. The other night I rewatched "Cannibal! The Musical" and "The Big Lebowski". I just watched Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Awesome episodes, both. I was surprised to find out that the actor playing Felix Gaeta has a wonderful singing voice. Now let's see if I can find Smallville online.

Alone she sleeps in the shirt of man
With my three wishes clutched in her hand
The first that she be spared the pain
That comes from a dark and laughing rain
When she finds love may it always stay true
This I beg for the second wish I made too
But wish no more
My life you can take
To have her please just one day wake
- Gaeta's Lament
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  • 20:16 back in San Jose, waiting for my friend from Eureka to call... #
  • 22:37 Lost = OMGWTFBBQ?! #
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Last night, after tasty sushi at Tenka, I had the pleasure of seeing "Speed Racer" with djinnethGwynne. I loved it... the best live action feel good cartoon ever. Brilliant use of color, and though you might think you'd get motion sickness it's really not that bad. Between this and "Iron Man" last week (which I've seen three times so far) this Summer is already shaping up to be one that kicks much ass. And it's only mid-May!

What else is happening in my world... well, I finally turned in the application to the theatre in San Mateo. Hopefully I'll get a call soon about that. I got myself the Barenaked Ladies children's CD at Target, but I forgot to bring it home with me. I read the lyrics though... should be good. I need to catch up on Lost, BSG, and Smallville... maybe I'll do that tonight if my friend from Eureka doesn't call back.

In other news, from now on my tweets from Twitter will be posted at the very end of each day (11:59 PM to be precise) thanks to something called LoudTwitter. As if my LJ wasn't boring enough, now ya'll can read about what I have for lunch each day! Ooh! Exciting!!

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Yesterday, after dealing with a couple of pissy customers during an otherwise nice day at work, I got home and watched the new episode of Lost. Goddamn, that was a seriously great episode... I was literally on the edge of my seat for some scenes. It asked more questions than it answered, but believe it or not I like those kind of episodes. I know that eventually those questions will be answered, and it's fun to go along for the ride. So after that I found the new Smallville episode online and watched that, but it just completely paled in comparison. Today I watched "Wedding Crashers" on DVD, which while pretty good and funny, wasn't as good as it was hyped to be. I also read more Tigerheart, which keeps getting better and better... it could be a new classic book. I will be sure to make it a staff recommendation at work. I also found a replacement for Trillian called Digsby. Despite it's questionable name it is more functional than Trillian (Pro even) while remaining free of charge (unlike Trillian Pro). I like the fact that you can integrate Facebook and MySpace accounts as well as email accounts right on the buddy list. Anyway. tonight I have a new BSG episode to look forward to, and I'm sure I won't be let down as BSG has rarely if ever done so.

I haven't mentioned yet that I met with the Sequoia Station room guy on Wednesday and locked in the room for either a 19 May or 1 June move, depending on my money situation. As much as I appreciate my coworker and her boyfriend letting me stay here in their room, I look forward to a more stable and long term living situation that is also closer to my job and friends.

And finally, if you were one of those who were watching Firefly and was really getting into it when Fox decided to pull the plug, and think you might enjoy a webcomic about people like yourself, you would do well to check out Save Hiatus, drawn by a friend of mine and high ranking Browncoat extraordinaire lexigeekAdam Levermore-Rich . This is the guy whose design for last year's event Can't Stop The Serenity poster won and was consequently used all over the world. Start here... and enjoy. I know I did.
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Haven't posted in a little while because not much has been going on. Here's the latest...  )
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So, a few things of the recent variety in no particular order...

Work: I have the best coworkers. They are truly a joy to work with and hang out with after the working. There's a few who make me feel like I'm family... they know who they are. The grand reopening party the other night was much more fun than I imagined it would be, with myself as co-bartender (okay, all we had was wine and sparkling water but still...) and seeing people I work with dressed up a bit. After that I went to Chili's with a few of them and had a blast. Today we had Curious George at the store (well, one of the warehouse people dressed up as him anyway). The store was packed! We are kinda thinking about doing this again more often. Our customers love the new store... I don't think I've heard a single negative comment.

Moving: I have a couple of good leads, and I'm hoping to move within a few weeks. One place is super close to work, and that's the one I'm really hoping for. I'm a little nervous about moving out, but I thing ultimately it's the best thing I can do for myself and djinnethGwynne.

Gwynne: Speaking of... I have tried to have as little interaction with her as possible for a few reasons. Part of it is the whole being rejected thing (even though I know that all of this is for the best). It hurt to be pushed away once again, and I just feel that it'll be easier on both of us to simply not have contact for now. I think once I'm away from here I'll feel differently. Hopefully she'll appreciate that I did dishes, cleaned the toilet, and did some of her laundry tonight between Angel episodes. I figured it couldn't hurt.

T.V. / DVD: Lost was totally awesome... Eli Stone was pretty good. Angel keeps rocking my socks off (though I am at a part in the season that I've seen before, but I honestly don't mind).

That's all for now... I may edit this as I think of stuff.

Update 3 March 2008 / 7:00 PM - Here's a photo fron the grand re-opening party. From left to right: Me, my co-bartender John, sjgrrrlHeather, & hagbooLori...

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I shall be leaving soon to go into the city for WonderCon and Jonathan Coulton. I'll be Twittering a lot today probably, so if anyone cares be sure to see how my day is going. I am hoping to take some pics and get them on LJ sometime this weekend. I am hoping to get my hardcovers of the two Supreme Power books signed by J. Michael Straczinski and a Groo comic signed by Sergio Aragones, plus meet some famous people. The concert should be fun too... they will be filming it for DVD apparently.

In honor of JoCo, here is a webcomic: )

Oh yeah... Lost was awesome as usual. The book Bad Twin was meh.
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Been a few days or so since I posted. It's been pretty much the same old stuff. I've been working, and I am in fact getting more hours now, though I took today off due to my stomach persistently feeling unwell. Watched two movies at the theatre: "Jumper" and "The Spiderwick Chronicles", both of which I have enjoyed. Been watching Angel and Buffy episodes... in fact just in the last week I've gone through the entire first season of Angel. Also watched the Knight Rider pilot movie, which was fun. Looking very much forward to both WonderCon and the Jonathan Coulton concert this weekend with djinnethGwynne. I would like to find the time to read Bad Twin, the Lost novel.

That's it for now...

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