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Yesterday, despite the guy in San Bruno not answering my call, I went down there with the hope that I could get a hold of him and see the room he had for rent. After stopping by moonwhispersBrian's place for a bit I headed over to the corner of Montgomery and Scott... but the guy never answered his phone. Ok... waste of my time. In any case I had plans to meet up with angry_wolfCarl to see "Shutter Island". This we did... except before the movie ended the projector's light and sound cut out and when they came back on we realized we'd missed some of the movie and decided to get our money back and leave. From there we headed to San Mateo, near where I used to live with O.J. Simpson's brother and saw a room there... whereupon I gave the guy a check and got the key! Now all I have to do is pack my stuff and get it over to the new place... Anyway, CJ and I got back to my current home and watched Caprica and Lost, both of which were probably the best eps of their respective seasons, and then we parted ways. Oh, and MC Frontalot emailed me asking that I be his Street Team Coordinator for his upcoming tour, to which I agreed. Today I am not feeling well, and I have called in sick
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I have been emailing people via Craigslist ads regarding rooms for rent. I've looked at a few but I am apparently not getting one in Palo Alto that would have been perfect, however I am still looking. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow in Burlingame to look at a room. I am working five days a week at Calafia, which is nice... I could use the extra hours. Meanwhile, I have been watching the following either live, streaming, or on DVD: Caprica, Lost (awesome start to this last season!), Spartacus: Blood & Sand, The Big Bang Theory (halfway through season 3), & Heroes (season finale next Monday). I am very much looking forward to a free screening of "Serenity" at Google on the 11th and the MC Frontalot concert on the 15th.
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As of right now I am without internet access. However, I figured out a way to post to LJ without having to create the post on my Centro... I write it in Semagic, copy the text to Palm desktop. HotSync, and then copy and post to the mobile LJ app on my phone! So this will be the first of those type of entries.

Today I talked to one of the head guys at Calafia, who said a week ago I should get back to him about now. He told me that he wants me in the market side of the restaurant and that I should come in on 9 February. I'm not sure, but I think I may have skipped the interview process and went straight to getting the job! So I will actually be able to afford to keep living where I am. Also, I eFiled my taxes tonight, so the refund will help as well.

So since the 16th I have gotten a new place to live, acquired a futon so I don't have to sleep on the floor anymore, watched two eps of BSG, got a new job, and did my taxes. Oh, and three words: President Barack Obama. Life is of teh good.
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my geekcase and moving stuff...

I used to use the bookcase in this pic for DVDs, but since they are all in binders now I decided to showcase my geektastic interests. Everything from Spidey to BSG to The Matrix in one place. Yes, that's my Jayne hat on top of the lightning ball. On the bottom are my mass markets... many are novelizations of movies.

Anyway, the room is really coming together thanks to the awesome efforts last night of Carl and Rudy. I can't thank them enough, nor Darcy for providing me with a futon. Today my back is hurting badly from the moving... I shudder to think what it would feel like if I was still sleeping on the floor. I also should thank Gwynne for packing some more of my stuff and having it ready to pick up. Thanks again you four!
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The answer: San Bruno, CA.

Yes, I found a room. When I got off of work on Friday evening I was met by Carl, who had most of my worldly possessions in his car. We drove to his house, watched Battlestar Galactica twice (oh my gods!) and I slept restlessly. In the morning (having woken early) I perused Craigslist (Carl got me started), made a few appointments before having to start work, and the first place I saw I wrote a check to the guy and moved my stuff from Carl's car to my new room. I slept there last night and froze my ass off. I need a bed or at least a mattress, internet, and a towel or two plus my pillows, but I have a place to live and now I can concentrate on getting a second job (hopefully at Calafia, owned by former Google chef Charlie Ayers).

I just wanted to say thanks to Carl (for everything you did), Lloyd (for the offer), and everyone who packed my stuff. And major thanks and love to Gwynne for letting me stay with her these past months and putting up with me. I should have done much more with the time that I had there, but now I'm ready to go ahead with my goals.
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So, what's been going on with me lately you might wonder? Well, for starters I am about to be without a home as of this Thursday. This has been depressing me and I suppose I've been in denial about having to move for the most part, but last night I really started to feel the pressure on me. I started scouring Craigslist, and long story short I am meeting with someone in San Mateo tomorrow afternoon. I work from 9AM - 1PM, then I will take Caltrain and a bus to the place on Lake street. I also managed to procure an interview with a company that pays over $17 an hour. The interview is at 5 PM on the same day... so I think I'll have to take a taxi and to hell with the cost. If I can score both the place and the job I'll have it made. If I can't find something very soon I may have to move back to Eureka. I don't have concrete plans up there either, but at least my money will last longer rent-wise, and my sisters are there, plus I know the area.

I was feeling all sad and depressed earlier this morning, and had laid back down on the couch to just rest a bit, when Selene and Biko both jumped up on me. Selene snuggled under the blanket while Biko lay on top of my chest. This made me feel better. It's like they knew I needed loves. I'll miss those two.

In good news, just one more week until we have a new president! And if I find a place that has cable I can watch BSG and Lost and Heroes and Smallville and... woot! Oh, and I got my deposit back with Sprint, so I don't have to pay my cell bill for the next 4 months or so!

And now, the anatomy of a Lego person:

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Last night consisted of watching 3 X-Files episodes while eating an awesome pork chops in a tasty gravy dinner that I helped djinnethGwynne prepare for us. I actually helped with the rice. Anyway, the eps were pretty good... I am definately glad I agreed to start watching the series finally. I loved the appearances by actors such as Donal Logue, Seth Green, and Jerry Hardin. Hopefully tonight we can watch some eps from season 2 of Oz, if the disc arrives from Netflix. I need to find out what happens after the riot breaks out! And I need to see Beecher being more of a badass.

Oh yeah... a very happy birthday to my former Books Inc. co-worker trite_clicheLiz! Hope you're enjoying Peru, Miss L!

At some point I need to start packing up my stuff and moving it... somewhere. {sigh}
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Looks like I'm part of the plague (again).

I just got off the phone a little while ago with one of my housemates. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was being kicked out due to not coming up with the full amount of rent this month... I was short $150 plus what I owe for utilities. I wasn't able to pay what I owe due to not getting enough hours at work and my wages being garnished for something that happened more than a decade ago, which is why I have been looking for additional employment recently. I had written a letter asking for a little patience, but they can't afford to wait to get a new person in my room, unless of course I can pay what I owe. They were going to change the locks after tomorrow night, but I managed to get a little more time... they had put a three day notice on my door on Sunday.

It's times like this that I'm glad I don't drink... I'd probably spiral downward into a darkness that I'd never recover from. I don't know what to do other than continue looking for another job and hope for the best.
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  • 22:15 got my room more set up than it was before... it's feeling like home finally... #

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  • 01:18 sleeping... #
  • 07:32 feeking very unwell... #
  • 16:46 hey hey... it's moving day! #
  • 22:55 is a bit upset that the previous room inhabitants left it a mess... #
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  • 08:27 doesn't appreciate being woken up by dogs barking at the lawnmower... #
  • 10:03 has taken care of his change of address stuff, like, everywhere... #
  • 11:40 listening to the album Old Nerdy Bastard on my to work... #
  • 20:56 heading to San Mateo... #
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So here are the details on my Tweets (good and not) for the last week...

The good: )

The not so good: )

Hmmm... the good outweighs the bad. Sweet!
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  • 00:00 time for bed... #
  • 10:51 getting ready to view another room for rent... #
  • 12:43 got a room! moving to San Mateo on 1 June... #
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  • 13:55 I have room view appointments for today and tomorrow, plus I've made calls to other people... wish me luck! #
  • 13:57 I really need to post to LJ... Soon! I promise! #
  • 15:35 about to check out a room for rent in San Mateo... #
  • 19:51 just finished ISBN 9780375424861... fun book! #
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So after talking with Romie (the landlord of the room for rent across from Sequoia Station... I'm getting tired of typing all of that each time) this morning I am set to move in there this Friday, the 23rd. I'll move in some stuff Saturday morning and evening, then the rest on Sunday. I could use a little help on Sunday if anyone has the time. I realize it's Memorial Day weekend and everyone will either be at Baycon or whatnot, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. My plan right now is to really look for a second job, starting tomorrow after I meet with Romie and before I start work. Living in Redwood City will make it easier to job hunt and will cut down on transportation costs, so that's a plus.
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Happiness is tickets to an 8 PM showing of "Iron Man" the day before it was going to premier. That's right, on Thursday 1 May 2008 I'll be at the Downtown Redwood City theatre watching Ol' Shellhead get his drink on and blowing things up. And I am off at 2 PM that day, so I get to wait in line for just six hours or so ensuring I get good seats. Woo hoo!

As for today I am going to get dressed and head to Redwood City to meet with the guy with the room for rent on 1 June, check the room out, and give him a hundred bucks, then eventually get my ass to work by 4 PM.
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Wow... it's been a week since I last posted. I suppose with having to move and all I haven't had a good chance to post. So here we go: )

Gah... hungry. I may need to venture out of the house for a bit and find some food.
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Moving woes... )

Well, today is just beautiful weather-wise, and tonight there is more packing to do and episodes of Eli Stone and BSG to (hopefully) watch. I know I have a few options in case I can't find a place by Sunday. And hey, at least I can always get myself another caffeine infused candy bar if I wanted to. At least there's some light in this darkness.
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I just packed up four boxes of DVDs and PS2 games... mostly DVDs. Behind me is seven small boxes full of CDs and mass markets, packed last week. Over on my left is a box filled with my graphic novels. My comics are already in long and short boxes, as they've always been. We both need more boxes because of how much we've packed recently.

Now if I can just get that call from the guy telling me I got the room maybe I would stop stressing out about the fact that I have about five more days before I am out of here. I turned in the application yesterday, along with the required $100 and copies of important papers. He said today or tomorrow he'll call. {stress stress stress}

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