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The SiliCon staff email list received the following from the chair:

It is less than two months to the con.  We have a *lot* to do. If you do not make it, and do not have a real, viable second who can, I *will* replace you.

My response:

Considering I have to work on Sunday and my second does also, feel free to go ahead and replace me.  Sorry, but work always comes first.

So SiliCon needs a new dealer's liaison. Anyone interested in attending the meeting this Sunday, plus every Sunday in September, and paying the $30 to be on a volunteer staff of people who (it seems to me) are constantly griping at each other? Anyone? Bueller?

And you know, since I'm on the subject, she also said this:

As always, status reports and requests of other departments need to be posted to this list, so we don't waste time with them at the meeting.


Then what the fuck are the meetings for?!?!
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Started the Excel spreadsheet for the SiliCon dealers last night, but I still have to do the rest and then get emails out to them, although I did email back some of the dealers who have been waiting for a reply.

Was woken up earlier than I had planned to be awake by a dog right outside my window. People wonder why I'm not a huge fan of dogs... that is one reason why. Cats don't bark and they don't have huge tongues that slobber all over you. Anyway, I got some laundry into the washer, then after a bit started pumping out emails with my resume attached all rapidfire-like. With any luck I'll have a new job by the 1st. I'll just have to make sure I am able to get that time off in October for SiliCon...

On a side note, the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiers on AOL tonight sometime around 9 PM. Woo hoo!
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Random stuff going on... )

Update 10:57 PM - Speaking of Dr. Horrible, it's back online for free viewing at If you didn't get to see it before, now is your chance! And of course if you have seen it I'm sure you'll wanna see it again!
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I feel like my life right now is in a holding pattern, that I'm just going through the motions of day to day life, waiting for it to really happen again. I've had the last few days off of work, and all I've done is lock myself in my room, websurfing and reading the galley of the Peter David book that's coming out in June, Tigerheart, until my eyes are too blurry that I can't see what I'm reading anymore, whereupon I nap. Not to say that hasn't been relaxing and that I don't appreciate some downtime, but it's almost like not having djinnethGwynne around means that I'm not really living my life like I could be. I don't know... maybe I'm just depressed right now... maybe I need to get something to eat. My coworker has this excellent DVD collection and I don't even feel like watching anything, which is strange for me. Maybe going to work tomorrow will help.

I went to the SiliCon meeting on Sunday, which was good. I was the first one there, and I wondered if I seemed overeager to be there. Anyway, the meeting got me really excited about being involved, being dealer's room liaison and all. It'll be nice having time to prepare this time instead of filling in at the last second like last year.

Meh... I think that's all for now.
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As of yesterday I am the dealer's room liaison for SiliCon 2008. Last year I had filled in at the last minute, but this time I'll be official. So I suppose I should attend the next meeting on 20 April, huh?

Blue Diamond Maui Onion and Garlic Almonds are fucking tasty!

For Easter brunch today djinnethGwynne and I first tried IHOP, then ended up eating at Baker's Square. I'm really glad we decided to switch... Baker's Square was much less crowded and the food was pretty darned good.

Last but not least, here's a song from Barenaked Ladies about Easter:

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A lot has happened in the past two months since my last post.

Where to begin? )
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I went to the San Mateo County Fair with djinnethGwynne, alotheriaSarah J., and Simon. Had a lot of fun there. The Mini-donut lady was a bitch, but the donuts were tasty as usual. I won a blue monkey from one of the games. For five bucks I got to ride a Segway, and I had Gwynnie take video of it: )

One cool thing I found out was that the new girl we hired at Lee's, Megami, had won first place for her art: )

In other news, Gwynne and I saw "Stardust" which was an absolutely great movie. I still need to see "Superbad". It kinda scares/amuses me that Hot Topic is selling I Am McLovin t-shirts though. I've been watching a lot of Smallville repeats to catch up. There are some really good episodes in the last few seasons. The new series Flash Gordon on the Sci Fi channel isn't as good as I hoped it would be, but I keep giving it more chances anyway. Work has been good. I introduced a few people to the music stylings of MC Frontalot and other nerdcore rappers yesterday.

Today I have the day off, which I planned to use for going to the SiliCon meeting but I changed my mind... I figure I'll go to the two just before the con seeing as I don't have an official position yet anyway. I'm going to be going to the free Shakespeare in the park presentation of A Midsummer Night's Dream later today. I liked the movie, so I'm guessing seeing it live will be a good thing.

I guess that's it for now... I'll try to post more often from now on.
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Who - Fans (casual and rabid) of Sci-Fi/Horror/Comic/Anime... all things geeky!

What - SiliCon 2007

Where - Doubletree Hotel in San Jose

When - 5-7 October 2007

Why - All proceeds go to diabetes research

Hope you can make it to the con!
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Yesterday djinnethGwynne drove us to grab a bite to eat, then we went to her housesitting gig to take care of the dog. From there she dropped me off at the Doubletree in San Jose for my SiliCon meeting. I met up with her at the mall later, and by the time we left I started feeling headachey. It got a little worse as the night went on, even after eating dinner. I ignored it as much as I could while we watched the Fantastic Four sequel (enjoyed it, with just a few issues with it), but by the end of the movie my head felt like it was going to explode, and I was also feeling slight nausea. Gwynne drove me home so I could sleep in my own bed and I called the manager to leave a message, letting him know that there was a possibility I might not be in the best shape to come in to work today. I took a few pills and was able to get to sleep.

As soon as I woke I called the manager to let him know that I was better, although my stomach is a bit sour, but he'd already switched my shift for a Wednesday one. I also got my shift switched on Saturday, so I can go to the Can't Stop The Serenity dealio in the city. I win at life!


Oops... I minimized this window and forgot to post it 20 minutes ago!
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I got to see "Shrek The Third" with djinnethGwynne on Friday after watching the first two movies and the short film that bridges them. I really enjoyed the third film... I laughed many times, and joined the audience in clapping when it was over. Even though the new "Transformers" trailer wasn't playing with that particular print, I've seen it online and I am really excited about it, even moreso than before.

I had a pretty good day at work yesterday. Got to see Grant from SiliCon, which was cool. Spent the day geeking out with customers and my co-worker, who as of today is no longer my co-worker. Found out something really bad about my niece Cheyenne, but until I've confirmed it I won't state it for the record. Had sushi for dinner and saw "28 Weeks Later" with Gwynne and angry_wolfCarl. That's another movie where the sequel is better than the original.

Yesterday morning my lower back started hurting. It's still hurting today, but I have no choice but to go into work like I did yesterday since we're understaffed. Let's just hope I don't have any heavy lifting to do.

Oooh! Season finale of Heroes tonight! Oh, and I'm hoping to catch Pirates 3 on Thursday night one way or another.
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So I haven't posted in a little while... here's the news from the past 5 days or so:

I went to the SiliCon meeting on Sunday. Among other things I was asked to moderate a Spider-Man panel by somebody (no real surprise considering, but still... to be asked? wow!) and was asked by genuine_snarkGeo to manage the putting together of the art show panels. When the meeting was over and I decided there wasn't more to be done there, eliteLouise and I took off to catch a bus to Caltrain to BART and finally got to the Cafe Du Nord in S.F. By the time we got there it was around 7 PM or so and I hadn't eaten all day, but I still stood in line to wait and make sure I was able to get in. Finally in, I was able to get some food and drink, got to know a few people who Louise knew (tyrsalviaAutumn and metaphorgeFox), and generally relax. Frontalot gave me a Certificate of Awesomeness, and I bought a funpack and a t-shirt from his Ma & Pa. Finally the MC Frontalot concert started after MC Lars and Optimus Rhyme finished their sets... and it was a blast. Every song he sang was one I liked, and so fun was had in large amounts. After the show he signed both of the CDs I brought, and the night was over save the praising of the show between djinnethGwynne and I in the car ride home.

Monday night after work I got to have dinner at the wonderful lexigeekAdam and klevermoreKarla's house with Louise. It was quite awesome to see the new episode of Heroes (OMGWTFBBQ) and the 3rd and 4th episodes of Drive (which has apparently been canceled... stupid Fox).

Tuesday I wasn't feeling good after work. Nothing really major happened. Meh.

Last night was a dose of good and bad. I got to hang out with Louise and watch "Grandma's Boy", which was more hilarious than I had thought it would be (anyone who has tested video games and/or has a sense of humor should see it), and so that was of the good. I came home and chatted with angry_wolfCarl, also good. When I went into the bedroom that was when the bad started. I hadn't let Gwynne know where I was, she had thought I'd be home when she got home from class and had been worrying, and the next thing I knew a major argument started between us, and... well, just badness. We went to sleep in a better mood than before the argument, but I really need to find a new place to live ASAP. We can't continue living with each other, and we both know it.

Today I slept in very late, then went with Gwynne to Baker's Square for more talking which was good. We went to Best Buy and got a few things each (I now have the Stephen Lynch CD A Little Bit Special and Gwynne has the Black Snake Moan soundtrack), had a quick stop at 7-11, and came home to listen to our music and sign up for cable.

Update 29 April 2008 / 11:02 PM - I found this video of MC Frontalot performing Goth Girls at Cafe Du Nord that night on You Tube just now:

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I left my job and I felt alright. Got picked up from work by this guy named Andrew who is a friend of Grant, co-chair of SiliCon. We drove to pick up eliteLouise, then the three of us went to the San Mateo Marriott Hotel which was hosting Tales Of Anime. We weren't really there for the convention though. Instead we were somewhat impromptu cast members for a showing of Rocky Horror.

Don't dream it... see it! )

During the pre-show I was part of one of the virgin sacrifices. The virgins watched as Tamara, who was our Trixie and Criminologist, lay down on the stage. They were told they had to hunt for the Peeps on her body. When they turned around I replaced Tamara, and each virgin had to hunt for a Peep with their eyes closed and not using hands, Tamara providing her voice to help the illusion. It wasn't too bad except for when one guy used his teeth on my penis. Just nibbled slightly, but it was almost enough to make me stop being such a sport about it. Anyway, the show went well. I did my part as well as I could then enjoyed watching the rest of the cast do their stuff. Afterward the cast went up to a room and partied until around 5 AM. I got a few hours sleep, then walked to work and got through the day. I got home and listened to the new MC Frontalot CD which had apparently come in the mail on Saturday. The CD, Secrets From The Future, is really good... I enjoy it the more I listen to it. I watched the JL movie before djinnethGwynne came home, then we listened to music before going to sleep.

Today was work, punctuated by a visit from Louise, then a ride home from Gwynne and my posting this while eating a nice toasted roast beef & cheese sandwich she made for me. Such a nice ex-girlfriend she is!
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... it really has. A week at least. What have I been up to? )


Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:18 am
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I ended up getting into a stupid argument with djinnethGwynne when she got home last night. The night ended with her going to her housesitting while I stayed home, both of us upset. I'm hoping to have a nice night with her tonight though.

I woke to find that I'd been paid (thank you Kathy!). Not only that, but it was a higher amount than last time... no surprise really since that check reflected having taken time off for SiliCon. So, after paying Gwynnie my share of the rent I'll still have enough for a few things I've been looking forward to getting in four days. Woot! After checking mail and LJ I finished Ender's Game, which I have really enjoyed reading. Who knew a book about a child attending a military school would be so good? I'm kind of worried that the rest of the Ender books (Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind) will be for me what the Dune sequels were: a continuing of the story that pales compared to the source material. I'll read them anyway... plus the Bean series. I'm looking forward to the possible movie that might be coming.

Anyway, that's all for now.
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Everybody who needed to picked up their artwork (artists and bidders alike), we boxed up the mail-ins, and then flew through tear down with the help of some awesome runners. The next thing I knew I had nothing to do, but instead of going to the dead dog party I decided to take advantage of an offer to ride back to San Mateo with mortefinaSarah P. & Josh. I said my goodbyes and we were off. We first stopped at the San Mateo Marriott, where (in case you haven't heard), Baycon 2007 will be held. S & J wanted to check out rooms and such for the con, so we did that. Soon after they dropped me off, and I called djinnethGwynne so we could go out to eat dinner. We ended up going to Black Angus, and we ordered some very tasty food... but a crunchy part of the appetizer we ordered hit my back tooth wrong and I have been in pain ever since. Time to go to the dentist methinks. During dinner Gwynnie got a call from alotheriaSarah J. , who needed us to come down to her and Simon's new place. We finished our meal and did just that. Her new place is so very cool... I an a bit envious. However, don't get me wrong - I'm also pretty darn happy with the place Gwynne and I share. After seeing their new house Gwynne and I came back home and watched "a really weird video" which can be found here and some movie trailers at I am now off to catch up on lost sleep.

By the way, if you're interested in reading genuine_snarkGeo's more detailed account of our trouble filled weekend, just click here!
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I somehow managed to stay conscious throughout the day, as difficult as it was. Food, caffeine, and good conversation helped immensely. We sold a lot of the artist's stuff, and I even wished I had the money to buy a few things myself. Robert Meyer Burnett came in at one point and gave me a one sheet for Free Enterprise (which I plan to frame), and I also got a poster of the comic book he publishes called Living In Infamy. He really does rock. Went to trailer park and saw a few new trailers (300 looks awesome), but no swag. Closed shop and hung out with Geo for awhile, then alternated between the party floor and walking around the hotel. I had a great time at the Browncoats party especially... they are really cool people, and I am glad to be one of them. I met the inspiration for Claire (from Free Enterprise) whom Burnett introduced, who seems like a cool woman. Headed up with Burnett for a little more time on the party floor before finally deciding to succumb to fatigue poisons by heading up to the room and crashing for the night.

I woke up having gotten more sleep than the night before, took a shower, and got some food in me. I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was 24 hours ago. We're going to let the bidders pick up what they bid on/bought, then it's tear down and dead dog, and finally I go home. I look forward to tonight with Gwynne.
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So I ended up finding Sarah P. and Josh, whereupon we geeked out for awhile. I then went to watch RHPS, but shortly after Hot Patootie I realized I was bored and decided to search for something else to do. I found myself at the Browncoat party room, and lo and behold there was Robert Meyer Burnett talking to the group. He mentioned he had brought some footage from the Superman Returns DVD that's coming in November and the next thing I knew we were all brainstorming how to show it. After a few questions to the right people (and Rob and I chatting for a bit by ourselves) we all adjourned to the Donner Room (apropos) and watched the DVD... starting after 2 AM. It was pretty cool... especially since we were the first people to see this stuff other that Burnett. I didn't get into bed until after 4AM, then I woke up 4 hours later to go set up the lights for art show. Well, as it turns out we weren't able to put the lights up after all, so after helping Geo out for a bit more I was able to attend the screening of Free Enterprise with live commentary by Mr. Burnett himself. After that he signed my copy of the DVD (I now have three signatures on it) and then relieved Geo at the art show, where I am typing this.

At this point in time I am running on caffeine and sheer will. I am fucking exhausted. But I endeavor to finish this con on my feet...
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I woke up very early this morning, stumbled into the shower, and somehow managed to dress myself after getting very little sleep. From there Gwynne drove us to Mickey D's for breakfast, then dropped me off at the Belmont Caltrain station. I took the train to the Santa Clara stop, caught a free bus to the Doubletree, and arrived by 9:10 AM or so. For the next hour it seemed as if there wasn't even going to be a con going on this weekend... there were exactly three people I knew from previous cons, other than that I felt totally out of place in my mc chris shirt and Silicon badge. I finally met up with Geo, and from there it was hurry up and wait for the next few hours since we were able to do a few things to get ready, but had to wait on the rest for the lack of the right sized zip ties. Eventually we had the ties and some help from a couple of awesome Browncoats who were volunteered... little did they know what they were in for. Setting up the art show was a lot of work, but we got it done - the displays at least. Then Geo and I had to put up mail in art ourselves. 12 hours after I arrived at the hotel I was let free to take my stuff up to the room I was sharing, only to find that the con was a bit dead, hence I am taking advantage of the internet cafe to post. I plan on attending RHPS at midnight (if I can stay awake) and finally getting some sleep. Did I mention I have to help set up the lighting for art show at 8 AM tomorrow?


The things I do for my fellow friends in fandom...
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Yesterday was a fairly usual Wednesday... woke up early, got into work by 9 AM, got the store ready by 10 and opened. The day went by fairly quickly, then I came home and waited for djinnethGwynne to get there. When she did we went to a place in downtown San Mateo for rotisserie chicken for dinner. The chicken was okay, but not enough flavor. Anyway, we got back on the road and headed into the city for the night's double dose of mc chris events, who I had seen before so I knew it was going to be good. First up was Isotope Comics, where after finally finding parking nearby we got to. It was my first time there, and I gotta say it's a nice store. I didn't realize it was owned by this guy I had seen before at various events and in the M.V. store, a guy I had made fun of in the log book for wearing outrageous suits (sea green?! ugh) and having really tall hair. Anyway, I quickly found my fellow coworker outstandinTaio, who took a picture of mc chris and I shortly after Chris sold me a CD and t-shirt, both of which he signed:

What was really cool was that Chris said he recognized me from the Internet (probably his MySpace)! Before too long mc chris gave a taste of what was to come later with a mini-concert on a stage in a loft above the store. After the show, Chris and I said we'd see each other at the show later. He's such a down to Earth guy... maybe I'm just not used to music artists walking through the crowd to leave and willing to shake hands with their fans. In any case Gwynnie and I drove on to the next venue, Red Devil Lounge. Again, finding parking was a chore, but we did and got into the bar. After watching the opening band Griddle (Gwynne likes their song City Made of Teeth), we were once again treated to the rap stylings of nerdcore hip-hop rapper mc chris. He totally pwned the house... the energy was high the entire show. At one point I was yelling my request (Party Without Me), and Chris actually asked the audience to be quiet so he could hear me! The audience vetoed my request, but it really didn't matter. I had a blast! I met Kevin Seal (we exchanged business cards), who is in Griddle and also works for Pandora (which I'm listening to as I type this), and after telling him I work for Lee's he gave me a free comic that they put out, which after further inspection revealed their CD Klimty Favela. After the show Gwynnie and I drove home, talking about the show and eventually coming down from the high from it. I got home and discovered that I got paid, which I figured I would.

Today I plan to get the new comics in my sub folder, then eventually head down to San Jose to help genuine_snarkGeo set up the art show for Silicon. I look forward to getting my Free Enterprise DVD signed by Robert Meyer Burnett, hanging with the rest of the geeks, and attending Trailer Park. The only caveat is that I'll miss my Gwynneth very much.

Update 29 April 2008 / 10:38 PM - I found a YouTube video of mc chris singing FTW at The Isotope:

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