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So I talked to Charlie Ayers on Friday, and have become re-employed at Calafia. I will be doing odds and ends, helping out where needed, at my last rate of pay. I did indeed have my interview at Macy's also on Friday, and apparently the young woman who interviewed me liked me enough that she had me interview with someone else today, and... I fill out paperwork tomorrow afternoon! Yes, I got two jobs within a few days of each other. I am quite happy with this. As far as a place to sleep, I talked with some InnVision staff on Friday at Charlie's behest, but then after staying a few days at Brian's I am (at least for now) staying with Carl and his family. I am going to keep looking for something more permanent, but at least I am off the streets.

Oh, and last night it was great to hang out with friends, eat a super tasty dinner and dessert, and play probably my favorite game Apples to Apples. Today I got to watch Stargate Universe and later tonight I will watch Heroes. I will try hard not to think about the fact that "Star Trek" is being released on DVD tomorrow and that the Target version has a model of the Enterprise that comes with it.
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I know some of you are thinking to yourself "If only I could see Star Trek in a theater one more time... preferably in IMAX".

How does this Friday sound?

For a limited two week engagement, that's exactly what you can do! Check this out...

If the link doesn't work for some reason, I have it all under the LJ-cut! )
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I watched "Star Trek" on IMAX today at the Metreon in San Francisco with angry_wolfCarl, and when I got out I saw these three Enterprise displays, each decorated differently: pics under the cut... )
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Words cannot express how much I loved this movie. If I had the money I would see it again tonight. Will definitely be seeing it again soon.

Just... wow.

Seriously... if you haven't already done so I would urge you to "boldly go" see it ASAP.

hat Trek...

May. 7th, 2009 02:11 pm
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OMG! One of the employees just gave me a Star Trek hat that is only sent to managers of theaters! Check it out:

hat Trek...

They have already set up the stanchions. I moved a bench near the theater so I can be comfortable for the next 4+ hours. I re-read the prequel graphic novel and bought a Spock glass from Burger King...

Now I must wait.

hee hee...

May. 7th, 2009 11:01 am
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Wait... is there a new "Star Trek" movie coming out?


because I certainly don't have my ticket for the 7 PM show tonight and I'm not about to leave and go wait in line for it, nosiree...
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Just one month until JJ Abrams' "Star Trek" premiers. Based on the reactions from people who saw the advanced screenings in Australia and Austin, Texas a few days ago I am now even more excited about this movie than I was previously. Add to that the trailers and clips I myself have seen, and there's no doubt I will be attending the 12:01 AM showing on 8 May 2009. Three great clips are linked below:

"Relax, cupcake, it was a joke"

"Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence"

"You will answer me"
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I wasn't sure how they could top last week's episode of BSG, or at least stay consistently awesome. They frakking did. Oh, and who is that coming back in next weeks's episode? Only 6 more to go... {sigh}

When I got home from watching BSG I played some Ultimate Marvel Alliance on the ol' PS2. Actually finished one level I remember I couldn't beat 6 months ago, and now I'm moving on to a level that literally takes place in hell. Fun!

Looking forward to seeing "Fanboys" with angry_wolfCarl sometime this coming week. I've been wanting to see it for quite awhile (a few years or so), and it's finally been released. Let the Trek vs. Wars debate continue!

Alright... almost time to start work.
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First of all, the new "Star Trek" trailer is online here, and it's not the bootleg... looks awesome! Next up, Robot Chicken aired a second Star Wars special, and it's online here. It's at least as funny as the first one.

Ok... now that that's out of the way, on to the update. I've been coughing non-stop for the past 2.5 months, and needless to say it is of the suck. In addition I've been feeling generally unwell the last week, although today I'm feeling much better. I did some housework but mostly relaxed, watched "Hellboy II" (took a nap between halves of it though). Looking forward to seeing MC Frontalot in concert on Thursday... he's playing at the Zen Lounge in Mountain View. I was going to go to the show in Oakland, but this one was just added, and I'd much rather go to the M.V. show as I can get off of work and take Caltrain one stop, have dinner, then see the concert. I am still going to go watch Nerdcore Rising in the city on Wednesday at 2 PM at the Red Vic. Oh, and last but certainly not least, what happened the evening of 4 November was so very awesome.

Alright, time to watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 special with djinnethGwynne.
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So after a fairly short day at work I was picked up by djinnethGwynne and taken to New Kapadokia, a Turkish restaurant, where we met up with alotheriaSarah J. & Simon. I had their Köfte Kebab, which is "five miniature hamburgers, seasoned with Turkish spices, flame-broiled to perfection and served with rice". Very tasty. We finished dinner just in time to catch a showing of the number one movie in the country, "Cloverfield". There were a billion trailers before it started, including the teaser for the new Star Trek film, also produced (as well as directed) by J.J. Abrams. Just after that trailer the movie began...

"Cloverfield" was awesome. Period. Moving on...

I will be enjoying the next two days off from work (although it feels like I'm coming down with a cold), possibly by hooking up my PS2 in the living room and playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and maybe even reading a book or something while drinking a Slusho!... I figure if it's good enough for Kaito and Hiro Nakamura it's good enough for me.
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Gee, I just LOVE when Livejournal eats my posts.


Okay, let's try that again...

I had a pretty full day yesterday hanging out with Gwynne. After a very relaxing morning we set out to find food, and did so at Chili's. From there we went to Fry's, whereupon I finally completed my Star Trek movie collection. Afterward we got a few errands done, such as getting gas and changing Gwynnie's address at the post office (already did mine, remember?). While Gwynne and Sarah J. did their thing in Mountain View I looked around Book Buyers (though Dave had gone home already). I could totally go broke there... as it was I reigned myself in, but still bought a CD for my sweetie as a late Eksmas present as well as a few things for myself. Gwynne and I hooked back up and went to the store that never ends (AKA Ikea) for dinner and looked around for ideas for the Nuthouse (which is so named due to the squirrels that are always around and the fact that some aspects of our new house drive me crazy). From there we headed to the catsitting gig, and watched the end of "Sky High" as well as all of "The Crow", which I'd forgotten was such a good movie. We then drove back to the Nuthouse for sleep.

It's nice to see the rain has stopped, at least for now. Today we plan to take Sarah J. to the airport, then probably unpack for the rest of the day. Tomorrow I go back to work... yay. At least I can show off my new White & Nerdy hoodie to the rest of the geeks!
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Oh, I am so seeing this next year: Fanboys - Four guys from the Midwest drive across the country to honor the wish of their dying friend: to watch "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch before the movie's worldwide release.

Cameos by Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, and... William Shatner?!

here's the trailer, fanboy...
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  • Did the work thing today yesterday... and it is going fairly well. We've been getting ready for the Black October sale this Saturday, and in my case that means taking a bunch of comics and either bagging them and marking them for a dollar or putting them in the 50 cent boxes. We just got in a bunch of new stuff, so come on down! We have two locations to serve you! Just leave one of the Star Trek phasers for me, wouldja?.

  • After work I had a tasty dinner with the tastier duo of djinnethGwynne and redstreetsAlicia, then watched "Team America" with Gwynnie after playing Soulcalibur III and having some butterscotch pudding. All in all a good night.

  • Finances, on the other hand, are sucking the dwarf like a two dollar ho. My account balance is negative until the 5th. Ten fucking days, kids. Good thing we're all stocked up on Ramen.

  • We're still not sure what to do about the kitties. On one hand it would be great if someone could maybe... borrow them... until we could figure out something more permanent, but on the other hand we might just move. If we do move it couldn't be until after the holidays as we just don't have the money right now. Hopefully another appeal to the landlord may result more positively. I am praying to the Lords of Kobol on that one.

  • Speaking of the Lords of Kobol, I was a very bad boy and watched the first four episodes of BSG online a few nights/days ago. I know I should have waited and watched them with Gwynne as I had done with the first two seasons, but I'm an impatient fucker with no willpower and low grade insomnia. As cool as it was to see them as I did (in a little window with jerky pictures), I really can't wait to see them on a television screen soon. And by soon I mean as fucking possible.

  • If you haven't already done so, now's a good time to upgrade to Firefox 2.0! It's better, stronger, and faster. (Thanks to johnoJohnO for pointing out the update)

  • Oh yeah... "The Prestige" was great, "Nightmare" in 3-D was very cool, and I have a new favorite appetizer at a restaurant that is fortunately within walking distance. CPK, you have until the 5th to make sure you are all stocked up on Avocado Club Egg Rolls. You have been warned...

  • Time to get to bed and cuddle up to the lady I love... the Excedrin PM finally kicked in.
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  • First of all, a very happy birthday to redstreetsAlicia! Hope she has an awesome day.

  • I had a really good night Sunday night with djinnethGwynne, angry_wolfCarl, figbashDarcy, and camilleDorie. We had dinner at Mimi's, then retired to our place for Wonder Showzen craziness and Mexican chocolate.

  • Last night Gwynnie and I listened to Straight Outta Lynwood (yes, it's not out yet... shhh!), then we played Karaoke Revolution on her Xbox until the early morning. Needless to say her score was much higher than mine... I guess I do better when I rap in front of inebriated hillbillies {shrug}.

  • Today I walked to Tower and bought the new BNL CD Barenaked Ladies Are Me on sale, then wandered around the mall area for a bit before coming home. I listened to BLAM and enjoyed that, and now I've got two loads of laundry going as I listen to SOL. I am seriously loving this album. I can't wait to own it on the 26th! I'll probably listen to Warp 11's Red Alert afterward. I got a copy from a coworker, and I love the song Everything I Do (I Do With William Shatner)... good stuff.
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8 September 1966. That was the night The Man Trap, the first episode of Star Trek aired. The rest is (future) history...

I remember my dad taking me to see Star Trek - The Motion Picture on my 7th birthday. I fell asleep (hey, I was a kid and the movie is kinda long and a bit boring)... but I now own the DVD. I remember watching the classic episodes in syndication and loving them.

I remember watching Encounter At Farpoint (the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation) in 1987, not to mention the first episodes of DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise thereafter, leading me to become an even bigger Trekkie. Hell, I even owned a Next Generation Starfleet uniform top and a communicator badge or two...

Thank you, Star Trek, for keeping me entertained (and my wallet empty) since I discovered you.

(and for the true fans out there who know your trivia, notice what time this was posted!)

Star Trekkin' by The Firm video )
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"Star Trek" is getting a 21st century makeover. CBS Paramount Domestic Television is releasing digitally remastered episodes of the iconic 1960s sci-fi series, with all new special effects and music, to celebrate the groundbreaking series' 40th anniversary, it was announced today by John Nogawski, president of CBS Paramount Domestic Television.

The new episodes also mark the first time in 16 years that the original "Star Trek" series can be seen in broadcast syndication. The episodes will begin airing on the more than 200 stations that own the rights to the weekend broadcast syndication window starting Sept. 16 (check local listings for station and dates). All 79 episodes of the original "Star Trek" series will eventually be remastered, with the first batch of episodes chosen from a list of "Star Trek" fans' favorite shows.

"'Star Trek' redefined science-fiction and constantly pushed the envelope with concepts that were ahead of their time," Nogawski said. "By giving the series a digital upgrade using the best technology available today, it will continue to be a leader in cutting-edge television programming as we introduce the series to a new generation of viewers."

The most noticeable change will be redoing many of the special effects, created with 1960s technology, with 21st century computer-generated imagery (CGI). That includes:

• Space ship exteriors -- The space ship Enterprise, as well as other Starships, will be replaced with state of the art CGI-created ships. The new computer-generated Enterprise is based on the exact measurements of the original model, which now rests in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

• Show opening -- The Enterprise and planets seen in the main title sequence will be redone, giving them depth and dimension for the first time.

• Galaxy shots -- All the graphics of the galaxy, so frequently seen through the window on the Enterprise's bridge, will be redone.

• Exteriors -- The battle scenes, planets and ships from other cultures (notably the Romulan Bird of Prey and Klingon Battle Cruisers) will be updated.

• Background scenes -- Some of the iconic, yet flat, matte paintings used as backdrops for the strange, new worlds explored by the Enterprise crew will get a CGI face-lift, adding atmosphere and lighting.

The refurbished episodes also feature higher quality sound for the famous opening theme. The original score by Emmy Award-winning composer Alexander Courage has been re-recorded in state-of-the-art digital stereo audio with an orchestra and a female singer belting out the famous vocals. A digitally remastered version of William Shatner's classic original recording of the 38-word "Space, the final frontier…" monologue continues to open each episode.

The remastered episodes have been converted from the original film into a High-Definition format, which gives viewers a clearer, crisper, more vibrant picture than before, even when viewed in standard definition. Once stations upgrade and start broadcasting HD signals, the episodes will be all ready for viewers to enjoy in HD."

What. In. The. Fuck?! Why do they feel they need to Lucasfy classic Star Trek just because it's the 40th anniversary? Oh, right... to make money. Roddenberry would shit a tribble if he knew about this...
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So I'm talking with angry_wolfCarl about the fact that J.J. Abrams apparently wants to cast Matt Damon as Kirk in the Trek 11/prequel movie. This gets us going back and forth about casting, until...

(credit for this blame goes to Carl BTW)

Samuel L. Jackson IS Captain James Tiberius Kirk in:


Kirk: "Get these muthafuckin' tribbles off my muthafuckin' starship!!!"

[Poll #753970]
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Futuristic Sex Robotz' The Positronic Pimp - lyrics very NSFW... )
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So thanks to a little ingenuity on my part yesterday, I now own this (and I didn't spend a dime!):


This is a mini-bust of Francine from Strangers in Paradise. I love SiP. I really wish it wasn't ending next year. And for the record, I obtained the mini-bust legally. I just know one of you was about to make some smart ass comment in regards to my not spending a dime to get this...

And completely unrelated, I am now on eBay... did you know you can buy entire seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation for one cent each?! Unless I get outbid, of course...
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I don't know what to think about this Star Trek 11 business. On one hand it's J.J. "Lost" Abrams, and apparently Rick Berman and his team aren't involved. Major goodness there. But then it's a prequel film (because a prequel series wasn't enough), with Cadets Kirk and Spock... whose characters haven't had enough screen time (despite the 79 episodes, 2 animated seasons, six movies, and a few guest appearances - they can't even keep out of my icon space!) . Why not show what's happening in the 24th century post Nemesis/DS9/Voyager? My personal choice is make a New Frontier movie, but that won't happen cuz God doesn't exist (according to Star Trek 5 at least). Plus there's my gradual disillusionment with the whole franchise (yes, even I have become wary). I actually started to agree with those who said it's time for a rest, then maybe pick up later... with a series, t.v. movie, or a theatrical release. But it looks like that's not happening. Only time will tell... you know I'll be Fandangoing the fucking tickets for a midnight show in 2008 no matter what happens.

A funny Trek exchange between Carl and I... )

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